Crappie Fishing Tips – Step by Step Guide

Let’s Catch Crappie Fish…

Don’t let the name fool you. Crappie is a delicious fish you can find in many freshwater lakes and rivers. It’s the perfect fish to prepare on a camping trip and even better in a fish fry, but you’re not here to read about how good they are. If you’re reading this, you’re looking for the tips for catching crappie and are tired of scouring the internet and sorting through tons of sites for the information. You’re in luck, my fisher-friend. Here are some of the best crappie fishing tips I could find.

Where can I find Crappie?

Crappie prefer acidic waters for their habitat. They also like hiding in waterlogged deadfall areas like trees and such. High grass areas are a prime spot for finding crappie. They love to hide when they aren’t in deep waters. They only tend to be found in the shallows when they’re feeding or spawning. They feed at dawn and dusk.

What kind of bait do they go after?

Adult Crappie go after fingerling, or small, fish. They also go after minnows, crawfish, and aquatic bugs, like the water skaters who lurk on the surface of the water, crickets or the like. You can also get them to bite artificial lures that imitate their favorite food. Here is a crappie fishing tip if you want to use live bait: you’re going to need a #6 hook and a minnow. This may not need to be said, but the minnow still needs to be able to swim. This will attract the crappie, and it will go after the bait.

What Kind of set up do I need?

I already started you on this fishing tip above, if you’re live bait fishing:

  • #6 hook and a minnow
  • Slip shot weight
  • Slip bobber

Fishing with live bait is a tricky endeavor. When you’re trying to catch crappie, you need the bobber to be adjustable. This is so you can compensate for the water’s depth. Another fishing for crappie tip is to not take your eye off of the bobber. When it starts to dip under the water, that is when you need to set your hook and reel it in.

If you’re using lures or artificial bait, 1/8 jigs are your best bet to catch crappie to your heart’s content.

A light line with a 10lb test is best for fishing for crappie. Remember, if you can’t see the line in the water, neither can the fish, and this gives you an advantage. You don’t even need a top-notch fishing pole. You can use a cane pole or ultralight. Either one of those poles will work just fine.

Keep up the slack on the line

Crappie have a softer mouth than bass or trout. When you set your hook, make sure you get rid of any slack on your fishing line. They will put up a fight, but you will stand less of a chance of his jaw breaking and you losing him.

Crappie fishing tip: Be patient

Fishing for crappie is a lesson in patience. Play around with the jig or minnow in the water. Don’t pull it out too quickly. Crappie are likely to go after your lure or live bait if you’re patient.

Be map savvy

A topographical map of the lake you’re fishing in will increase the chances of catching crappie. A topographical map will show the depth of the lake in which you are fishing. This will let you know where to fish for crappie in the lake you are at.

They don’t go into a hibernation mode

There are a lot of fish that go into a semi-hibernation mode. This is not the case with crappie, and this makes them perfect for ice fishing as they are active during the cold winter months.

Crappie fishing is popular because of the prevalence of the fish itself. You can find crappie in just about any lake, stream, or river that has deep and shallow places. They love to hide in the shallows to eat and they love to hang out with other fish in schools. There is usually a high population of them in any lake you fish at. This means you can have a chance of catching crappie when you’re out trying to catch other lake fish as well. All you have to do is have patience, a basic set-up, a map of the lake, knowledge of where they might be, and a flair for knowing when the bobber is moving in the water in order to catch one on your hook. I hope these crappie fishing tips serve you well on your next fishing trip. So, until next time, happy fishing, and may you catch all the crappie your heart desires.


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