High Top Golf Shoes For Mens 2022

Even though they don’t go well with the traditionalists, but the high top golf shoes are gaining immense popularity amongst the youth nowadays. Thanks to their stylish look and a comfortable design, these golf shoes are designed to save your ankle from hurting. As a result of such a massive advantage, many professional golfers have now started to turn towards these shoes in the past few years. From the likes of Keegan Bradlee to Michelle Wie, now Rickie Fowler is the new addition to the list of admirers of the high top golf shoes.

So if you want to join the list and have some shoes for yourself, the aforementioned guide is of great help.

Buying Guide – How to Choose High Top Golf Shoes

Course Conditions

When it comes to choosing a perfect pair of golf shoe, the course on which the user features plays a pivotal role. For Example, for golfers in warmer climates, their utmost priority should be to purchase a highly breathable golf shoe. And taking into consideration the players in colder environments, their shoes should be good enough to protect their feet from the cold air.

Same is the case with playing on a moist outfield where users should consider wearing waterproof shoes. So before choosing your ideal pair of best golf shoes, have a look around at where will you play this sport on a regular basis.


One just cannot fare well on the course while wearing a tight/loose pair of golf shoes. The right size of a golf shoe is as important as hitting the ball with a perfect club. So if you’re ordering them online, visit your nearby store and try fitting different size of golf shoes. Once you’re satisfied with a particular size, order that one to accompany yourself on the course.

How Often You Play

For all such users who are going to play golf just once or twice in a matter of six months, there is no reason in going out for an expensive pair of high top golf shoes. Since they don’t want to improve their game with the help of this product, it would be much more feasible for them to act accordingly in their purchase. But, if you’re a golf fanatic, one who plays this sport in a frequent manner, go for the expensive set of high top golf shoes.

Waterproof Ability

Depending on the type of course on which the golfer is going to feature, high top golf shoes are available in two categories. While the water-resistant golf shoes are good enough to wick away a certain amount of moisture, it’s the waterproof golf cleats which work wonders in terms of keeping your feet dry against any kind of water ingestion.


If you’ve tons of money in your bank account, avoid this feature. But for the majority of the golf fanatics out there, this – sadly – is not the case. So even if you are in favor of a particular brand, always have a look at your budget before making this purchase.

High Top Golf Shoes

1. Adidas Men’s Adicross SL Golf Shoe

A different approach from the traditional set of golf shoe, Adidas Men’s Adicross SL Golf Shoe looks much like a street shoe. A Spikeless golf shoe – versatile enough to be used both on and off the course – Adidas have employed 72 traction lugs onto the sole of this shoe.

Such kind of construction comes in handy in not only providing stability on the course but in also walking effortlessly off it. The Sole is made of rubber and with a fine Cloudfoam cushioning in the midsole, users will absolutely love the feel of this particular product.

As per the uppers, the Adidas Men’s Adicross SL Golf Shoe incorporates a fine piece of water-resistant fabric into its construction. Users can employ them with or without the socks as such is the case with the versatility of these golf shoes.

So for users who don’t want to spend too heavily in terms of high-top golf shoes, they should have a look at this product from Adidas.


  • Flexible Construction enhances the feet movement of its user
  • Rubber sole provides unmatchable grip while walking across the course
  • ​Impressive Design, built for usage on a number of scenarios
  • ​Cloudfoam cushioning wicks away fatigue in an imperious manner


  • Tight Pair of Shoes might irritate some users

Final Verdict

If you’re a regular follower of spike-less golf shoes, Adidas have come up with an absolute gem of a product in the form of Adidas Men’s Adicross SL Golf Shoe. Ideal for Usage on a number of surfaces, now there is no need to take off your shoes after completing a round of golf.

2. ECCO Men’s Biom G2 Golf Shoe

Available for a hefty price, the ECCO Men’s Biom G2 Golf Shoe provides a complete package of comfort, stability, and design. Having all the features which one could dream of in his ideal product, this golf shoe is designed to serve your needs in a flawless manner.

The ECCO Men’s Biom G2 Golf Shoe was designed after measuring the feet dimensions of more than 2500 athletes. Such kind of hard work was done just for one thing, to provide its users with the utmost stability. No matter what kind of feet do you possess – from long/short to wide/narrow – this golf shoe will provide you the same comfort as enjoyed by the professional players on the course.

Using a soft, premium quality leather in the construction of its upper, this shoe is extremely lightweight. As per the midsole, it consists of a thin surface as compared to its counterparts in the golfing market. Apart from it, there is a special feature known as Silicon Printing provided in the insole to restrict the unwanted movements of your feet. Such kind of construction promotes stability as the user can maneuver his feet movement as per his convenience.

Lastly, this product incorporates spiked outsole which restricts its usage to the premises of a golf course. So when you want a high-quality product which has all the abilities to take your game the next level, have a look at this beauty.


  • Extremely Versatile Can be used by a large variety of customers with different feet dimensions
  • Top Quality Leather Guarantees its durability for a regular amount of time
  • ​Stylish Golf Shoes to soothe the needs of fashion-oriented golfers
  • ​Special Cleat System enhances traction on the greens
  • Fully Waterproof, Comes with a 2-year warranty


  • Not Ideal for Budget Oriented Golfers

Final Verdict

For users who can afford to pay a heavy amount in return of a stellar golf shoe, the ECCO Men’s Biom G2 Golf Shoe is no less than a top purchase. Having all the features which one could find in a professional golf shoe, it will take your game the next level by reducing the handicaps. On top of that, this lightweight product is available in six different colors.

3. FootJoy Men’s GreenJoys Closeout Golf Shoes 45516

A famous brand in the market of golf shoes, FootJoy has come up with another exciting product in the form of Men’s GreenJoys Closeout Golf Shoes 45516. Having a man-made upper, this golf shoe doesn’t require much of a care as far as its users are concerned. But when it itself is water resistant, the synthetic upper will save its owner from getting his feet moist on the golf course.

The light MOC in the FootJoy Men’s GreenJoys Closeout Golf Shoes 45516 makes it a comfortable footwear. Another factor which plays a key role in undermining foot pain is the extra cushioning provided in the insoles. Users can effortlessly stroll from one part of the golf course to the other and won’t feel any kind of fatigue nudging their feet. And when it stays true to its size, you won’t have to order to product bigger than your actual dimensions.

Coming towards the outsole, the use of rubber provides enhanced traction on a consistent basis. So even when these shoes are spike-less, that hasn’t done any damage to the grip of FootJoy.

However, if you’re planning to play early in the day while having these golf shoes on, I would recommend skipping this routine. Even though these shoes are water-resistant, but they do tend to get wet under heavy dew.


  • Water Resistant Upper wicks away the moisture in order to keep your feet dry
  • Lightweight golf shoe, Comfortable for the entire 18 holes usage
  • ​Provides good grip on the surface without any lack of stability
  • ​Price is certainly impressive with this set of features


  • Not recommended for usage on wet outfield

Final Verdict

If you’re planning to add a worthwhile shoe in your golfing armory, the FootJoy Men’s GreenJoys Closeout Golf Shoes 45516 can be yours at a pretty affordable price. Having nice quality synthetic upper with a grippy outsole, the cushioned insole work wonders in terms of reducing the foot pain. And when it’s available in a stylish design, there is nothing to lose on the part of its potential buyers.

4. Ashworth Mens Kingston Saddle Golf Shoes

The Ashworth Men’s Kingston Saddle Golf Shoes is a fabulous product for the style oriented golfers with an impeccable taste. Elegant to the core, these golf shoes are designed to turn heads on the course. So if you want your attire to speak for itself, there aren’t much better shoes than this one in the golfing market.

Even though the Ashworth Mens Kingston Saddle Golf Shoes doesn’t look comfortable, but that’s not the case. Having a fine upper made of full grain leather, its comfort ability is enhanced by the presence of a lightweight sockliner. Such a midsole provides unique comfort as a user puts in his feet inside these shoes.

As per the traction, the strategic placement of 7 different cleats on the outsole of this shoe imparts stability in a flawless manner. So regardless of the condition of the course, users will enjoy unparalleled grip with this hi-tech feature.

Lastly, these products are available with a 2-year waterproof warranty. So when it adds a new texture to your style, users won’t have to worry about the quality of this shoe.


  • Extremely Elegant, One of the Most Stylish Golf Shoes Out There
  • Durable, Waterproof, Golfers can use it for a regular period of time
  • ​Comfortable Insole keeps your feet in the best of condition
  • ​Grips to the Surface without any trouble reduces chances of slipping at the wrong time


  • Not the most accurate sizing for the user’s feet

Final Verdict

If you want to show off your purchase on the course, the Ashworth Men’s Kingston Saddle Golf Shoes is nothing but a top buy. Having a flawless design with a staggering feature set, it has everything which a golfer wants in his ideal shoe. And one can also purchase it without spending too heavily for his convenience.

5. Ashworth Men’s Cardiff Leather Golf Shoes

Thanks to the recent trend in the golfing community, more and more golfers are turning toward crossover shoes for their convenience. When it helps them to have a fatigue-less feeling on the course, they don’t have to change them after finishing a round of golf. So for those of you who’re considering buying such kind of cleats, have a look at the Ashworth Men’s Cardiff Leather Golf Shoes.

Available in 3 different colors on Amazon, these golf shoes incorporates a spike-less, rubber outsole. In place of the spikes, the Ashworth Men’s Cardiff Leather Golf Shoes consists of various numbs on its bottom. Such kind of construction enhances traction as the user can swing his club without any trouble.

Talking about the upper, the use of superior quality leather gives it a rather casual look. Besides, one will get the extreme quality of relaxation thanks to the EVA MIDSOLE. It wraps around your feet like a cushion, thus saving it from the unwanted fatigue.

So when it’s available for a decent price, users won’t mind having a look at these golf shoes.


  • Nice Design makes it viable for usage in almost every social setting
  • Soft Midsole prevents your feet from aching
  • ​Budget-Oriented Golf Shoe can be bought without breaking the bank
  • ​Nice Quality Leather enhances the durability of this product


  • Runs Shorter in Size, users need to order a bigger size for their feet

Final Verdict

For customers who might have to run a few errands after finishing a round of golf, the Ashworth Men’s Cardiff Leather Golf Shoes is a real time saver. When it saves them from changing the shoes every now and then, they can easily shift from one phase to the other in their social life. And when it comes to golf, this shoe provides an impressive set of services, to say the least.

Are Spikeless Golf Shoes Effective ?

Yes, they really are. One can enjoy the same bit of stability with the spikeless golf shoes as compared to their spiked counterparts. With the use of rubber in the majority of their outsoles, the adhesive nature of this material helps its user to maintain a flawless stability. So it is no longer a fact that users tend to struggle while wearing spikeless golf shoes.

As per their usage, such shoes are far superior to the traditional cleats. With a plain sole and a stylish exterior, one can wear these shoes from soft to hard surfaces with good effect.

How to Wash Golf Shoes ?

Irrespective of the type of course on which a user is playing, his or shoes will inevitably get dirty after a regular interval of time. However, it involves no rocket science to clean them up to rectify the unwanted dirt.

Machine Washing

For users who’re interested in machine-washing this product, they shouldn’t do it without removing the laces and insoles. So once you’ve removed these two products, put your shoe into a pillow-case before lowering them into the washing machine. Remember to use a liquid detergent as powdered one can have serious side effects on the health of your cleet.

Then turn on the machine allow it to function for a specific period of time. Once the machine has completed its cycle, take out the wet shoes and use a newspaper to speed up their drying process. Remember, it will take no less than 2 days for your shoes to dry in a comprehensive manner.

As per the laces/insoles, one can rub them with an old toothbrush in a pretty delicate modus.

Hand Washing

Nowadays, some brands have made it crystal clear specifications to imply hand washing on their products. In such cases, users can use a towel soaked with detergent to remove the accumulated dirt from the surface of these shoes. As per the laces, the use of toothbrushes works fine enough.

Budget Pick

For the budget oriented golf community – who wants to keep their expenditures in check – there is no better deal in terms of the high top golf shoes than the Adidas Men’s Adicross SL Golf Shoe. Prepared in a rather classical design, this shoe can be purchased in 5 different textures from Amazon. And apart from its usage on the course, one can easily use it for his off the course activities. So when a customer is spending low, he’ll also reap a lot of benefits from this particular purchase.

Final Verdict

As far as the high top golf shoes are concerned, everyone should go for his personal priorities. Whether he wants to spend big on this purchase or even if he’s reluctant to go beyond a certain level, it’s all up to the potential customer. Because at the end of the day, nobody wants to make an expensive mistake which can deteriorate his golfing experience in no instance.


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