How to Play Disc Golf – Step By Step Guide

A game which is very similar to the normal golf sport, disc golf comprises of disks or baskets whom the player throws at a target. Similar to that of golf, the score is kept in the same manner with the player getting the lowest score winning the game. As for the winner, he is the player who finishes the game with the lowest number of throws.

Thus, for golf players who want to play a similar game but in less time, they ought to learn how to play disc golf. As for the popularity of this game, it has more than 3,000 courses in the US alone. The length of these courses varies from 9 to 18 or 27 holes.

Finally, in stark contrast to golf where you would find crowded courses, a disc golf is mostly available. Hence, no matter how old or young you are, the low cost of this game – when combined with its fun factor, should, at least, tempt you to learn how to play disc golf.

Step – 1: How to hold the disc golf

Before you learn how to play disc golf, it is imperative to learn how to hold the disc. Firstly, grip the disc in your hand in such a manner that four fingers of your dominant hand are gripping its upper side whereas the thumb is on the lower side. You’d want a tight grip since you want to throw the disc golf as far as you can. At the same time, your wrist and arm should be loose. In this manner, you could move them freely while making a throw.

Step – 2: Give yourself a run-up

Before throwing the disc, you ought to take a 3-step run-up. At the end of the run-up, you should end up with your dominant foot, with your face and the disc facing the direction in which you want to throw the ball. For example, if you are a right footer, your first and last step should be the same foot. However, don’t try to force through. Just allow the run-up to come naturally.

Step – 3: How to raise the disc

After you’ve done the Step # 2 with aplomb, now is the time you have come close to throwing a golf disc. Before you do it, make sure you raise the disc to your chest level. In this way, when you’ll throw the disc, your body will naturally put itself away from the disc. In this manner, you’d be able to throw the ball to a maximum distance.

Step – 4: Step Ahead

Here, you ought to make sure that your left hand is on the front – for right footers. If you are getting confused, imagine how a left-handed baseball batter stands while playing the ball. Yes, this is what we are asking of you.

If you stand like this, your body will be automatically coiled. Consequently, your shoulders will be turned and the disc – just before you throw it, will be behind your body. In this manner, when you’ll eventually throw it, you’d impart maximum momentum to the disc.

Step – 5: Taking the final step

For a right footer, the final step involves placing the left foot ahead of his body. Next, when you’re about to throw the golf disc, allow your body to naturally rotate back in the direction of your front foot. At the same time, keeping the disc flat – while placing it around the chest, is also imperative. If you follow this method, the triumvirate of your head, hips, and shoulders should turn in the direction facing the basket.

Step – 6: When you release the disc, keep it straight across your body

There is a major mistake which newcomer make when learning how to play disc golf: either they arc the disc around themselves or they curl their body around the disc. Needless to say that for a good player, he needs to avoid this. All one has to do to ensure an effective throw is pulling the disc straight across his chest.

If you want to do the same, start by pointing the disc at the target. On the first step, pull the disc back towards your chest. When you’re about to release it, bend your elbow and as soon as the disc comes near your chest, allow your elbow to naturally unbend. In this manner, you’d be making sure – albeit inadvertently, that the disc is kept in a straight line.

Step – 7: Throw your dominant arm sinuously at the target

Remember, we want the power to start from your hips, moving up via your footwork, and then going to your wrist. In simple words, think how your body would uncoil itself. The slicker you allow your body to make these motions, the better the throw will be.

Find it difficult? Follow this three step approach:

  • Start by rotating your body from the hips.
  • Take the motion through the shoulders to the elbow.
  • Release the motion by flicking your wrist and throwing the disc

Don’t overthink. All you have to do is to let momentum carry your body. If you do this, your throws will be precise and accurate.

Step – 8: How to Follow through

Up to this step, you’ve thrown the disc. Now, you need to follow throw. For this, ensure that your palm is kept up. In this manner, you would avoid spinning or turning the disc on release.

This video might help you!

Final Verdict

Being a community-driven sport, disc golf is amazing and enjoyable. Also, the majority of the courses are free because people use them graciously. Thus, if you want to make sure that they remain that way, below mentioned are some tips which would help you:

  • When others are throwing golf disc, don’t make noise.
  • If a “faster group” is also playing, wait and allow them to get ahead of you. In this manner, both you and they would enjoy the game more.
  • At first, the throws might hit someone. Don’t hesitate and communicate with the person who is a “victim”. To make sure that you don’t become one, standing behind throwers is recommended.


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