5 Best Golf Tees for your money

Are you looking to find the best golf tees for the money? Did you know that golf tees are an essential part of every golf game. They are used every time a new game begins, whenever you drive your first shot.

A standard golf tee is 2.125″ long, but both longer and shorter tees are permitted. Ordinary tees can be made from wood or from durable plastic. While they seem to be a small part of the golf game, they still have a huge impact, much larger than you can imagine! Choosing the best golf tee will depend on your preferences for material and performance. Here are some of the 5 best golf tees that you can buy to improve your golf game

Best Golf Tees Reviews

1. Champ Zharma FlyTee

  • 6 prong head
  • Reinforced ribs on shaft add durability and resistance.
  • Shallow cup reduces surface contact
  • Neon Mixed: Lime Green, Neon Orange & Neon Pink

The Champ Zharma fly golf tees are a good value for the price, buying one pack gives you a set of 30 tees. And these tees are extremely durable too so that they last a long time. Because these golf tees are made out of plastic, they will not snap in half or break off when you hit them. And since they are made out of high-quality durable plastic, they do not bend or lose their shape when used too much. The addition of impact ribs within the tee, make it even more durable, allowing it to withstand hits that would break other tees made out of plastic or wood.

The Champ Zharma FlyTee also features a six prong cup, meaning that balls tend to stay stable when they are placed on this tee. These golf tees come in a length of 2 ¾’ meaning that these gold tees will place your ball at the perfect height. There is also a huge selection of bright colors which you can choose from, which makes finding these tees on the grass much easier.

2. Zero Friction Tour 3 Prong Golf Tees

  • The ZFTour Hybrid is great for Par 3’s.
  • Established as the No. 1 Performance Tee on the PGA TOUR in 2005 and has stayed there since with over 70 TOUR victories and 370 top ten finishes.
  • Every package comes with a bonus Zero Friction item.
    • Place one prong at the target for optimum performance.

Just like the name suggests, this golf tee was designed for less contact and friction between the golf ball and the tee it is placed on. The unique three-prong head ensures only minimal amount of surface of the golf ball and tee, are in contact with each other. This helps your drives go way further than you expect because hitting this ball requires less effort.

The prongs are also designed to improve accuracy. The golf tee promises a more accurate drive when you aim one of the three prongs towards one of your targets.

A downside of the 3 prong head is the fact that this golf tee is less stable for golf balls. Not by much, but golf tees with more prongs are noticeably more stable when compared to the Zero Friction Golf Tee. That has not stopped professionals, though, as this type of golf tees is the number one most used in PGA tours.

3. Unbreakable Golf Tees

  • Made in Germany…Will Not Break for 100+ Shots (per tee)
  • Looks / Feels / Plays like Real Wood
  • Multiple winner on PGA Euro Tour…USGA and R&A; Rules
  • Approved by Golf Test USA, Golf Digest, Golf World, Today’s Golfer and Golfers Magazine

The main feature of this golf tee, the same thing it was named after, is the fact that these golf tees promise to be unbreakable. They are not invincible, but they will last more than a hundred uses. You may end up losing or misplacing them rather than see them break during your game. Made out of a synthetic plastic material, these tees are designed with strength in mind. These tees will not even bend, like other tees, meaning that they will retain their rigid shape after multiple uses.

This tee features a strong material that feels and looks like wood. If you prefer using wooden tees, but want a stronger and more unbreakable option, then these may be the best golf tees that you’re looking at. This tee, while made out of synthetic material, will perform just like a wooden golf tee. Light and rigid, just like wood.

The unbreakable golf tee does not feature a specially designed head, which is popular among other tees. This is one of the downsides of this as the tee will eventually end up having more friction with the ball. This friction and contact between the unbreakable golf tee and the golf ball could lower your accuracy and the distance of your shots.

4. Pride Professional Tee System

Pride Professional Tee System, 3-1/4 inch ProLength Plus Tee, 135 count, White
  • #1 Tee on the PGA Tour
  • 100% Natural Hardwood
  • Color bar indicates Tee length
  • Painted, Printed and Packaged in the U.S.A.

Pride Professional Tee System is a good versatile choice of golf tees, these tees are designed with the needs of most golfers in mind. Coming in a set of three tees, these golf tees have numerous options for you to choose from, given the large number of lengths to choose from. This huge choice of tee lengths will give you more flexibility in your game. These tees come in a pack of 50, with 40 long tees and 10 shorter ones.

There is also a mark for the point where the tee must be placed into the ground. This mark can tell golfers how deep one should place them. These tees can provide a lot of consistency in performance, none of your drives will have too many varying differences when this tee is used.

One of the cons about these tees is the material itself. While the material of these golf tees is durable, it is not as rigid as other golf tees. These tees tend to have a little flex and end up having a slight bend after continued period of use. The lack of rigidity also makes putting these tees into the ground, a bit more difficult.

5. Martini Golf Tees

  • VIRTUALLY UNBREAKABLE – Much stronger than old-fashioned wooden tees because they are made from a proprietary polymer resin blend; one tee can be reused dozens of times
  • LONGER & STRAIGHTER DRIVES – Independent laboratory tests prove that Martini Tees really do give you longer and straighter drives versus wooden tees
  • LESS RESISTANCE & LONGER ROLL – The large cup of the Martini Tee allows you to tilt the ball toward the hole as much as 20%
  • MADE IN THE USA & CONFORMS TO USGA RULES – Martini Tees are made in Michigan and are legal to use in tournaments using USGA Rules of Golf

The Martini golf tees promises less resistance as it has a the wide cup. The Martini Golf Tees’ head is shaped like a martini glass, giving these golf tees, its distinctive name, and shape. The wide mouth and triangular shape of these tees, places the ball on a much more stable base, allowing you to tilt the tee in the direction you want to go. This makes hitting the ball, with one swing, much easier.

The hard plastic material of these tees may not be to everyone’s liking. It is a bit rigid, but not as strong as the material of the other golf tee brands. While still durable, these golf tees do have a long life for many uses.


Golf tees are a small part of the game, but they still have a big impact. This is evidenced by the fact, which many companies are putting out golf tees made out of different materials and with different performance promises. Whatever be the best golf tee you choose for yourself, you must remember to take into account your golf play style and preferences.


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