A Basic Guide to Ladies Golf Clubs

When it comes to ladies golf clubs, the technology applied is pretty much different to that of golf clubs used by men. The male population is physically taller and stronger than the women. Apart from it, the force generated by a male golfer at the time of swing can be several times stronger than those of a female golfer.

As a result, such a scenario forces the developers to come up with a new set of clubs for the women. Considering their height, swing speed and stature, one has to be pretty clever while choosing a new set of ladies golf clubs for herself. Because in the case of a faulty set of clubs, nothing can save them from suffering defeat against their competitors at the golf course.

The basic clubs used by women is similar to that of a man. While men golfers use drivers, woods, Irons and Putters, that exactly is the case with their female counterparts. But as per the difference in their built, here is a basic guide to such golf clubs.

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Ladies Golf Clubs

A typical set of ladies golf clubs consists of a maximum of 14 clubs. From woods of three types, a woman’s golf bag is a home of 7 Irons and a Putter. As per the wedges, it depends on the personal preference of the concerned golfer. While many female golfers opt for 2 Wedges, the number might vary with other players.


When men prefer to hit the tee shot with a low lofted driver, women normally prefer to have a higher lofted one in their golf bag. Since it isn’t easy for a woman to hit a long shot, a higher lofted club will help them to get the ball airborne more frequently. Talking about its specifications, a woman normally prefers to have a driver with at least 12-degree loft in their armory. An offset hosel can also be used to achieve greater trajectory by female golfers.

However, the loft may vary with the physicality of the concerned golfer. While stronger women can work with lower lofted clubs, others will struggle big time with similar clubs. So if you’re looking to select one for yourself, one should always go for higher loft clubs in order to have a safe choice.

As per their weight, the clubs employed by a female golfer is generally lighter in weight than what is used by the male population. As a result, all these abilities helps a woman to hit a long shot on the golf course.


Keeping in mind the physicality of a woman, Irons are equipped with shafts of shorter length. Such shafts are normally made of graphite in place of their conventional material of construction, steel. So when it reduces the overall weight, the club is pretty much stretchable in the hand of the golfer.

As per their club head, it is interesting to see that women’s club-face are heavier than men. Even though it doesn’t affect the overall weight of the club, but the golfer eventually gets to generate a longer distance with this particular feature. So when ladies are famous for producing low swing speed, this is compensated by the use of such irons. 


As per the ladies golf wedges, a sand wedge of at least 56-degree loft is a favorable choice. While it helps them to overcome the hazards, ladies eventually feel comfortable with such a high lofted club. So when the PGA allows the golfer to have an extra club, this should be ladies’ first choice in this regard.


Another feature which is designed to suit the physical condition of women, the grip of ladies golf clubs is generally smaller in length as compared to men’s clubs. And when it comes to the grip’s diameter, the similar situation prevails there to help a golfer while swinging the club.

This particular feature is designed by keeping in mind that ladies’ hands are shorter than those of men. But if there is a female golfer with long hands, she should go for a rather mannish grip.

Final Verdict

Nothing can be said with certainty until a female golfer understands her physical strengths and weaknesses. While it’s her game, she has to make a final decision on what kind of weight is she comfortable to carry on the golf course. While the options vary from taller to less tall women, same is the case with physically toned women to the one which is not so strong. As per the experts, a woman with a minimum height of 5 feet 9 can work well with a 43 inches driver. But as the height varies, same does the selection of Best Women’s Golf Clubs.

Since Wedges are used in special situations, a golfer has to be pretty careful while selecting one for herself. Because in the case of a faulty selection, there is no saving her from the sands or the hazards.


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