Cheap Golf Shoes 2022 Reviews And Buying Guide

When it comes to golf, the first thing which instantly pops up in a user’s mind is the expensive nature of this sport. Starting from the costly clubs to an expensive set of apparel, a golfer has to spend a lot to get his/her hands on the other golf gear. However, if you’re looking to enjoy this sport in an expensive manner, you’ve just come to the right place.

An integral part of a golfer’s armory, cheap golf shoes can now be bought thanks to the recent advancements in technology. Even if the name suggests otherwise, the cheapness of these shoes hasn’t got anything to do with the quality of it. A customer can buy a premium quality product and that too without breaking the bank.

So for users who’re interested in cheap golf shoes, they should look for certain key features in the product which is available for sale on the market. And if they aren’t familiar with those ingredients, the below-mentioned guide will be of great help.

How to Choose Comfortable Cheap Golf Shoes


With every other golf equipment losing its weight for the convenience of its owner, same is the case with cheap golf shoes. A golfer has to walk several miles across the golf course. And the last thing which they could afford is to have a bulky shoe tied with their feet. So before choosing your ideal product, have a look at the weight of these cleats.


This area of the cheap golf shoes varies as per the preferences of its user. For a person suffering some kind of foot pain, their priority should be to buy a shoe allowing natural movement. But for others having a ferocious swing technique, they would want to keep their feet as steady as possible.

With or without Laces

A few years ago, this wasn’t a question to ponder for golfers all across the globe. With laced shoes doing all the hard work, nobody could imagine having a further advancement in this aspect of cheap golf shoes. But just like everything else associated with golf, there has been a major overhaul in this category of shoes. Golf Shoes without laces are there in the market. And a customer can go for them for the sake of his convenience.

Conservative or Unconventional

Gone are the days when a user was unable to use these cleats anywhere away from the golf course. With the market laden with several state type golf shoes, now customers are eyeing two advantages for the price of one in the context of cheap golf shoes.

Leather vs Synthetic

For users wanting to buy cheap golf shoes, the Synthetic material of construction should be their top priority. Inexpensive, these are the kind of material which allows the passage of air without any trouble.


Even if you’re paying less than your competitor, there is no need to sacrifice your comfort. Have you ever seen a golfer playing this sport in anguish and still manages to get the better of his/her competitors? Developers are offering several premium quality golf shoes and that too at a considerable price. So without wasting any time, users should go for them.

Cheap Golf Shoes for Men

1. PUMA Men’s Biodrive Golf Shoe

Taking in the concept of Spikeless golf shoes, PUMA Men’s Biodrive Golf Shoe can be used for a variety of purposes. Apart from their flawless performance on the course, customers can also use them in off the field activities.

Starting from the spike-less sole, a golfer will enjoy the way in which the synthetic sole grips up to the underneath surface. Having a large number of tramped patterns, these cleats perform in a similar way as that of any other spiked shoe. Once a golfer sets his body up for the upcoming swing, there won’t be any distraction caused by the unwanted movement of his feet.

Moving towards the top, the PUMA Men’s Biodrive Golf Shoe incorporates meshed upper which makes them ideal for usage in hotter environments. While such a construction allows the passage of air, your feet will remain in the best of physical condition throughout the day.

As per the flexibility, this is what makes them ideal even for the non-golf buyers. Having the unmatched ability to cope up with all kind of terrains, these cheap golf shoes are waterproof as well.

Lastly, there is an additional protection on the heel just in case a golfer is feeling some kind of pain at that area.


  • Meshed Upper enhances the breathability of these golf shoes
  • Lightweight, Flexible and comfortable to wear
  • ​Waterproof construction makes them viable for usage under all environments
  • ​Spike-less sole takes away the unwanted lassitude from your feet


  • Wider fore sole can be a worrisome feature for some golfers

Final Verdict

Even if the brand name suggests otherwise, but the PUMA Men’s Biodrive Golf Shoe are good enough for usage on the golf course. With a nice authoritative grip to a comfortable, natural feel, golfers will feel at home after wearing these shoes.

2. Nike Golf Men’s FI Impact Golf Shoe

Evident from their name, Nike Golf Men’s FI Impact Golf Shoe is designed to offer a certain degree of freedom to its users. Much like the running shoes, these cleats incorporates a rather low sole which provides a direct connection between the foot and the surface underneath.

With a flexible construction, Nike Golf Men’s FI Impact Golf Shoe comes with a meshed upper. With dry feet, a golfer can move his feet to the way he wants thanks to the agile nature of this particular shoe.

Moving towards the grip, Nike has made sure that these shoes stick to the ground even in the wettest of the outfield. There is no concern of any kind of slippage as once you’ve set foot in a particular place, it will remain there. Coming towards the waterproofing, these shoes are good to keep your feet dry even in dense, muddy conditions.

Finally, the developer has used the Dynamic Fit technology which works well with feet of different sizes. So for users who often complain about the lack of stability in their shoes, they should have a look at this particular golf shoe.


  • Dynamic Fit Technology wraps around your feet in a flawless manner
  • Extremely Waterproof, washable and Lightweight
  • ​Enhances natural movement of feet, just what a golfer wants on the course
  • ​Comes with a 1-year guarantee, so nothing to worry for the potential buyers


  • Might not be the most durable product in today’s market

Final Verdict

The Nike Golf Men’s FI Impact Golf Shoe are ideal for golfers wanting to have a spring in their step. With natural movements, a golfer can really take his game to the next level. And with their precise fitting ability, there is no danger of slipping out at the wrong time.

3. New Balance Men’s Minimus Golf Shoe

A developer just setting its foot in the golf market, New Balance has made a grand entrance in the form of New Balance Men’s Minimus Golf Shoe. Extremely lightweight, it doesn’t feel much to the hands when I lifted it for the first time. Users won’t feel almost anything on their feet and that’s what makes it a standout performer amongst the plethora of products in today’s market. So even if it feels awkward at the start, it feels great as a golf shoe on the longer run.

Hewing meshed upper made of a textile fabric, the developers have taken great care of a golfer playing in warmer environments. These small weaves are of great benefit in terms of allowing the passage of air and same is the case with keeping your feet as dry as possible. The upper body is water resistant as well so apart from the hotter conditions, the New Balance Men’s Minimus Golf Shoe is equally beneficial for usage under the intense rain.

With a rubber sole, it has several different sizes of grips just to have a better traction with the below surface. The heel is 4mm taller than the foresole which means that an extended foam is placed underneath the former surface.

New Balance has used a special moisture management technique known as Orthosole. It works in such a way so that to keep the moisture away from your feet and keep them as dry as possible.


  • One of the most lightweight shoes in the golfing market
  • Thicker heel is beneficial for golfers recovering from foot pain
  • ​Fully Waterproof, golfers can use it in extreme conditions without any problem
  • ​Enhanced traction thanks to the rubber sole


  • Not the most inexpensive golf shoe which a golfer can purchase

Final Verdict

For Golfers who want to trust a new brand with their golf shoes, the New Balance Men’s Minimus Golf Shoe is a worthy choice. Been in the shoe business for decades and decades, the developer has made no harm to its name tag with this particular golf shoe. So if you’re tired with the bulkiness of your previous golf cleats, switch to this one.

4. Adidas Men’s Adicross IV Golf Shoe

If you are that kind of customer who doesn’t go by the looks, have a look at the Adidas Men’s Adicross IV Golf Shoe. Prepared in an old school fashion, the real beauty lies inside of these cheap golf shoes.

No matter how hard spike-less boots try, they will always have a lesser degree of traction as compared to that of Spiked-shoes. But in order to solve this problem, Adidas have used 72 lugs onto the sole of Men’s Adicross IV Golf Shoe. There position is carefully determined in order to have a flawless grip with different types of terrain. From lush green grass to hot, muddy outfield, these shoes are bound to come out as a winner thanks to their premium quality traction.

Coming towards the comfort ability, the Cloudfoam sockliner enhances it in an imperious manner. Apart from it, the puremotion feature allows the foot to undergo its natural movements. So users can wear these shoes all days long and there won’t be even a hint of fatigue thanks to these premium quality features.

And even when they are coming from such a Mega Developer, the Adidas Men’s Adicross IV Golf Shoe – available in three different colors — is still available at a modest price from Amazon.


  • Rubber Grip helps a golfer to keep his feet stable on the course
  • Allows natural movement of feet thanks to the Puremotion tech
  • ​Guarantees comfortability with the cloud foam sockliner
  • ​Durable, Long lasting and Resistance to Wear and Tear


  • For golfers with wider feet, they might have to order a bigger size than usual

Final Verdict

Providing unmatchable traction, the Men’s Adicross IV Golf Shoe is another fabulous addition to the current range of Adidas’ golf shoes. Incorporating a series of hi-fi features, these cleats are definitely worth the money.

5. Men’s Footjoy Contour Series Golf Shoe

Here comes a spiked golf shoe incorporating leather at its top. Fully waterproof, the Men’s Footjoy Contour Series Golf Shoe allows its owner to wear it in almost any type of weather. The developer is so sure of its waterproof ability that they’re even offering a 2-year guarantee all across the U.S for this particular feature.

Comfortable, breathable and durable, there is a special outline on the toe, forefoot, and heel. All of it is done to match the natural shape of the human foot so that the golfer won’t have any trouble in walking on the course wearing these cleats.

Apart from Leather, the Men’s Footjoy Contour Series Golf Shoe has also used the synthetic material in manufacturing the sole of these cleats. So when some customers prefer leather and other go for man-made material, these golf shoes have served the needs of both in a sumptuous manner.

In the end, users will find a special plastic named as TPU placed on the stem of these shoes. As per its purpose, this is designed to enhance the stability of a golfer’s feet.


  • Combination of Leather and Synthetic Material provides a rare experience
  • Contour Last to make it as a natural wear for human feet
  • ​Waterproof ability is of the highest order
  • ​Spikes used are of the premium quality


  • Price is a bit higher as compared to the other cleats with this set of properties

Final Verdict

For Male golfers who are fed up with the unwanted movement of their feet, there aren’t much better cleats than the Men’s Footjoy Contour Series Golf Shoe. Designed for relaxation, there is no restriction in its usage varying from hotter environments to wet, soaked outfield. So even if the price is a bit higher, but FJ is offering a real deal for the potential buyers.

Cheap Golf Shoes for Women

1. Adidas Women’s W Climacool II Golf Shoe

Specially designed for hotter environments, the Adidas Women’s W Climacool II Golf Shoe is designed from forefoot to heel just to cope up with the warmer conditions. Leaving the toe, the entire remaining upper meshes to an extended size. Then there is much more space left on either side of these shoes. And at the back, a small portion is enmeshed just in case the user is feeling uneasy at that particular part. So if you want a cleat which is a specialist in dealing with the warmer outfield, you should go for the Adidas Women’s W Climacool II Golf Shoe.

No spikes have been used in the construction of this material as the Adidas Women’s W Climacool II Golf Shoe relies on a variety of grips to provide the much-needed traction. The sole is made of rubber to enhance the grip between the human feet and the underneath surface.

Since these shoes mesh to a greater size, it actually reduces their weight for the convenience of its user. So when women normally want their shoes as lightweight as possible, Adidas have paid heed to their desires while manufacturing this product.


  • Meshed Upper enhances the breathability
  • Lighter in weight, users won’t feel much while traveling with them
  • ​Various Size Grips holds on to the surface in a flawless manner
  • ​Use of reddish color at the sole provides a new texture to these shoes


  • Users need to be careful with the perfect size for themselves

Final Verdict

Let’s be honest here. You’re on the course and hot weather is messing you up. For a female golfer – facing such conditions on a consistent basis – the Adidas Women’s W Climacool II Golf Shoe is a lifeline. These are one of the very few shoes in the market which are actually designed to tackle this problem. So instead of experimenting with other products, why not go for the specialist?

2. ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid 2 Golf Shoe

With an elegant exterior, the ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid 2 Golf Shoe looks pleasing to the eyes for the first time asking. Having certain colored laces with the same textured sole, these shoes are designed for females who wants to keep their fashion sense in check on the golf course.

But that’s not the actual purpose behind the manufacturing of these shoes. Biom or Biomechanical optimization, its developers have made this product after testing the natural dimensions of feet of more than 2500 athletes. Afterward, those dimensions were replicated in the curves of the ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid 2 Golf Shoe just for the convenience of its user. So once a female golfer wears it, she will love how they will respond to the movement of her feet.

Apart from Golf, users can wear ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid 2 Golf Shoe in a variety of other activities varying from hiking, running and even exercising. Suitable for all types of terrains, it saves human feet from becoming the victim of unnatural movement. So the possibilities are endless with these cheap golf shoes.


  • Biom Technique enhances the natural movement of feet in a sumptuous way
  • Lush Exterior makes it a worthwhile product for fashion-oriented female golfers
  • ​Synthetic sole is ideal for usage on a variety of grounds
  • Customers can buy it in 11 different colors from Amazon


  • Asking price is a bit too much as compared to the other shoes in this list

Final Verdict

There is nothing more important for a golfer than to keep her feet fresh. And in order to do so, the selection of golf shoes gains utmost importance. So if you’re a female golfer, the ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid 2 Golf Shoe is designed for you.

3. Crocs Women’s Women’s 15371 Brayden II Golf Shoe

Made in China, the Crocs Women’s Women’s 15371 Brayden II Golf Shoe is as inexpensive as it could get in today’s market of golf equipment. Having a rather restrained exterior, these golf shoes are a far cry from what one could term as the fashion-leaning golf cleats. But when the basic purpose is to provide stability on the course, these golf shoes does just that in a flawless manner.

With a Leather upper, the Crocs Women’s Women’s 15371 Brayden II Golf Shoe incorporates a synthetic sole to provide the necessary grip on the course. There is extra protection on the arch area and same is the case with the portion just above the heel. However,

But one major drawback is their lack of breathability. So for females who’re playing in warmer environments, this might not be the best product for them.


  • No need to spend extra bucks when such a product is available for female golfers
  • Leather Upper combined with Man-made sole to have the best of both worlds
  • ​Easy to carry, cast no fatigue on the human feet
  • ​Removable insole to accommodate the orthotics


  • Lack of proper passage of air is a major concern for some golfers

Final Verdict

If you’re opting to spend wisely, the Crocs Women’s Women’s 15371 Brayden II Golf Shoe have got the necessary set of features on a pretty modest price. Even though they aren’t as lush as their counterparts, but who cares for the exterior when these are available on almost a cut price.

4. Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe

Comfortable is the word for Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe. While female golfers are always searching of a lightweight cleat, 6 ounce is the total weight of this product. Users can have it in six different color combinations but my personal favorite is a navy blue with white strips.

The Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe consists of a nice breathable material at its inside. Apart from it, there is a small opening at the back just above the heel portion to compensate the passage of air from all sides. With a breathable meshed upper of a nice fabric, these shoes are ideal for usage in hotter climates.

Considering the rubber sole, these cleats are extremely flexible to be rotated easily with the movement of a golfer’s feet. In place of the traditional spikes, these are small pods at the sole to give a little more sponginess while walking across the course.


  • Goga Tech on the midsole provides a cushion to the human feet
  • Ideal for female golfers who’re playing in warmer conditions
  • ​Extremely lightweight, Durable and long lasting
  • ​One of the least expensive golf shoes for female players


  • Size seems to be a problem for some users

Final Verdict

The Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe is a real deal for all such customers who have to extract multiple functions from their golf shoe. Because when it’s a good stable cleat on the course, users can also go walking while wearing them. And the price is quite unbelievable considering the set of features in this shoe.

5. Skechers Performance Women’s Go Golf Backswing Golf Shoe

A brand which is extremely famous with the women golfers, Skechers have done full justice to the hype which surrounded the arrival of Performance Women’s Go Golf Backswing Golf Shoe. A rather modern golf shoe, these shoes have a fine fabric upper with a hole on the backside. All such arrangement is done for the sake of breath-ability.

The sole is made of rubber so that the golfer can enjoy a solid grip on the surface. Then comes the gogamat technology which is quite common in the previous versions of this particular brand. Its purpose is to enhance comfort-ability as it is kind of a cushion between the surface and the human feet.

So if you want to spend within a budget, the Skechers Performance Women’s Go Golf Backswing Golf Shoe can be bought from Amazon.


  • Soft Material of Construction
  • Fine fabric uppers makes it look like a decent buy
  • ​Goga Mat Tech is a standard with Skechers Golf Shoes
  • ​No question marks on breathability, these are designed to cope up with hot weather


  • Not Waterproof, unsuitable for dense conditions

Final Verdict

Golfers tend to struggle with the real size of a golf shoe. But that won’t be the case with the Skechers Performance Women’s Go Golf Backswing Golf Shoe. Devoid of any kind of slippage, golfers can forget about the lack of stability with these shoes.

Budget Pick

As far as the male golfers are concerned, there is no better deal than the PUMA Men’s Biodrive Golf Shoe. Sleek, Stylish and Flexible, these shoes are even waterproof for the sake of its owner. Apart from it, their breathability makes it an ideal product for versatile environments. So once you’ve made this investment, you can use it in multiple conditions without any trouble.

Considering the budget scenario of women golfers, Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe is available for an unbelievable price. Casting no burden on your budget, users can have it in six different designs from Amazon.


It isn’t an easy task by any means to select cheap golf shoes. When a wrong selection can have dire consequences on your game, users have to be extra difficult before making a purchase. But after reading the aforementioned guide, you are in a good position to go out there in the market and select and invaluable product for yourself.


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