SwingTalk Golf Swing Analyzer

Provides immediate feed back on club head speed, is easy to set up and sync to your phone. You can get immediate feedback for club head speed, club face pace and position at impact all by looking at your phone. Although, initially you may have a hard time aligning the analyzer with the club face which is a tricky part

The objective of a Golf Swing Analyzer is to help a golfer improve his golf swing to the point of perfection. After all, it is every golfers dream to eventually move up to a point where your golf swing is more than just perfect.

In todays world it can be said without a doubt that technology has definitely changed the way we do and look at things. One such piece of device that can take a golfers game to the next level is the SwingTalk Golf Swing Analyzer from Golfzon. I can say without a doubt that this device does an awesome job at performing what it is designed for. In a nutshell, it provides you complete data on a swing when it is attached to the grip of your golf club. Below we dive in further to check out the features and to see if it really does live upto its expectations.


  • It reviews your swings & putting shots in 3D with one device
  • Track club & shaft trajectory, shaft angle, actual movement of shaft and more. Compare your swing to pros and to the best record of your own
  • Get instant tempo & speed feedback with voice
  • Weigh only 0.37oz
  • Easy installation on the end of the grip and supports both iOS & Android devices

The Device

The device is really very small and weighs only 0.37oz which needs to be attached on the tip of the grip and you need to align the blinking light with your club face. Along with its insignificant weight it offers the following advantages over its competition:

  • No alteration of swing weight and strong against the shock
  • With outstanding algorithm analysis, this device offers far more accuracy
  • It renders motion of shaft in 3D and provides various data

Pairing with the iOS and Android App

The moment you pair it with your device, it auto launches a pop up that asks if you want to download the app. Once you’ve installed the app on your phone, you have to create an account with Golfzon. After you create an account it takes you to a profile page which you can put in your DOB and some other miscellaneous information and then you can actually get rolling to analyzing your swings

Ease of Use on the Range

You will need to fully insert the sensor until the bottom of the sensor adheres to the grip. The bump on the needle of the sensor should be inside the grip to ensure accurate installation

One thing to note is that you cannot have the heel of your hand touching the device as it will not read properly. The beauty of the device is that once it all synced up and ready – it’s very simple to use and it gives you feedback when your practicing – almost like a coach guiding you

If you need to use a different club, attach the device in the same way to new club and  select a new club on the app and you’re ready to evaluate your swing with the new club. The other interesting thing with this product is that you will be able to use all different kinds of golf clubs and not just drivers, you will be able to use woods, irons, wedges and putters and have your swing analyzed

The Data and analysis

This is where the SwingTalk analyzer really shines — it’s in-depth data and analysis. It captures various data like the Tempo of the swing which is the ratio between time spent on the backswing and time spent on downswing to impact. The Club Speed, Loft Angle, Lie Angle, Shaft lean is just some of the data that is captured by this unit.

The app takes all of this data and comes up with analysis to give you details like address vs impact analysis, Backswing top analysis, swing plane analysis and backswing vs downswing.

When you decode all of this analysis, you will realize that this unit will really help you improve your golf game. And the best part is the voice feedback that it provides after every shot ensuring that you do not waste time looking at the app for details. Just give it a few seconds after your shot and a voice gives you relevant feedback.

Customer Reviews

Out of 71 ratings given by consumers of this product, the average ratings on Amazon.com for this product was 4 out of 5 stars which is good! Most of the users were happy with their purchase and have left awesome reviews on the analysis, voice feedback and customer support. Most of them felt that they bought a product which gave them complete bang for their buck!

Who should buy this product

Golfers looking for a top notch swing analyzer to improve their swing. Available at a competitive market pricing


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