Which Hand Should You Wear Your Golf Glove?

New golfers are generally perplexed about many things. One of them being “which hand should you wear your golf glove?”. If you are also new to golf and confused about wearing a golf glove, then read this ultimate guide about golf gloves.

Are you a left-handed or right-handed golfer? Because wearing a golf glove totally depends on you and your hands. In Short: A Right-handed golfer should wear his golf glover on the left hand. A left-handed golfer should wear his golf glover on the right hand. Let’s learn more about golf gloves!

Why use a Golf Glove?

A lot of people wear a golf glove as it provides a lot of benefits. We are going to talk about the benefits of wearing a golf glove vs not wearing a glove. A lot of new golfers are think that golfers who wear it have an improved grip in their golf club, which is definitely accurate. Golfers also wear gloves to stop getting blisters in their hands.

Golf gloves wear out usually because of friction caused during play. Some people are lucky enough to get the correct grip when they are new to golf. The second main reason why people wear a golf glove because it’s also to do with tension. You don’t want to grip the club super tight and do not wish to grip it lightly as well. The glove helps to maintain a balance in the tension between your hands and the clubs.

Some golfers don’t like to wear gloves because they want the feeling of not having a barrier between their hands and the club. They think that when they wear a golf glove, it takes them away from getting a natural feel of the club. In general, they just like the feeling of their fingers and skin directly on the club. Hopefully this has helped you understand why you wear a golf glove and why you don’t use a glove.

Types of Golf Gloves:

There are two types of golf gloves which we described below:

  • The Leather Glove
  • All-Weather Glove

KeyNote: All Weather gloves are cheaper, and The Leather glove is expensive.

How To Get Right Fit For Golf Glove

It is essential to find the right fit for a golf glove because it really should feel second to your skin. You must know your glove size. If you have a medium size glove and you have found that you have excess material in the fingers and across the palm, you must relook at the size and get a smaller one your yourself.

So in fitting a golf glove, we want to make sure that it’s firm and very close to your hand. So when we go to put the glove on, we want to have it work with our fingers and hands into the golf club.

If you want a good feel from a glove, then you should choose a lighter colour glove. Always use the thinnest leather glove because it maximizes your feel. If you want to get a natural feeling, go for a lighter colour. Gloves have their own pros and cons. Sometimes you end up buying wrong or low-quality gloves and will need to replace within a few games. So always make sure to choose the right and quality golf gloves.

Should You Wear Two Gloves?

Wearing two gloves or not totally depends on you, Some golfers play golf without gloves, and some golfers use only one glove. If you want to wear two gloves, you are free to do so. Golfers who are used to wearing two gloves mention that “It feels good when they hit all the shots. They have tried to hit a golf shot with one glove or no glove, then it just does not work”.

Every player has a glove preference. We see a lot of people do have sunburn issues due to excessive skin exposure to the sun. So in these scenarios, golfers end up wearing two golf gloves. Two gloves will help you keep them sun off and add to your overall apparel.

Always use light-coloured gloves as they are more generally suitable to wear and can match up with any of the apparel you plan to wear during play.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions:

How to clean a golf glove?

Cleaning a golf glove is not a big deal really as you can easily do it with only water and a towel. First, let it dry and take some little water and a towel. Just put some water on the glove, then take a towel and try to actually rub off some of the grime, dust and grit. When you get this off, and you can see it’s almost getting this back to normal. This is really a simple technique where you would not use any soap. Try it and let us know how it is working for you

What is a cadet golf glove?

Cadet gloves are different from regular gloves. Regular gloves have fingers that are approximately 1-inch larger than Cadet gloves. In a simple line: Cadet gloves fingers are 1-inch shorter than regular gloves size. If your hands aren’t quite proportional to the length of your fingers, so Cadet gloves fit best for you. Cadet gloves always come with a broader palm area than a regular glove. If you need more full palm area gloves, then definitely go for Cadet Gloves.

Top 3 Cadet Golf Gloves

  • Bionic Stable Glove – Long lasting and patented stable grip. This is our choice
  • Apical Tour fit Glove – Most softness in all climates and conditions of play for serious pro players. Made of exclusive premium leather.
  • Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrids – Crafted from highest quality Cabretta leather for superior grip.

If you are right-handed, which hand should you wear your golf glove?

If you are a right-handed new golfer, you may be confused about wearing your golf glove. Don’t worry because the answer is simple: A Right-handed golfer should wear his golf glove on the left hand. Some right-handed folks are using a club without any gloves because they say “they feel good and comfortable without using any gloves. When they wear any glove, it does not work for them.”

If you are a lefty golfer, which hand should you wear with your golf glove?

Are you a left-handed new golfer, and you may be confused about Which hand do you wear a golf glove on?. Don’t worry because the answer is simple: A left-handed golfer should wear his golf glover on the right hand. You may not know that some lefty golfers are playing well without any gloves. Yes, this is right because gloves help well for those peoples who are struggling to get the right grip on their opposite lead hand.

What is the purpose of a golf glove?

The purpose is multi fold:

  • Golfers wearing generally feel that they have a better grip
  • It helps prevent any blisters and sun burns
  • It helps avoid tension between the golf club and hand, ultimately leading to better shots

Golf gloves wear out usually because of friction. Some amateurs find the correct grip when they start their game. You need to ensure that you do not grip the club super tight and also do not grip it lightly.


The glove is not mandatory piece of equipment for every golfer. If you want to wear it, you are free to do so if you think it enhances you game. It helps you in many ways when you feel that you do not get a great grip with your clubs. Leather gloves are more expensive then all-weather gloves. If you’re trying golf gloves for the first time, we suggest you try light coloured all-weather gloves.

We hope that with this article you are now more informed about which hand should you wear your golf glove on.


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