Golf Gear Buying Guide [Definitive Guide]

Thanks to the number of manufacturers in today’s markets, selecting a right type of golf gear is nothing short of a trick. Starting from woods, the golf gear is available in abundance. But when it comes to purchasing one of them, it isn’t a simple task by any means. Even though every single developers claims of his product as the best, that isn’t the case.

So one has to be pretty thoughtful before visiting his/her nearby store in order to buy a golf gear. Anything short of a perfect golf club and your game will be in tatters on the golf course.

Considering the recent advancements in golfing technology, here are a few facts which should be kept in mind regarding golf gear.

Golf Gear Buying Guide

Driver Buying Guide

Nothing comes near a driver when it comes to hitting a mammoth shot on the golf course. Also known as the 1-wood, this particular golf club determines the way in which the player is going to fare on the rest of the course. Used at the start of the round, a wrong shot by the driver and you’ll start the game in the worst possible manner.

Coming towards its key features, the clubface of a driver tells a lot about its entire characteristics. Measured in Cubic Centimeters, the volume of driver’s clubheads ranges from 440cc-460cc. While the former one is used for players with high precision, the latter offers a greater margin of error.

As per its material of construction, technology has revolutionized the way in which modern drivers are constructed. While wood was its chief MOC until the early 80s, now titanium has taken in place for the construction of a driver’s clubheads. Lighter in weight with a pretty strong hit, Titanium should be your first choice should you are preparing for a professional tournament.

Irons Buying Guide

In a normal golf bag, you could easily find a set of almost 9 different types of Iron. So when it is used on such a frequent basis, one should purchase this item after due consideration. Irons usually employ shafts made of graphite, thanks to its ability to impart flexibility and light weightiness to the overall golf club.

Coming towards the types of Irons, one could find a handful of them from the golfing market. Unlike Driver, Irons comes into a variety of classifications depending on the personal likes/dislikes.

Forged Irons

For golfers who are an expert in their field, forged irons are an ideal fit. Having club-heads made of carbon steel, the margin of error is extremely low in such types of Irons. However, with a solid material used in its construction, it helps the player to have a real feel of the golf clubs while swinging the shot.

Thanks to such unique set of properties, Forged Irons are pretty expensive than their counterparts. So one could imagine that these are the first choice of golfers who are going to their professional tournaments.

Cast Irons

Equipped with Perimeter weighting, these irons are made in such a way that the weight is equally distributed throughout the club-head. Regardless of any one point, the entire club-head acts as sweet spot thanks to such intricate construction. These golf clubs are cheaper and available in a variety of designs for their valuable customers.

So for golfers who are relatively newer in golf, Cast Irons are a match made from heaven. Since they can buy them within a budget, it also saves them from the unexpected miss-hits. All in all, amateurs shouldn’t have any 2nd thought before purchasing this one from their nearby retailer.

Golf Hybrid Buying Guide

Armed with a mix of properties from woods and irons, Hybrids are a relatively new addition to the golf clubs. Precisely speaking, Hybrids are a perfect combo of Fairway Wood and Long Iron.

As per its advantages, these golf gear were introduced to help the golfer in more than one ways. While it was extremely difficult to make the ball stop at a particular point on the green with the help of Long Irons, there is no such difficulty with the use of Golf Hybrids. Apart from it, it is relatively easier to hit from the rough with the help of hybrid, as compared to that of Irons.

Coming towards its design, these golf clubs are fortified with hollow club heads. With smaller area on the head, hybrids are designed in a pretty unique way by its developers. Such a construction helps this club from hitting through the rough as it prevents the club from getting caught up in the rough.

Golf Putter Buying Guide

The most widely used golf gear on the golf course, nothing causes more stress to a golfer than the use of putters. While they are looking to wrap up their game at this point, the use of this golf club requires extreme precision. So for a player looking to excel in their game, their putting technique should be flawless.

A golfer can purchase different types of putters, ranging from face balanced to toe balanced. While the former type is recommended for golfers with a straight through shot, the latter one is used by players having an arc in their stroke.

Final Verdict

No matter what people say, the choice of golf gear can play a pivotal role in your golfing career. And in order to buy one with the perfect characteristics, the above-mentioned guide will be of great help.


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