Best Women’s Golf Clubs 2022 Reviews and Buying Guide

Technology has taken a massive step in the past few decades when it comes to best women’s golf clubs. From clubs made of steel to using an expensive titanium, developers have introduced all sort of products targeting female golfers. But in sharp contrast to the men, selection of an ideal club still, presents a real headache for women.

Starting from their height, it depends on their swing speed, their body physique as well as their comfort level with a typical club on the golf course. As a result, one similar type of club cannot fit them all on the golf course.

Solving this problem, we have listed the features which women should look in an ideal set of golf clubs. Afterward, this guide will introduce to you some of the best women’s golf clubs. Used by a handful of satisfied customers, these are the clubs which one should purchase among-st a plethora in today’s market.

Buying Guide – How to Choose Best Women’s Golf Clubs


First thing which women should look for in this aspect is the length of the golf clubs. It directly impacts their swinging ability, before effecting their overall game. So no compromise can be made with this aspect in the selection of golf clubs.

The length of a golf club depends on the height of a female golfer. Since women golfers are generally smaller than their male counterparts, same is the case with their golf clubs. But if a woman possesses similar height to that of a man, she can go for clubs longer in length.


From shafts made of graphite to those of steel, both of them have their own pros and cons for the female golfer. When the former one is lighter in weight but produces lesser distance, the latter is heavier but can generate greater yardages. So for women who are physical thin, Graphite suits their needs. But one who is capable of lifting heavier clubs, Steel should be their choice.


For female golfers who are newer in this trait, they should select clubs with higher lofts. Such type of clubs can get the ball airborne rather easily than lower lofted shafts. And as a result, even not a perfect shot can produce a desirable result.

Moving towards the experienced athletes, their first choice should be lesser loft clubs. Since expertise is not an issue here, they can generate much more precise shots using these club sets.

Club heads

The perimeter-weighted club-heads are becoming increasingly famous among-st female golfers nowadays. Since it increases the length of a club’s sweet spot, no such expertise is required to handle such equipment. So if you’re looking for the best women’s golf clubs, go for one which possesses the similar technology.

Top 5 Best Women’s golf clubs 2017 Reviews

1. Callaway Women’s Strata Complete Golf Club Set with Bag (11-Piece)

A familiar name in the field of golf clubs, Callaway Women’s Strata Complete Golf Club Set with Bag (11-Piece) provides a complete package to female golfers. Apart from some well-crafted golf clubs, this set consists of head covers and a durable golf bag.

It contains a total of 7 clubs, one of which is a high-tech driver. Used on the tee shot, 5-Wood provides maximum tolerance to its owner in case of an ill-hit shot. Equipped with an extended sweet spot, the whole length of the club head can be used to hit the ball with maximum impact. As per its weight, it is made up of graphite so one can easily hold it without feeling any burden.

Apart from it, there are Irons/Wedges which are equipped with the above-mentioned Perimeter-Weighted Club heads. There is a hybrid as well so a user who isn’t comfortable with Irons can use this club to great effect. And last but not the least, one gets a putter in the Callaway Women’s Strata Complete Golf Club Set with Bag (11-Piece).

As per the characteristics of the bag, it is actually a stand bag which — thanks to its construction — is easy to carry for the female golfers. This bag can be carried on the shoulders thanks to the strap system and there is further protection from rain in the form of a rain hood. So even for the professionals who doesn’t have the choice of a caddy, this bag works just fine.

Callaway has gone on the full length in order to provide maximum comfort to its users. And all of this is available at a pretty affordable price on Amazon. So for users who are looking to spend within a budget, they should have a look at this wonderful package.


  • Versatile Golf Clubs provides maximum forgiveness to its owner
  • Ideal for Beginners who are just looking to start their game
  • Provides Durable Golf Bag along with head covers
  • Graphite Shafts decreases its weight for the golfer’s convenience


  • Not a full set as recommended by United States Professional Golf Association

Final Verdict

When it comes to amateur female golfers, Callaway Women’s Strata Complete Golf Club Set with Bag (11-Piece) offers a real deal. But if you’re looking to play on a real course, this might not work that well.

2. Callaway Women’s Strata Plus Complete Golf Club Set with Bag (14-Piece)

Another premium advancement in the Callaway’s Strata lineup, this one provides much more choices to its users when it comes to the selection of golf clubs.

Starting with a powerful driver with a 460 cc club head and a loft of 14 degrees, it helps the women in achieving the desired distance on the tee shot. Thanks to its larger sweet spot and shaft made of graphite, similar force generates larger yardages on the part of its owner. So when females often complain about the lack of power in their swing, no such problem exists with this club.

Moving towards the Fairway Wood, it almost guarantees longer shots thanks to the usage of stainless steel in their club head. Since steel is a powerful material, one which is used to generate larger yardages, women would like it from the very first time.

In place of a 5-Iron, Callaway Women’s Strata Plus Complete Golf Club Set with Bag (14-Piece) is offering 5 Hybrid. It is easier to use than the longer irons and can be easily mastered after a few shots on the course. There are 4 different irons (5 – Iron to 9 – Iron), a Putter Wedge, a Sand Wedge and a Putter.

As per the Stand bag, it is equipped with four full-length club dividers and 5 pockets to house in the extra accessories. So with 1 high-quality Stand Bag, 3 head covers, and 10 different clubs, Callaway Women’s Strata Plus Complete Golf Club Set with Bag (14-Piece) are actually offering a solid deal.


  • Distance won’t be a problem thanks to its superior clubheads
  • Precise Putter makes putting easy in the final hole
  • Durable Stand Bag can hold in a series of accessories without any effect on its weight
  • Favors Amateurs who are looking to improve their game on a consistent basis
  • Ideal Choice for Budget Oriented Golfers


  • Question marks about the durability of its clubs
  • Not Ideal for Experienced/Professional Golfers looking for a complete set

Final Verdict

For Amateurs having a tight budget, not many developers can offer a better deal than Callaway Women’s Strata Plus Complete Golf Club Set with Bag (14-Piece). They can generate larger yardages on a consistent basis thanks to the technology employed by Callaway.

3. WILSON ULTRA Women’s Complete Golf Club Set w/Bag

Recommended for beginners, make no mistake that WILSON ULTRA Women’s Complete Golf Club Set w/Bag isn’t useful when it comes to professional golfers. But if you’re a woman who needs massive improvement in his game, there aren’t much better options than this. When it’s easy to use, the use of purple color in its construction gives it a superb look.

Useful for women with a basic height starting from 5’3’’ to 5’9’’, this club set is equipped with a driver tailor made for beginners. With a club head greater in size than usual golf clubs, it actually makes the tee shot easy for the female golfer. Since such a club is devoid of ill-hits, every shot will travel the distance.

The Irons are made with a steel shaft. As a result, their weight is greater than shafts made of graphite. But it also affects the distance being generated by the resulting shot.

This package also includes a Putter Wedge and then there is a Putter. The important thing with a Putter that it is made in a rather conventional manner. Nice and easy to hit, amateurs won’t have to work hard before using this putter.

However, the major drawback with WILSON ULTRA Women’s Complete Golf Club Set is its stand bag. It is neither a stand bag nor one which can be easily padded onto the shoulders. So when most of the amateurs don’t possess the facility of Golf Carts, this will cast serious problem.


  • Price is lower than other such products on Amazon
  • Ideal for Players who are still new in Golf, looking to improve their game with everyday passing
  • Purple Color serves the fashion sense of Female Golfers
  • ​Clubs are easy to hit, produce distance longer than usual on the golf course
  • Easy to hold with a standard grip used in its construction


  • Type of Bag can be a major distracting factor for its potential buyers
  • Not Recommended for Taller or Shorter Female Golfers than the specified height

Final Verdict

Another bag which serves the purpose for amateurs, WILSON ULTRA Women’s Complete Golf Club Set w/Bag is surely one to be regarded as Best Women’s Golf Clubs. But if you’re taller than most of the women, look elsewhere.

4. Wilson Women’s Hope Right Hand Complete Golf Set

Incorporating driver, 3-wood, 4-hybrid, 5-PW, Irons/Wedges and a Putter, Wilson Women’s Hope Right Hand Complete Golf Set are making a fixed donation to Breast Cancer Research Foundation every time this product gets sold. So when users are paying money to furnish their game, some part of that money goes for a noble cause.

It is crafted by keeping an eye on the needs of an amateur. While every newbie wants his first club as lightweight as possible, the availability of Graphite Driver and the Graphite Fairway woods does so in an impeccable manner. These clubs are adequate and create just the right distance on the golf course.

One thing which Wilson Women’s Hope Right Hand Complete Golf Set have done different is with its hybrids and Irons. Incorporating steel, the use of this material hasn’t done anything negative to the weight of these clubs. In fact, the set is very light and easy to swing on the part of female golfers.

As per the mechanical features, the flex is specially designed for women and same is the case with the length as well as the grip of these golf clubs. Since women generally like to play with shorter clubs which are easy to grip, they will feel at home with this best women’s golf clubs.

And if you’re a fashion lover who wants to keep her fashion sense in check, these club sets comes with a touch of pink color. Apart from the clubs, there is a thick padded bag (Premium quality) in this set, all of which can be purchased from Amazon at a very good price.


  • Extremely lightweight fits naturally to the physique of female golfers
  • Club length designed especially for women to facilitate their swing
  • Bag is of the highest quality, can be used for a longer duration
  • 3-Wood is included in place of Fairway woods, one thing which most golfers want in their club sets


  • Not the most durable, Clubs tends to give away after usage for a certain period of time
  • No cover for the Iron Clubs which can hamper it from dirt, water

Final Verdict

Specially manufactured for women, Women’s Hope Right Hand Complete Golf Set comes at a pretty handy price, to say the least. Especially when others are charging loads of money, the user gets a pretty decent set of golf clubs plus a high-quality bag in this price.

5. Precise GT-R Ladies Petite Complete Set (Ladies, Right Hand, Red, -1-inch)

As evident by its name, Precise GT-R Ladies Petite Complete Set are especially maneuvered for petite female golfers looking to improve their game. Available in Ladies Flex, it generates better swing and much more distance than most of its counterparts on the golf course. So when diminutive golfers often find it tough to select an ideal club for themselves, they’ll hit the jackpot with this particular club.

The set consists of a driver with a 460 cc clubhead. Such a size means that it possess an extended sweet spot, one which is used to rectify the wrongly hit shots. Apart from its forgiveness, larger clubhead guarantees longer yardages.

Moving towards its hybrids, they can be used on a number of occasions in place of almost every other club in this golf set. So when users are facing difficulties while using other clubs, they can always turn towards this club.

The Irons are also equipped with graphite shafts, so there is not a hint of heaviness as far as Precise GT-R Ladies Petite Complete Set is concerned. All in all, your game is bound to improve with this golf set on the course.


  • Lightweight, Easy to Swing for Petite Female Golfers
  • Very Well Built, Generates larger yardages even on slower swing
  • Extended Sweet Spot removes ill-timed shots from your armory
  • Stand Bag is nothing less than the Deluxe Quality


  • Not the most inexpensive club set available online

Final Verdict

For short female golfers, there isn’t many better choices than Precise GT-R Ladies Petite Complete Set. While it is designed to improve their game, they don’t have to worry whether this club set will fit their natural length or not. Because it will do so for the first time asking.

Difference between a Male and Female Golf Club Set

Since men are naturally taller, stronger than women, same is the case with their club sets. While the male golfers can afford to play with heavier, longer shafted clubs, the best women’s golf clubs are the exact opposite. They should possess a smooth grip, have a ladies flex and must be made of a lighter material. All this is done to facilitate the slower swing speed of a female golfer.

Budget Pick

Every one of these club set is made according to the highest quality of standards. No matter whichever product you choose, your game is destined to improve with its help.

But as far as the budget scenario is concerned, I’d go for WILSON ULTRA Women’s Complete Golf Club Set w/Bag. Ideal for women having a specific height, this is undoubtedly the most inexpensive product in the above-mentioned list. So if you take golf as a recreational sport, you can always buy this product by living inside your budget from Amazon.


The best women’s golf club varies from every single golfer to the other. It varies according to their height, their swing speed, their personal preferences and a handful of other factors. So before setting your eye on a typical product, be familiar with your own physique. Only then will you be able to buy a club which can improve your game. Also, if you are into other sports like baseball visit FansRoar.


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