Cheap Mens Golf Shoes Reviews And Buying Guide

One part of a golfer’s armory which affects every single part of his game, the importance of men’s golf shoes is massively understated. Having a direct impact on the swing and then helping a golfer to move back and forth across the course, it all comes down to Cheap Mens Golf Shoes.

When it plays a role of a key catalyst in this sport, it also holds a negative effect on its price. Ask any golfer and they will inform you about the hardships in finding a premium quality, cheap mens golf shoes these days. From the lack of inexpensive shoes to a major fault in their quality, it isn’t easy to find these two qualities in one product.

But if you want to have a top quality product and that too in a pretty modest price, you’ve just come to the right place.

How to Buy Cheap Mens Golf Shoes

Right Size

Nothing is more important to a golfer than to select a right fit golf shoe. While a tighter cleat can cause severe damage to his feet, purchasing a size too big will affect their grip on the golf course. So before visiting your nearest retail store or the online marketplace, have a look at your feet size.

Wear Socks

Once you’re in the market in search of cheap mens golf shoes, don’t forget to take a pair of socks with yourself. These should be the same socks which you’ll wear on the course.


Golfers in warmer outdoors should look for this particular feature in their cleats. Such kind of construction facilitates the passage of air. Different developers have used different types of techniques, some of whom are meshed upper with a hole above the heel. But that’s not essential as different manufacturers can use different types of techniques just to enhance the breath-ability of cheap mens golf shoes.


It is essential for a golfer to keep his feet dry throughout the round of golf. While moisture can deteriorate the health of the feet, it isn’t beneficial for the golfer’s game as well. So make sure that your ideal product is waterproof by looking at the set of features in its armory.

Spike or No Spike

Ongoing debate amongst the golfing community, it all depends on the preferences of the customer. If he wants to use these shoes in a variety of activities, non-spiked shoes will serve the purpose. But when it comes to spiked shoes, they are suitable for a limited terrain.

Leather vs Synthetic: Considering the Cheap Men’s golf shoes, Leather will struggle to fit into this category. A premium quality material of construction, not many developers will offer a golf shoe – incorporating leather – at a modest price. But thanks to the technological advancements, users can have a combination of leather and synthetic at a pretty affordable price.

Cheap Mens Golf Shoes Reviews

1. New Balance Men’s NBG1701 Spiked Golf Shoe

A company famous for manufacturing stylish running shoes, New Balance is steadily making its mark in the golfing marketplace. After introducing some impressive golf cleats in the recent past, New Balance Men’s NBG1701 Spiked Golf Shoe is another notable addition to their golfing armory. Inexpensive, stylish and a sleek exterior, golfers will love to try this product on the golf course.

Having its upper made of a fine piece of Leather, the New Balance Men’s NBG1701 Spiked Golf Shoe is fully waterproof regardless of the conditions. The developers have made sure that this product looks like a sporting good as such is the case with its fine looking exterior.

As per the sole, it is made of rubber with premium quality cleats to enhance the grip on the underneath surface. These cleats are also removable just in case the golfer is looking to replace them after wear and tear.

Lastly, Eva midsole has been employed in these shoes to stop the unwanted fatigue from affecting the golfer’s feet. So when a golfer is looking to continue his game without any disturbance, such kind of midsole does that in a pretty imperious manner.


  • Fully-Waterproof, it saves your feet from getting wet under any condition
  • Premium quality midsole keeps your feet in the best of physical condition
  • ​Nice Grip to enhance traction while playing golf
  • ​Removable Spikes for the convenience of its user


  • Use of Leather made upper hinders the breathability of this product

Final Verdict

Not the most expensive product in today’s market, the New Balance Men’s NBG1701 Spiked Golf Shoe is a pretty decent choice for customers looking for a comfortable pair of golf shoes. Especially for golfers who’re tired of suffering foot pain after every round on the course, the use of premium quality features in this particular cleat can solve all their problems in no instance.

2. Adidas Men’s Tour360 X Golf Shoes

Coming from such a mega developer in the field of Sports, that hasn’t done any negative effect on the asking price of Adidas Men’s Tour360 X Golf Shoes. Available for a pretty decent price from Amazon, Adidas have surely introduced this product for their budget oriented golf-customers.

The Adidas Men’s Tour360 X Golf Shoes incorporates high-quality leather in its climacool upper. Even though it doesn’t look like one, but these golf shoes are highly breathable. Such kind of construction comes handy when a player is interested in keeping his feet dry and that too for a longer duration of time.

As per the outsole, Adidas have simply taken the traction to a new level thanks to their ThinTech TPU outsole. Having 9 different cleats on the various parts of the sole, solidity is not a concern with these golf shoes. No matter wherever the golfer is standing on the golf course, he will get unparalleled stability thanks to this imperious construction.

Finally, the use of CenTraXtion feature distributes the weight on the entire length of the foot instead of putting all of it at just one particular one point. So all in all, these golf shoes take care of your comfort in an excellent manner.


  • Low Center of Gravity provide unmatchable traction on the course
  • Ideal for usage on a variety of terrains
  • ​Climacool upper keeps the golfer’s feet in the best of physical condition
  • ​Extremely Competitive Price with this set of features
  • Extra Protection on the Collar makes it a worthwhile buy


  • Toe Area is a bit too tight

Final Verdict

If you’re a brand conscious person, there is no need to pay big bucks when Adidas Men’s Tour360 X Golf Shoes are available for such a competitive price. Having a series of high-quality features, not much is left to ask for the potential customers.

3. Adidas Men’s Adipower TR Golf Shoe

Another innovative product from this particular developer, Adidas Men’s Adipower TR Golf Shoe features something different from the traditional golfing shoes. Having synthetic uppers with the climacool tech, it will provide unmatchable accuracy for an entire length of the day.

Considering the design, Adidas Men’s Adipower TR Golf Shoe incorporates two different layers in its construction. One of them will keep moisture at bay while the other one will keep your feet dry for as long as you’re playing on the golf course.

As per the comfortability of human feet, these shoes partake EVA Foam in the insole. Now what it does is to wrap around your foot like a cushion and saves it from the unwanted fatigue.

In order to empower traction, Adidas have employed 6 spiked thin tech. Now what it does is to keep the shoes as low as possible so that the golfer can maintain maximum stability while keeping his feet close to the ground.


  • Climacool tech makes it viable for usage for golfers in hotter environments
  • Cloudfoam insole helps to tackle fatigue in an imperious manner
  • ​Thintech helps to maintain a stable grip on the golf course
  • ​One of the least expensive shoes in today’s market


  • Users need to order a bigger size than normal

Final Verdict

The Adidas Men’s Adipower TR Golf Shoe consists of all the high-quality features which you would see in the other expensive cleats. So If you’re looking for an inexpensive but quality product, you should look at this one. Comfortable, Breathable with a solid Grip, Adidas have surely lived up to the high expectations of customers with this particular product.

4. Adidas Men’s adizero one Golf Shoe

A lightweight cleat, the Adidas Men’s adizero one Golf Shoe is ideal for customers playing golf on a consistent basis. In fact, the weight is 10 percent lower from the previous products of Adidas just to make things easier for the valuable customer. As a result of such an insubstantial weight, customers won’t have to play through pain thanks to this beauty.

Coming towards their gripping ability, these shoes have cleats pushed towards their edges. Such a construction enhances traction so that the user can have a firm grip on the surface of which he is standing. The spikes are soft as well which makes them friendly to the surface of greens.

Apart from it, the use of waterproof upper makes adds a new dimension to the Adidas Men’s adizero one Golf Shoe. Now golfers can play in a variety of conditions without the fear of getting their feet soaked with the harshness of weather.

However, there are serious questions regarding the breathability of Adidas Men’s adizero one Golf Shoe. Since it consists of a synthetic upper, users have to be careful before using them under hotter climates.

But all in all, this is a pretty decent buy for the money Adidas are asking for these particular golf shoes.


  • Extremely lightweight, won’t cast any burden on the golfer’s feet
  • Unscathed traction thanks to the high-quality cleats
  • ​Fully Waterproof, allows its users to play under intense rain
  • ​Softer Spikes cast no damage to the entire surface of golf course


  • Breathability is an issue with these golf shoes

Final Verdict

When I first put on this shoe, the first thing which I noticed was its comfortability. Users can use it straight out of the box as the Adidas Men’s adizero one Golf Shoe delivers quality right from the word go. So talking about Cheap Men’s golf shoes, Adidas have introduced a remarkable product in this category.

5. Adidas Men’s Adipower Boost 2 Golf Cleated

A rather expensive product, Adidas Men’s Adipower Boost 2 Golf Cleated Shoe is surely worth your money thanks to its flawless skill set. A company famous for using ideas from other sports in developing a new product, that’s exactly what Adidas have done with this particular product.

In place of the EVA Midsole, the use of a new material known as boost makes these shoes a standout performer against its competitors. It works like a trampoline as it returns more energy than the one being utilized by the golfer. This material can be found in the heel region as this is the portion which hits the ground as a golfer is moving across the golf course.

The Adidas Men’s Adipower Boost 2 Golf Cleated Shoe incorporates synthetic upper in place of the traditional Leather. It is quite flexible and with the use of climacool tech, breathability is not an issue with these golfing cleats.


  • Gives a Spring to your step with the use of BOOST
  • Suitable for various environments thanks to the Climacool tech
  • ​Durable Product, Customers can use it for an extended period of time
  • ​Wider Forefoot makes it ideal for a variety of customers


  • One of the most expensive products in the golf market

Final Verdict

If you have the money and are looking to spend it on a high-quality product, go for the Adidas Men’s Adipower Boost 2 Golf Cleated Shoe. You won’t regret this purchase as such is the case with this premium quality golf shoe. Because although it’s expensive, this shoe is worth your money.

What Are the Distinctions of Golf Shoes?

One big difference between a golf shoe and a regular shoe is the presence of spikes. Thanks to this construction, users cannot wear it for their everyday activities as these cleats are designed just to be worn on the course. Even if the spikes are removable, such kind of shoes are not suitable for your daily life.

Nowadays, a large number of developers have come up with a spike-less version of golf shoe. So if you want to use your cleat both on and off the course, go for this one. However, they might not work really well on the hard terrain as undoubtedly, providing traction on the greens is their first priority.

Budget Pick

Talking about the customers who don’t want to spend too heavily on this purchase, they should look at the Adidas Men’s Adipower TR Golf Shoe as an ideal buy. Having all the ingredients to take your game to the next level, it can’t get any cheaper than this in terms of cheap men’s golf shoes.

Final verdict

There is no need to pay extra money when developers are offering high-quality products within your budget. Having the same set of features from there expensive counterparts, these products are actually designed for budget-oriented customers. So if you want to enjoy golf – without straining your bank balance too much – go for the Cheap Men’s Golf Shoes.


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