How To Swing A Golf Club

Are you a beginner who has just started playing the game? Are you a professional who has grown tired of being continuously berated by his opponents? Are you continually slicing the ball in the sand or the woods? Do you want to give yourself an edge over your friends in the game of golf?

If your answer to any of these questions is in affirmative, relax as you’ve landed at the right place. Being a group of golfers, we’ve compiled a list of methods which would teach you how to swing a golf club effectively.

Whether you’re a professional who is continuously hitting the ball in the woods – or a novice who is holding the golf club for the first time, aforementioned are tips which would enable you to get the best out of your swing.

Method 1: Stance is important

How to Place Your Feet

Place your feet in such a manner that your right foot is placed ahead of the ball. In this way, the ball would be resting between your feet, in the mid of your body. The distance between your feet shouldn’t exceed your shoulder width.

If you’re a right-handed player, the preceding example fits perfectly on you. For a left-handed player, place your feet so that your left foot is placed ahead of the ball.

How to Stand

Secondly, stand in such a manner that with relaxed hands, the club should reach the middle of the ball. Don’t stand too close to the ball as it would result in bent elbows which would distort your stance. Similarly, standing too far from the ball isn’t recommended as well as it would result in your arms being overstretched. In simple words, you want your body slightly – but not dramatically, bent towards the ground.

Keep Your Feet and Shoulders Aligned

Make sure that your feet and shoulders are aligned. For example, if your feet and shoulders are aligned, they should be pointing directly towards the ball. To check whether your feet and shoulders are aligned, here’s a short experiment.

– After getting into your normal stance, place a golf club on the place where your toes are. Make sure that it is pointing in the same direction – in the same manner, as your toes. Now, once you’ve placed it, take a look at the direction at which it is pointing. For, if it is pointing either towards the hole or the ball, your feet and shoulders are perfectly aligned. Otherwise, you need to change your stance.

Your Knees Should Be Slightly Bent

If you have watched professional golfers closely, there’s a moment – just before they hit the ball, when their knees are slightly bent. They do this as it makes them more comfortable – and their swing more strong, when their knees aren’t stiff as a mannequin. Hence, try to slightly bend your knees just before you go on with your shot.

Method 2: Get a Grip

Your Grip Should Be Relaxed

Whether you’re left or right-handed, it is imperative that your grip should be relaxed. For, when your grip is relaxed, it allows the club’s head to turn over with ease. Consequently, the shot is of better quality and covers more distance. Thus, keep it soft.

You can try baseball grip

Although you may call this idea ridiculous, the fact that it HAS worked for players is a testimonial to the effectiveness of this method. Below mentioned are some of the baseball grips you could try.

  • In the first method, your left should be the golf club. In this way, your fingers would be curved over it. As a result, they would grip it securely. In this way, your golf club would be residing at the place where your fingers meet your palm. Also, the left thumb should be pointing downwards i.e. towards the golf club head.
  • In the second method, it is your right hand which is located beneath the golf club. In this manner, the left index finger would be touching the right pinky finger.
  • Thirdly, you’ve to tighten – not too severely, your grip at the upper portion of the club. In this manner, your left thumb should come underneath the right palm.
  • Lastly, you can opt the overlap grip. In this way, your right pinky finger would rest side by side to your right pinky. Finally, your index finger should serve as the resting point of the pinky finger.

Now that we’ve unveiled various golf swings, it’s time we give you their common shortcoming: not all of them would suit you. Hence, if you want to learn how to swing a golf club with expertise, try all these grips and find out which one suits you the most.

Method 3: How to Swing a Golf Club

If you’re in doubt, all the preceding methods would also improve your golf swing. The difference between them and this one is in approach. While they would improve your golf swing indirectly, this one is a direct approach. However, all of these methods have proved to be equally useful.

Onto golf club swing and unlike many “remedies” available on the Internet, we recommend a simple and effective method. First of all, choose that club which suits you the most. Secondly, choose that swing which complements your body physique.

More importantly, it is imperative that you move your shoulders as far as possible before the swing. In this way, you would be transporting maximum momentum from your club to the ball. Lastly, if you are looking for maximum impact, opt for the center of the ball with the golf club.

Final Verdict

All of us know that golf could be difficult at first. Of the many elements which make golf difficult, learning how to swing a golf club stands out. If you can master this element of playing golf, it is expected that all other problems would be automatically solved. However, if you can’t get this element, playing golf won’t be easy. Thus, if you want to play golf with aplomb, follow the above-mentioned steps and you’d know how to swing a golf club with effectiveness.


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