Golf Shoes Under 50 Reviews And Buying Guide 2022

It isn’t an easy task when a customer steps into the market in search of Golf Shoes Under 50. From the plethora of available products, he or she has to vary regarding the purchase of his/her ideal product. When sometimes they might end up paying for a faulty product, not many golf shoes under 50 price tag are available out there. So as a user has to live within their budget, the list of available product gets drastically reduced under such scenario.

But hey there – for all the budget oriented customers – there is no need to worry as you’ve just landed at the perfect place. After reading the below-mentioned guide, you will get to purchase an ideal product for yourself in your desired budget range. Because thanks to the recent innovations in the golfing technology, now everyone can enjoy this sport.

Before looking at the golf shoes under $50, let’s first look at a few tricks to dry your wet golf shoes in an imperative manner. These tricks will come handy after a golfer accidentally runs into a wet golf course and is now looking to save his feet from developing unwanted blisters.

Buying Guide – How to Choose Golf Shoes Under 50

  • Spiked Golf Shoes: For users who tend to swing their club in a ferocious manner, they should consider purchasing golf shoes with spikes. As such a construction helps them to maintain a firm grip on the surface, it prevents the unwanted movement at the time of impact.
  • Spike-less Golf Shoes: If you’re having foot pain for more often than not, the switch to Spike-less golf shoes might work as an antidote. When such kind of foot-wears exert equal weight on the entire length of the foot, it eventually saves the heel and front portion from being overused.
  • Breathable: For a golfer who needs to spend a good amount of time on the course, it is vital for them to keep their feet in the best physical condition. Since this is the foundation over which the entire body will stand on, it is vital to engage them with a regular passage of air. So before buying Golf Shoes under 50, have a look at its breathable characteristics.
  • Waterproof: Just like air is essential for the health of your feet, same is the case in protecting them from the accumulating moisture. Many developers nowadays are offering some years warranty for this feature. So users should give it a go to keep their body parts in the best of health.
  • Synthetic: Thanks to the expensive nature of leather, the man-made golf shoes are gaining immense popularity amongst golfers of today. When such a material is breathable, it can also be stretched as per the dimensions of your feet. So when it comes to Golf Shoes Under 50, go for synthetic.

Golf Shoes Under 50 for Men

1. DAWGS Men’s Spirit MGS Golf Shoe

As per the claim of its developer. DAWGS Men’s Spirit MGS Golf Shoe is the world’s lightest shoe to date. And after using it on the golf course, I couldn’t think of a lighter golf shoe than this one for a long time. Extremely comfortable, these shoes incorporate a traditional EVA Midsole for the convenience of its users. A golfer can wear these shoes for an extended period of time as they provide the comfort and agility which a user needs on the golf course.

DAWGS have used a rather unconventional approach in the Men’s Spirit MGS Golf Shoe. Have a large number of holes on the upper, one can wear these shoes with or without socks. So when breathability is not an issue, a customer gets to keep his feet dry on a consistent basis.

As per the adjustability, it comes with a flexible strap. Users can tighten or loosen these shoes according to their convenience. Lastly, the placement of 9 rubber spikes on the outsole enhances the traction of these golf cleats. So when a customer is looking to make a decent purchase at an affordable price, he should have a look at these golf shoes on Amazon.


  • One of the least expensive golf shoes in today’s market
  • Extremely lightweight, each shoe casting less than 7 ounces
  • ​Ventilation holes is a big plus for golfers in warmer climates
  • ​Nice combination of style and comfort


  • Lack of Replaceable Spikes is a big concern

Final Verdict

If you’re in search of golf shoes under 50, the DAWGS Men’s Spirit MGS Golf Shoe is a real deal. Available at an astonishingly low price at Amazon, that hasn’t done any harm to the features of this golf shoe. So if a user is eying a comfortable pair in a decent price, he should have a look at this beauty.

2. Ashworth Mens Cardiff Adc Leather Golf Shoes

For the lovers of leather made golf shoes, the Ashworth Mens Cardiff Adc Leather Golf Shoes provides a fabulous opportunity. Not only will they get to have their favorite material of construction, but it can also be purchased at a decent price.

The Ashworth Mens Cardiff Adc Leather Golf Shoes incorporates leather upper to enhance the durability of these golf shoes. Moving towards the EVA Midsole, it allows a user to wear these shoes all day long. Since it wraps around the feet in a comfortable manner, there is not even a hint of fatigue lurking anywhere near to the body.

As per the Forefoot, these shoes are equipped with a rather wider forefoot as compared to their counterparts in the golfing world. So when customers often complain about the lack of the true length in other golf cleats, there is no such problem with this beauty.

Lastly, the presence of spike-less outsole makes it a handy campaigner in terms of the flexibility and the traction on the golf course. So when the developers are even offering a 2-year waterproof warranty, what’s there to lose on the part of the potential customers?


  • Extremely Waterproof, Allows its owner to play in soggy conditions without any restriction
  • True to their Size thanks to the wider forefoot
  • ​Comfortable, Users can play all day long without any fatigue
  • ​Premium Quality Leather guarantees strength and durability


  • A bit uncomfortable for the heel portion at the first time of usage

Final Verdict

Finally, here comes a shoe which runs true to its size. Now users won’t have to order a size bigger than the normal as such is the case with Ashworth Mens Cardiff Adc Leather Golf Shoes. Waterproof, Comfortable and Flexible, you will enjoy wearing them on the golf course.

3. Oregon Mudders Men’s CM300 Waterproof Golf Oxford

Are you interested in buying one golf shoe for all the weathers? Then have a look at the Oregon Mudders Men’s CM300 Waterproof Golf Oxford.

Incorporating a synthetic upper, these golf shoes are as waterproof as it gets in today’s market. Having a removable insole, not even a hint of moisture will come close to your feet thanks to the waterproof membrane bootie. This is a type of construction which runs deep into these shoes. So one can consider them as an added protection apart from the waterproof upper in fighting against the upcoming moisture.

The Oregon Mudders Men’s CM300 Waterproof Golf Oxford consists of a rubber outsole with 8 strategically placed cleats. These grips rip into the surface as a customer gets added stability while walking on the course. And if any of these cleats gets loose, one can tighten them with a tool provided along with this product.

However, do keep in mind that these shoes are a little wider than usual so one has to wear socks before using them on the course. So all in all, this is a pretty decent purchase to keep your feet dry on a consistent basis.


  • One Golf Shoe to deal with all kinds of weather
  • Replaceable Spikes is a big plus to deal with the customary wear and tear
  • ​Very Comfortable, Vital for keeping your feet fresh
  • ​Reasonable Price with this set of features


  • Not ideal for fashion-oriented customers

Final Verdict

For customers whose utmost priority is their comfort, the Oregon Mudders Men’s CM300 Waterproof Golf Oxford is a decent purchase. Because even though there’s nothing too flashy in its exterior, but still there is plenty to offer in terms of the features of this golf shoe.

4. PUMA Men’s Monolite Golf Shoe

A versatile product, PUMA Men’s Monolite Golf Shoe is designed to be used on a number of terrains. The developers have used a rubber outsole with traction lugs which enable it, the wearer, to enjoy a firm stability on the course. Apart from it, such a construction enables the buyer to use it for his off the course activities as well. So when it’s an inexpensive product, it can also be used for both on and off the course.

With a weight of just above 9 ounces, this golf shoe is extremely flimsy as compared to the other street shoes in today’s market. Having an upper made of full grain leather, it gives this product a unique texture of style and comfort. As per the Midsole, Puma has incorporated an EverFoam which positions itself as per the feet movement of its owner.

In the end, the leather upper makes it a water resistant golf shoe which can be worn on a soggy outfield. But when it’s raining heavily, I won’t recommend using this particular product.

So if there is a buyer who wants to show off his new purchase without sacrificing his performance on the green, there aren’t much better options than PUMA Men’s Monolite Golf Shoe.


  • Stylish Golf Shoe Available for a Modest Price
  • Traction Lugs enhances your grip on the golf course
  • ​Lightweight Golf shoe that won’t cast much burden on your feet
  • ​Designed for usage on a number of surfaces


  • Runs a little too narrow for some users’ likings

Final Verdict

A product which is much more like a street shoe in design, the PUMA Men’s Monolite Golf Shoe is an excellent addition to the current market of Golf Shoes Under 50. So if you want to buy a stylish product – one which performs equally well on the course – go for this one.

5. Oregon Mudders Men’s MCA300 Athletic Golf Shoe

A manufacturer famous for developing golf shoes for all weathers, Oregon has come up with yet another fabulous product in the form of Oregon Mudders Men’s MCA300 Athletic Golf Shoe. As per its ability to deal with a specific climate, the highly breathable upper makes this a summer shoe. So if you live in any of those regions where you have to play golf under the shining sun, this particular purchase is tailor made for you.

Incorporating Leather made upper, Oregon Mudders Men’s MCA300 Athletic Golf Shoe comes handy when a user is interested in keeping his feet dry for a longer period. Thanks to the ventilation, the passage of air is greatly enhanced through these golf shoes.

Moving towards the specifics, this golf shoe comes in a shiny white color with black stripes. As a result of a lightweight material of construction, these cleats are extremely comfortable from the first time of usage. So if you want to get rid of your foot pain, have a look at this beauty.

However, before using it for the first, make sure that you’ve tightened the cleats. Otherwise, you might end up losing them after playing a few rounds of golf.


  • Tailor Made for Golfers in Summer Climate
  • Lightweight, Comfortable and a Durable Product
  • ​Spikes used are of the highest quality, no need to replace them every now and then
  • ​Asking Price is pretty modest for the potential customers


  • A bit too tight for some users’ desires

Final Verdict

If you’re a golfer from the warmer outdoors, not many developers come up with a better product than the Oregon Mudders Men’s MCA300 Athletic Golf Shoe. Highly Breathable, not even a hint of moisture will come near to your feet with its premium quality construction.

6. PUMA Men’s PG Clyde Golf Shoe

A household name in the field of sporting Goods, PUMA has come up with a rather inexpensive product in the form of Men’s PG Clyde Golf Shoe. So for all the golf fanatics who cannot afford to buy the expensive products of this brand, they should have a look at this golf shoe.

Using leather (full grain) uppers, the PUMA Men’s PG Clyde Golf Shoe is a bit like a street shoe in its overall construction.

As per its ability in dealing with the wetter outdoors, PUMA is offering a 1-year waterproof warranty with this product. Users can use them in soggy outdoors and nothing will happen as far as the quality is concerned.

These PUMA GOLF Shoes incorporates an EVER Foam muffling to save your feet from the unwanted fatigue. In addition to that, the Evertrack technology enhances the durability of this product.

So whoever says that a street shoe cannot be used on the golf course, they should consider making this particular purchase.


  • Inexpensive Golf Shoe designed to be used on a number of terrains
  • Evertack technology enhances the lifespan of this product against the regular wear and tear
  • ​EVERFoam protects its user from suffering foot pain
  • ​Combination of Style and Comfort


  • Slim Fit, anyone with wider foot should consider buying a larger size than normal

Final Verdict

In terms of Golf Shoes Under $50, PUMA has struck gold with the PUMA Men’s PG Clyde Golf Shoe. Named after a baseball star from the 70s, this golf shoe is entitled to thrill its customers with its series of hi-tech features. And if you’re suffering from foot pain, the EVERFOAM cushioning is designed just for you.

7. Dockers Men’s Gowen Golf Shoe

One for All. The Dockers Men’s Gowen Golf Shoe is suitable to carry you anywhere. With a stylish exterior and a spikeless sole, this product is designed to cater a large number of customers in an imperious manner. Users will love wearing it as it won’t feel out of the place from the golf course to the nearby street.

The Dockers Men’s Gowen Golf Shoe incorporates waterproof leather which helps it sustain the wet outfields. But beware that this shoe is waterproof to a certain extent as it will get your feet wet on a rainy outfield. But if you just want to play in light dew, there is no problem.

Apart from it, the presence of rubber sole enhances traction in a comfortable manner. When rubber works like an adhesive, users can maintain maximum stability while going for a wild swing.


  • Rubber Sole prevents its owner from slipping at the wrong time
  • Use of Leather makes it a long lasting golf shoe
  • ​Inexpensive, Long Lasting Product designed for usage on a number of occasions
  • ​Extremely Comfortable, Won’t cast much fatigue at its owner’s feet


  • Tends to get Wet in a soggy outfield

Final Verdict

If you’re interested in using one golf shoe for all your daily life goings-on, go for the Dockers Men’s Gowen Golf Shoe. Users can wear them all day long without even realizing that this, in fact, is a golf shoe. On top of that, customers will get two set of laces (basic, contemporary) with this product to enhance their experience in a versatile manner.

8. Crocs Men’s 12917 Tyne Lopro Golf Shoe

Another Golf Shoe designed to serve the needs of a large variety of customers, crocs Men’s 12917 Tyne Lopro Golf Shoe incorporates 100% man-made material in its construction. With a fine combination of white and orange laces in this shoe, this product casts a striking impression on its viewers

Having a large fore shoe, the outsole of crocs Men’s 12917 Tyne Lopro Golf Shoe is made of synthetic material. Such an edifice enables its user to use it on the number of occasions as its usage is not limited to the lush green fields of the golf course.

As per its usage, this golf shoe bodes well with the cold weather. However, if you have to play golf under hotter climates, the lack of breathability in this golf shoe is a big drawback.


  • Versatile Golf Shoe can be worn off or on the course
  • Synthetic Sole provides much-needed traction
  • ​Impressive Exterior makes it a decent purchase
  • ​Nice combination of laces gives a unique texture


  • Only Suitable for the Cooler Days

Final Verdict

Available for a decent price, users don’t have to spend haphazardly in order to get their hands on crocs Men’s 12917 Tyne Lopro Golf Shoe. Having all the features of a golf shoe, this one is a bit different from its competitors in terms of it’s off the course usage. So if you want to spend less on a versatile product, go for this one.

Golf Shoes Under 50 for Women

1. DAWGS Women’s Golf Spirit Walking Shoe

When it comes to keeping a women’s feet in the best of physical condition, the DAWGS Women’s Golf Spirit Walking Shoe provides a real solution. Having a large number of circular openings on the entire length of this shoe, it facilitates the passage of air in a proficient manner.

Just like this product’s version for male golfers, the DAWGS Women’s Golf Spirit Walking Shoe consists of a strap fastener. It can be tightened as per the needs of its owner which helps her to enjoy maximum control over his shoe. So when a customer can use socks with it, these shoes work equally well without wearing socks. As per the traction, the placement of 9 different grips on the various part of its outsole enhances the user’s stability.

Lastly, the weight of this shoe is just under 6 ounces (each shoe) which enable women to use them for an extended period of time.


  • Use of EVA makes them odor resistant
  • High-Quality Breathability to deal with warmer climates
  • ​Velcro Strap provides better fit than majority of the other golf shoes in today’s market
  • ​Durable Product, Devoid of Wear and Tear for a long time


  • Not good enough for usage as far as off the field activities are concerned

Final Verdict

No women want to have unwanted blisters on her feet while playing golf. And if you want to save yourself from such kind of trouble, there aren’t much better options than DAWGS Women’s Golf Spirit Walking Shoe. Available in 12 different color combinations on Amazon, almost everyone can have her favorite design with this particular product.

2. Callaway Women’s Koko W477-01 Golf Shoe

Featuring a sole made of rubber, the Callaway Women’s Koko W477-01 Golf Shoe is a far cry from the traditional golf shoes for women. Much like a woman shoe for her daily life, Callaway has made sure that this product looks like a different golf shoe as compared to its competitors in the golfing market.

The Callaway Women’s Koko W477-01 Golf Shoe consists of a leather upper. When such a material guarantees durability, users will also enjoy the impressive outlook of this silhouette. Having fine little patterns on the midsole, this shoe looks like a decent buy for the first time asking.

In order to deal with the moisture, this product consists of a special moisture management system known as Ortholite Insert. As per its working, it shuns the moisture away from your feet and keeps them dry on a longer basis. Callaway is also offering a 1-year limited waterproof warranty with this golf shoe so that should give you an insight about the robustness of this product.

Lastly, it contains six special spikes on the outsole. Their specialty lies in their construction as these spikes are much shorter in length which enables the female golfer to have more control over her movement. Its developers have named this system as PINS which is famous for offering superior quality of traction at a very affordable price.


  • Durable Product which is comfortable to wear from the first time of usage
  • Durable Product which is comfortable to wear from the first time of usage
  • ​Moisture Management system keeps your feet fresh and dry
  • ​One of the most inexpensive product in the Golfing Market


  • Runs Smaller in Size, Might well develop blisters on your feet

Final Verdict

When a female golfer wants her purchase to speak for itself, the Callaway Women’s Koko W477-01 Golf Shoe is just like that on the golf course. Thanks to its bright, white exterior, this product will surely turn heads. So if you want a comfortable, stylish golf shoe which isn’t that bit of expensive, go for this product from a famous developer like Callaway.

How to Dry Golf Shoes Quickly


For Golfers who are using golf shoes made of synthetic material, there is no issue in putting them into a washer/dryer. They won’t clog or deteriorate after getting washed via such technique so a customer can easily clean them.

Before putting golf shoes into a washer, make sure that you’ve untied their laces. Afterward, wash them thoroughly with a good amount of water to remove the dirt accumulated on the top surface.

Coming towards the arrangement of shoes into the washer tub, put their soles facing the dryer door. Then take the laces and place them on top of the door. In this way, shoes will remain in that position even when the dryer is running at full speed. Now turn on the washer to have extra clean golf shoes.


In the case of dealing with leather made golf shoes, one has to be extra careful. Remove the dirt with a water tap. Eliminate the insole and loosen the laces to facilitate the upcoming drying process.

Then hang these shoes onto a table fan with the help of a hanger. The fan should be of a greater length than that of your golf shoes. If you’re using this fan in your living room, one can place a cloth to accumulate the dripping moisture. Afterward, turn on the fan for a good amount of time so that the shoes gets thoroughly dried without even a hint of moisture.

Lastly, if a user doesn’t want to wash his/her golf shoes, they can use a newspaper to good effect. Its working is similar to that of a dirty cloth. However, this method needs to be utilized for a limited degree of dirtiness.

Budget Pick

Considering the Cheap Golf Shoes Under $50 for Men, there is no better option than the DAWGS Men’s Spirit MGS Golf Shoe. Ideal for playing in the warmer weather, who would want to go for an expensive golf shoe when this one is available for such a modest price on Amazon?

As per the female golfers who want to spend within a range, their ideal purchase — without any 2nd thought – should be DAWGS Women’s Golf Spirit Walking Shoe. Inexpensive, Stylish and Versatile, this product holds everything which a budget oriented customer craves for in her ideal purchase.

Final Verdict

Gone are the days when golf was considered as a game of wealthier class. Thanks to the availability of the inexpensive product in today’s market, now everyone can turn towards this sport as a manner of recreation. So for all of our cost-oriented viewers, the above-mentioned list provides a rich knowledge as far as Cheap Golf Shoes Under 50 are concerned.


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