Best Irons for Beginners

Talking about best irons for beginners, there is a certain situation in which a newbie needs new clubs. As he cannot afford to buy lavish clubs, the only purpose of buying new irons is to improve his game. Because when pros have a handful of money, the case is exact opposite with amateur golfers.

Keeping in mind the financial situation of newbies, developers are offering best irons for beginners at a considerably low price that what they are offering to professional athletes.

Having said that, a person has to think carefully before purchasing such types of clubs. Because when their price is lower, you could well end up paying for a faulty set of equipment.

So before going into the market or searching online, let’s look at some of the best irons for beginners – as deemed by a number of buyers which used them in the recent past. Apart from discussing such clubs, the aforementioned guide will inform you about certain characteristics which a person should look for in his ideal iron clubs.

Buying Guide – How to choose Best Irons for Beginners

Graphite Shaft

For amateur golfers, the swing is generally the most important thing. Since they are new in this field, the only way in which a newbie could generate enough distance with his golf clubs is a ferocious swing. And in order to facilitate this fact, one should go for shafts made up of graphite.

Even though such shafts will cast some burden on a player’s budget, but it will help improve his game multiple times than that of steel shafts. As shafts made of steel will increase the overall weight of the club, a lightweight graphite shaft will act oppositely.

As a result, the player will have absolutely no trouble in picking up such a shaft which is made of graphite. So instead of wasting his power on lifting the club, the player eventually gets to put it behind the swing. And when the shaft is lighter, the player can achieve much more distance with the same impact being used with heavier ones.

Wide Soles

In order to get the ball airborne on a frequent basis, amateurs should go for such irons which possess wider soles. Since it restrains the club from digging at the moment of impact, it eventually helps the player to improve his game with every single shot. So when it comes to best irons for beginners, amateur shouldn’t opt for narrower soles.

Perimeter Weighting

In reference to providing more comfort to the amateur golfers, the process of shifting weight in the overall club head is becoming more and more frequent. Since this weight was focused to a certain point in the past, it reduced the area of the sweet spot in that particular irons. So when amateurs used such clubs, they had to face a lot of difficulties before generating a perfect hit.

However, thanks to the perimeter weighting which has put in equal weight at almost all points of the club head, the probability of hitting the sweet spot have been greatly enhanced. So when the margin of error is widened, it eventually helps the newbies to fare well on the golf course.

Distance vs Loft

Irons are categorized on the basis of their number. When a lower numbered Iron is used to produce greater distance, a higher one is famous for the bigger loft. So if you’re looking to buy new clubs, you should be pretty clear regarding the type of loft which you want your ideal iron to generate. Because when such clubs are used on a wide range on the golf course, distance vs loft is an important factor.


One major thing which differentiates a beginner from professionals is their ability to hit miss-hits. While Professionals rarely commit such mistakes, beginners are prone to hit such shots every now and then on the golf course. Keeping this fact in mind, a person looking for the best irons for beginners should prefer a sit which provides him with a greater forgiveness.

So after going through the features which one should look for in the best irons for beginners, let’s look at some types of irons which have attracted huge praise among-st golfing family.

Best Irons For Beginners Reviews

1. Adams idea Combo Hybrid/Iron Set (3H-5H 6-PW) – Graphite Hybrids/Steel Irons

Equipped with an enhanced sweet spot, this particular club is much more forgiving as compared to its counterparts on the golf course. Since most of the amateur golfers tend to hit the ball from the side of the club face rather than its center, it eventually triggered the release of Adams Mens Hybrid Irons. This club even manages the wrongly timed shots in such a way so that the golfer won’t even realize that there was something wrong with his previous short.

With the help of its Cut-Thru Slot technology, the golfer gets to generate vicious ball speed with the help of this particular club. Keeping in mind the handicap of golfers, these clubs even offer a senior flex versions so that the user will feel lesser weight while lifting such clubs.

Starting from 3 Hybrid, one can buy Adama Mens Hybrid Irons complete set which includes 4 Hybrid, 5 Hybrid and a 6 thru Putter wedge.


  • Greater Sweet Spot
  • Cut-thru Slot Technology
  • Senior Flex


  • Different than Conventional Irons

Final Verdict

For beginners, Adama Men’s Idea Hybrid Irons offers a complete package in terms of best irons for beginners. While they cannot afford to buy separate clubs.

2. Cleveland Golf Men’s Altitude Iron Set

Keeping in mind the capabilities of beginners, Cleveland Golf Men’s Altitude Iron set offers clubs which helps the ball to get airborne rather easily than its counterparts. With the hollow club heads, these Irons have a deeper Center of Gravity so that the weight is distributed equally on these golf clubs. As amateurs often find it tough to generate greater distance, the hollow club heads of this particular Iron will eliminate any such difficulty from the game of those players.

Apart from it, these golf sets have their faces forged in order to produce greater speed while hitting the ball. With a bendable hosel, a golfer can accommodate different types of swing while bending the hosels to the required degree.

Talking about its shaft, it is made of graphite which reduces the overall weight of the club. And while it targets amateurs, Cleveland Golf Men’s Altitude Iron Set comes in Senior Flex.

However, against the modern design iron sets, this one is pretty simple. So for people having an eye for the fashion, this might not work well under such scenario.


  • Hollow Clubheads
  • Deep Center of Gravity
  • Bendable Hosel


  • Longer in Length

Final Verdict

For handicap Golfers, Cleveland Golf Men’s Altitude Iron Set are a safe bet. With it’s easy to hit club heads, a person can improve his golfing skills in no time.

3. TaylorMade Men’s M2 Golf Iron Set

Available in three different versions ranging from stiff, regular as well as senior flex, TaylorMade Men’s M2 Golf Iron set comes up with two different shaft materials. For users who are interested in lighter clubs, graphite shafts come handy. And for others who would like to feel the clubs in their hand, this Iron set is also available with a shaft made of Steel. As a result, this golf set sits perfectly for golfers with almost all types of handicap.

Moving towards its hitting ability, a golfer can generate enough distance with the help of perimeter weighting technology being utilized in the club heads. As mentioned earlier, this technology helps the weight distribution across the club head, rather than being restricted to a single spot.

Another feature which makes this particular Iron set quite unique is that it doesn’t sacrifice trajectory for achieving greater distance. So even if a golfer hits the ball with a poor technique, he’ll reach the desired distance with the help of TaylorMade Men’s M2 Golf Iron Set.


  • Greater Forgiveness
  • Easy to hit
  • Genuine Feel


  • On a bit heavier side

Final Verdict

For amateurs looking for a competent set of Golf Irons, TaylorMade Men’s M2 Golf Iron Set is a good choice. With its ability to save a golfer’s blushes on the course, it’s an ideal set in terms of best irons for beginners.

4. Wilson Staff Men’s D200 Golf Iron Set, 4-PW, GW

The Wilson Staff Men’s D200 Golf Iron Set, 4-PW, GW is available for both left and right handed players on Amazon. As per its ability to deal with golfers of different handicaps, this particular Iron Set comes in two different bend types. Starting from regular, a lower handicap golfer can even have a stiffer flex.

Thanks to its speed sole technology, a golfer can yield greater distance than most of the other golf sets available for the beginners. As per its forgiving ability, these sets are equipped with weight pods which help in increasing the sweet spot for the comfort of its user.

Another interesting feature with this particular golf set is the use of Right Light Technology. While it helps to reduce the overall weight of the club, the golfer can now utilize the force being previously used in lifting the clubs to hitting the ball at a greater distance with good effect. Equipped with clubs of standard length, the amateurs will feel like true pros while holding these clubs.

Making long statement short, this is currently one of the best irons for beginners. Thanks to its greater sweet spot and ability to deal with a handful of amateurs, you shouldn’t need any more persuasion in buying one for yourself.


  • Head & Toe Weight Pods
  • Speed Sole Technology
  • Greater Sweet Spot


  • Can slip through hands

Final Verdict

A standout performer in terms of best golf irons for beginners, Wilson Staff Men’s D200 Golf Iron Set, 4-PW, GW lies on the bit pricier side. But for interested golfers, there is no price too much to improve their game.

5. Callaway Men’s XR Iron Set

Another revolutionary product from the famous developers Callaway, the manufacturers has made it crystal clear how an ideal iron should behave while used by amateur golfers. Since distance is the first priority of the newbies, Callaway Men’s XR Iron Set have been built in such a way the club face acts like a spring on the moment of impact. Apart from the center spot, you’ll get exactly the same response from every single spot of the club heads. So the ball almost jumps off after being hit by these clubs.

With Low Center of Gravity and high moment of Inertia, there is no way why a golfer can struggle while using this particular Iron set.

Moving towards the bloopers, you won’t be penalized even after hitting a woeful shot thanks to the forgiving ability of this particular iron set. For users who tends to fade on a consistent basis, there is no such problem with Callaway Men’s XR Iron set whose entire face works like a sweet spot.

With a sleek exterior, a golfer can proudly use them on the golf course. So making call to all the fashion oriented golfers, this should be your first choice


  • Effortless Swing
  • Greater Speed
  • Low COI
  • High MOI


  • Difficult to master with Lose swing

Final Verdict

For golfers looking to improve their handicap, Callaway Men’s XR Iron Set works like a magic.

Budget Pick

When an amateur is looking to buy a complete set rather than individual clubs, there is no better pick than the above-mentioned sets. But when it comes to picking one out of them, it comes down to the budget. Thanks to their tight budget, most of the amateur golfers have to be pretty insightful before picking out the best irons for beginners.

Talking about the least expensive Iron sets, it’s none other than Cleveland Golf Men’s Altitude Iron Set. Available for a surprisingly low price, it doesn’t come at the expense of certain features. Having all the required skill set,

Final Verdict

For the beginners who are looking to improve their game, there isn’t a better solution than using any of these iron sets. However, you would want to look at your personal preferences before selecting one for yourself. Because even if these sets offer a greater forgiveness, but a wrong selection will upset your budget.


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