These Tips Can Make Surf Fishing Rewarding

Surfing has become one of the most popular forms of fishing. Anyone can surf, no matter how much experience they have with fishing. This makes surfing a great way to introduce people to fishing.

The sand between your toes, the salt water rushing up to meet your feet up to your ankles as you cast your line and hope for the best. I am talking about the joys of surf fishing. There is nothing like the feel of the salt water on your face as cast your line, and find yourself fighting with the first fish that takes your bait. You can do this at any beach that allows it. It can be fun, relaxing and very rewarding. This post contains the best shore fishing tips I could find on the internet as well as some first-hand advice.

Advance Surf Fishing Tips

The basics

Keep in mind that you are not only fighting the fish when you’re casting your line from a shore, but you are also fighting the tide. Make sure the tide is high to give yourself the best shot at catching salt water fish. You’re also going to need different bait and tackle to entice the fish.

Your rod

You rod should be between 7-12 feet in length. This will give your cast the best chance at getting your line past the breaking tide.

Your line

To compensate for the fact that the tide is constantly giving the fish a pulling advantage and the fish tend to be larger than lake fish in general, you’re going to need 12-25 lb test line. I would recommend the 25lb test to prevent the line from breaking and ensure you can reel the salt water fish in better.

Your reel

You’re going to need to buy a reel that is resistant to snagging, tangling, and corroding due to the salt in the air and the salt of the ocean.

Weights on the line

Pyramid and spider weights will help you cast out the line past the breakers. No matter the test weight of the line, it can still be steered off course with the wind. Weighting the line will help prevent this, and make your cast truer to where you want to cast it.


You can use either artificial, live, or cut fresh bait to catch salt water fish when you shore fish.

The type of bait you use is determined by what you are trying to catch. Salt water fish will go after cut squid, Bloodworms, sandworms, shrimp, and mullet. I have personally found that cut squid works best for grunts and yellow tails.

Buckets, carts and rod stands

You can buy a high dollar cart for surffishing. You can also rig up your own with a cooler, a five-gallon bucket with salt water in it, and don’t forget to pick up a couple of stands you can place on the shore and hold you line for you, unless you are only using one rod. I use one rod to keep things simple.

Be map and season savvy

Unlike lake fishing, surf fishing and what fish you want from the ocean are dependent on the time of year due to mating and migration patterns. Looking online for the latest locations to find the shore fish you’re looking to catch will be your best bet. Search for local fishing maps for the area you’re looking to shore fish in. These will be the most accurate.

Safety first

Check the flags for on-the-spot tide reports before you go fishing. If the flags are red, the under tow will be too strong for you to stand in the water on the shore to fish. Also, let your friends and family know what part of the beach you’re going to be fishing at. This way they know where to look for you if something unforeseen happens.

Wear a hat and take sunscreen. Most shore fishing is done during the summer months when the fish are more active. This puts you at risk for sunburns. Covering yourself appropriately will ensure that the fish are the only thing you’re bringing home.

Ask the locals and take a survey of the area

Low tide is the best time to check for tide pools and other places where fish might be hanging out. Also, the local bait shops and fishermen in the area will be able to help you find the best spot on the shore. After all, they live there and fish on the on that shore often. This makes them the best resource to tap when you’re on the scene. Watch for seagulls as they are also on the look-out for schools of fish.

Above all, have fun surf fishing. Make friends or take some with you to make the trip more enjoyable. Make it a whole-day affair and have a fish fry after. Following these surf fishing tips will not only make your life easier, but you’ll have a lot of fish to take home at the end of the day.


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