Different types of Golf Equipment

When it comes to playing golf, different types of golf equipment are used for this process. As per in a professional tournament, a golfer has to carry a large number of accessories. As a result, professional players often need the help of a caddy to transport this equipment from one place to the other on the golf course.

These equipment include clubs, a device which is used to facilitate a golfer in striking the ball. Apart from it, there are materials like tees, bags as well as carts which made a golfer’s life easy while being on the golf course. So making long statement short, here are different types of golf equipment.


The first and foremost type of golf equipment, golf balls are designed to perform a specific function on the course. As per their fabrication, these balls are specially manufactured by keeping different standards in mind. From the velocity in the air to the loft, a golf ball has to cover a specific distance after getting hit by the clubs.

As per the rules of this game, the ball used in golf shouldn’t be heavier than 45.93 grams. To make sure that the rules are being followed, these balls comes under intense scrutiny by the USGA. And if a certain type of ball doesn’t fit under the prescribed standards, these are evicted straight away from the professional tournaments.


From hitting the ball on the tee to cover all 18 holes on the course, a player needs different types of clubs. Since the amount of distance gets shorter with every hit, one club just cannot suit all the needs of any golf player.

As a result, different types of golf clubs are currently available in the market. From woods, hybrids and Irons, there are putters which you can find in a golfer’s bag.

Talking about their features, Wood produce long shorts. And when it comes to Iron, these golf clubs comes under consideration when a golfer is aiming for a mid-distance short.

And last but certainly not the least, there are Putters when a golfer is looking to put the ball into the hole.


From covering in opponent’s line of fire, a golf ball can distract an opponent in various ways. Apart from it, balls tend to gain dirt with time. Such balls are then picked by the concerned authorities to be cleaned before the next short. Under all such and so many more circumstances, markers come handy.

It is basically a round piece — which can be made of plastic or metal – being placed in the same place from which the golf ball was lifted from cleaning. And when the golfer is ready for his next shot, these markers gets replaced by the golf balls.


Ask any golfer and they’ll tell you that the tee shot has the ability to make or break their game in a professional tournament. Employed at the first shot, a tee is basically an object which is immersed into the ground and then a ball is placed on top of it.

The actual purpose of using a tee is to facilitate the golfer, but it can only be used at the inaugural shot. Talking about its specifications, tees can be short on long depending on the preference of the player.


Used to transport golf clubs from one place to another, there is a revolution going on in the field of Golf Bags. From Nylon to leather and now canvas, different types of golf bags are currently available in the market. When it depends on their material of construction, golf bags are also differentiated into various categories depending on their usage by the golfer.

Apart from loading clubs, a golf bag is equipped with various pockets. The pockets are used to store balls and tees by the professional players. As per their types, Bags can be categorized into various categories depending on how the golfer is going to employ them on the golf course.


Mostly run by electronic means, golf carts are becoming heavily involved in the PGA tours nowadays. When it saves the golfer from carrying their burden by foot, it also saves a Caddy from transporting golf clubs from one place to another. Since a full golf course is no less than 18 holes, that’s the exact reason why most golfers prefer to have a Cart by their side. As it saves them from traveling a considerable distance, they can then spend this useful energy in playing golf.

Final Verdict

Just like any other sport, it all depends on the person’s preferences in terms of their golf equipment. When some players like to have a truckload of accessories, others become content by just a handful of them. Because at the end of the day, a golfer has to live by his choice of taking the specified number of equipment’s with him on the golf course.


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