Buying Guide of Youth Golf Clubs

When it comes to buying youth golf clubs, enjoyment should be the first purpose of the concerned buyer. While there is no way a 5-year-old can develop himself into Tiger Woods, parents should understand this point without any fuss. Children at this age are looking for fun and if you take that out of golf, there is no way your child will develop itself into a hobby. Making situations worse, he/she can even give up playing golf at this early age.

While developers have introduced different sets of youth golf clubs, a parent shouldn’t tilt towards brands in such a scenario. There is a child who will use them. However, that doesn’t mean that you should give your 2nd hand golf clubs to your younger ones. And when it comes to plastic clubs, don’t even think about it.

To make a lengthy statement short, parents who want their child to develop a career in golf should try nurturing them from an early age. Nowadays, youth golf clubs are available in abundance. Starting from age 3, a child can have a variety of youth golf clubs depending on his physique.

So coming back to the main point, here is a simple guide regarding youth golf clubs.

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    Buying Guide of Youth Golf Clubs

    When you’re shopping for youth golf clubs, you’ll want to consider a few things. The club’s length, weight, and shaft type are all important factors to consider. You’ll also want to make sure that the club is fit for your child’s size and swing. And finally, be sure to take into account the cost of the club. There are a number of great clubs available at various price points. To find the right one for your child and get out on the course!

    Number of Clubs

    While professional players are allowed to carry 14 clubs with themselves, no such thing should be forced on the child. According to the experts, a child should start playing golf with a putter and a wedge. The basic reason behind the selection of such clubs is to entertain your child. While he/she is looking to get the ball airborne, there is no way they could achieve it with the help of a driver.

    Apart from it, longer clubs are difficult to master for children of this age. So there is no point in buying a driver if your loved one isn’t comfortable with it.

    For the start, stick with two golf clubs and gradually increase the number as the child develops proficiency in this particular field. Once he set foot on a golf course, never go for a full 14 golf clubs. Because it will only increase the burden of learning which is unsuitable at such a young age.

    In the case of buying an iron, purchase one with the highest possible loft. The same goes with the selection of hybrids, which can be used as a substitute for both, Woods and Irons.


    In context to the length of golf clubs, try to buy one according to the height of the child. In place of age, it is the height of the child which plays a critical role in the selection of youth golf clubs.

    So avoid large clubs at any cost. The major disadvantage with the use of such clubs is that it catalyzes the improper technique at such a young age. Because when the child finds a club difficult to swing, he/she will try all sorts of techniques just to play a straight shot. And In doing so, they’ll do irreparable damage to their sport.

    Remember mistakes done at such a young age are difficult to rectify. So don’t go for improper clubs and buy youth golf clubs.


    Parents should avoid titanium club-heads for their younger ones. Instead, they should always prefer aluminum for their younger ones. Even though aluminum will do no good to the game of that player, there is no point in spending so much money just to buy a titanium-made club-head.

    But if your child is raring to go professional, immediately switch to the titanium clubheads. While they are lighter in weight, such youth golf clubs offer a higher swing speed than normal. Consequently, your child will be reaping more rewards with the use of similar force.

    Type of Golf Ball

    No child is strong enough to generate a swing speed greater than 80 Miles Pour Hour. As a result, manufacturers have introduced separate golf balls for the juniors of this sport. As per their characteristics, such golf balls are equipped with a softer cover. These balls tend to swing more than usual, achieving considerable distance in the process.

    Golf Gloves

    In order to save their soft hands from blisters, children should spare no expense in buying golf gloves for themselves. Apart from the severe injury concerns, the use of a proper golf glove will add further strength to the grip, thus helping the child to hold the club in a stealth manner. So not only will it restrict the unwanted movement of the club, but the child will also develop useless techniques at such an early age.

    Final Verdict

    Nothing should be far from enjoyment when it comes to buying youth golf clubs. From the selection of clubs to the purchase of gloves, everything should be done in consideration of the comfort of that player. Because if a child enjoys the game, he’ll develop accuracy by himself.


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