SuperSpeed Golf Review: The Real Speed Stick

Are you looking to increase your clubhead speed by 5% to 8% in just 6 weeks? The Superspeed golf system is something that will increase clubhead speed and add more distance to your clubs with replacing your new clubs with.

An increase in swing speed is the only thing that will add yards to your game. A system like SuperSpeed golf will help you to easily do that. In this ultimate review post, we are going to cover every aspect that you should know about super speed golf system.

What is the SuperSpeed Golf?

SuperSpeed golf is the swing speed training system. It helps you easily gain 5% to 8% in swing speed in every shot. These are weighted clubs that do their job very effectively. Super speed golf weighted golf systems results in increased energy transfer in every golf swing.

It increases swing speed through a concept called Overspeed Training. Did you know the Overspeeding is when an athlete moves his or her body or parts of the body at speeds higher than average competitive speeds. An Overspeed workout requires athletes to move as much as 8-13 percent faster than they are capable of moving unassisted. Basically, what you’re trying to do is that “tricking” your body to move faster than it thinks it can, to make your normal movement quicker than it once was.

If you’re struggling to add more distance to your every club then this will provide you with an opportunity to add more distance. SuperSpeed golf training systems take only 10 minutes of practice 3 times per week to see the real results. It definitely makes a great golf training aid

How does the SuperSpeed Golf Training System work?

It works when you do a very simple thing – practice.

Let’s take for an example that you’re currently swinging at 100 mph and when you start with SuperSpeed, you would start practicing with the lightest club (green one). Over a period of few weeks with regular practice, you should be able to swing 15-20 mph faster.

As you continue your swinging practice with other heavier clubs (blue and red), you would continue to increase your swing speed eventually.

When you return to hitting golf balls with a normal club, you are bound to see a significant increase in your swing speed as your brain really begins to adapt to the new normal (higher speed)

In our research with these weighted clubs, we found that in tested protocols – we see a 5% gain in swing speed in about 5 to 6 weeks of regular practice

What is included in the SuperSpeed Golf Training System 

The three specifically weighted training clubs (Green, Blue and Red) and a ton of golf instruction videos which shows the best way to use them

How to use the SuperSpeed Golf Training System

There are 3 different types of clubs:

1. Green club  – 20% lighter than a driver

2. Blue club – 10% lighter than a driver

3. Red club – 5% heavier than a driver

All Superspeed swings allow you at least 5% more speed and transform energy when swinging.

Continuously practicing swinging is the key to increasing swing speed. Speed builds on speed, creating maximum speed, through the Overspeed Concept.

You need to make 9 to 10 continual swings with your lighter stick(green).  Please start slowly then increase the speed of each swing. Note: It is important to measure the speed of all swings at least once or two times a week to monitor your progress.

Follow Training Content instructions. When you start practicing swing by following the ultimate guide content from this system training, your swing speed starts increasing after a few weeks. Please practice daily to see good results. The instructions are really simple and 101% valuable. Don’t forget to learn from the video content which is presented during training.

Training with Superspeed golf

The workouts with SuperSpeed Golf are fast and intense. They leave you a little bit winded if you’re doing it correctly. The added benefit of this is that this kind of workouts are extremely beneficial for your cardiovascular health.

There is no question that you will  definitely see the desired results with this product if you practice continuously. Towards the end of the six weeks, you will easily see a increase of 10-15% in your swing speed.

Who is this product for and how should this be used?

This product is mainly for golfers who are serious about their game and looking to take their game to the next level. We recommend waiting 15-20 minutes after a SuperSpeed session before hitting full shots again unless you are testing speeds. The best option would be to do some short game practice to give your body a rest and then coming back to hit balls after

Final Thoughts

The Superspeed golf system is one of those systems that really work. It s trusted by over 600+ pros worldwide

With their online instruction videos, you can easily learn how to use the weighted clubs within a matter of few hours. These clubs are designed to increase your swing speed within 4-6 hours with only 30-45 minutes of practice per week.

When done consistently over a period of time, you will definitely end up adding a lot of speed and distance to your game along with enjoying the process as well.


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