Buying Guide of Golf Club Grips

The importance of golf club grips is largely undermined. When golfers think a lot about their ideal clubs, shoes, and even tees, that isn’t the case with the selection of grips. Even though it helps a golfer in improving his game, not many are aware of even the type of grips on their favorite clubs. But let me tell you, this particular accessory can improve your game multiple times if selected in a thoughtful manner.

Starting with the conventional grips made of rubber, a lot has been changed in the composition of this particular accessory for the last few years. While professional golfers would like to play with an ideal grip, that isn’t the case when it comes to senior players. Because when their hands are soft, a softer grip will provide them with more comfort while holding the golf clubs.

So here are different types of golf club grips which one can buy from different developers. And after reading this guide, a person will be able to select one for himself without any difficulty.

Golf Club Grips


Undoubtedly the most frequently used material in the construction of grips, majority of the golfers have never played with a grip which isn’t made of rubber. Since this is a kind of material which can easily be molded from one shape to another. Grip comes naturally with such material of construction.

Apart from it, rubber provides a more firm control on the handle which helps the golfer during their swing. When human hands tend to slip with the passage of time, rubber works more like an adhesive. So when golf is all about achieving precision, such kinds of grips eventually helps a golfer to perform better.


Such a type of grip is mostly used by golfers who are playing under wet conditions. Since there is a tendency of slippage of hands with normal grips in such scenario, corded grips are unaware of any such problem. While they are made by twisting several strands of a string one over the other, it actually helps the golfer in holding the club in a firm manner.

However, one major drawback with such kinds of grips is its ability to act aggressively against the hands of a golfer. Because when the grip is entirely covered with a cord, it can have a pretty rough effect on the hands of that player. So for newbies and recreational players, these golf club grips will cast serious effect on their performance.

As a result, developers have introduced a new grip named as half – corded. While its upper half is still made with a corded material, rubber is used on its lower end. As the upper portion provides the ultimate grip, the lower one is used to keep the hands secure on the golf course.


As per its name, these kinds of grips helps a player to train for the actual tournament. While formed materials are used in its construction, it actually helps a player in effectively placing their fingers against the golf club. Not restricted to a certain degree of golfers, everyone can improve their grip with the help of these accessories.

So for golfers having a certain degree of handicap in their game, this particular aid will be of great help.


While most of the grips are pretty smooth in their structure from top to bottom, that isn’t the case with ribbed golf grips. These are designed in such a way so that an edge is placed at a certain length across the grip. So when the golfer handles such clubs, that points reminds them of where to place his/her hands for a perfect grip.

As a result, golfers tends to feel more comfortable with a ribbed golf grip which eventually helps them in swinging the club. Because when fingers are placed in a perfect position, it will eventually help the ball to travel further on the golf course.


You’ll find a different putter grip for irons and woods as compared to the one which is actually used on a putter. Since the level of precision required is much lesser with former clubs, the case is entirely different with the latter type. Apart from it, much more swing is required to be generated with Woods then what it is required in case of putters.

As per placing these golf club grips on a putter, it comes with an edge. Such a small point helps the golfer in holding the club from that particular point so that they’ll put the ball rather conveniently.

Final Verdict

The selection of the best golf club grips varies from person to person. While a professional golfer doesn’t require much help with his grip, he can go with corded golf grips. However, amateurs should select practice grips in order to improve their game.


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