Best Golf Drivers to buy in 2022

As you get better at golfing and move from one level of play to the next, the gear you use will likely need to change. The biggest change will be to the golf clubs you use, as there are clubs specifically designed for beginners, intermediate players, advanced players and professionals.

There are several parameters to look at before buying a golf driver. A complete golf set comes with 14 golf clubs, but this is not recommended for a beginner. Only professional players go for the complete set which is reasonable enough.

There are lots of clubs available in the market with latest technology and advancement and this is often difficult to decide on the product you really wish to go for. To make this task easy, we have done basic analysis and review of multiple golf drivers.

Factors to look out for while buying the best golf driver

Skill level:

Players proficiency level plays a big role to decide on the product you wish to go for. Sellers want to gain customers attention by advertising features of the club such as long-distance shots which helps your game, but we really need to think if this helps?

A buyer is always very specific with requirements, such as skill level and budget, indeed this is very important rather spending huge money on products which doesn’t add any value to your game.

We have considered experience of intermediate players and brief description of the levels to decide on the players proficiency levels.


No doubt, the right equipment always helps, but it’s not as if you’ll need to empty your savings account to get started. Instead, focus on finding the sort of equipment that will allow you to develop your imperfect skills with minimal expense. Go for the most useful clubs on the market and improve your game.


Most of the golfers fit in this category and this review is definitely beneficial for them. The clubs chosen should mostly be forgiving for the off-centre hits as up to 90 percent of hits in this category are still off-centre.


Some of the golfers still use forgiving equipment in this category.

Best Golf Drivers – for your moneys worth

1. Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver

Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver, Right Hand, Project X Even Flow Green, 50G, Light Flex, 10.5 Degrees , Black
  • The Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero is the ultimate combination of low-spin and high MOI in a driver, led by new Flash Face Technology.
  • Flash Face’s sophisticated architecture was created by Artificial Intelligence – the first known instance of using the golf industry – to create a radically different face.
  • Jailbreak Technology features two internal bars that stiffen and stabilize the crown and sole, placing more impact load on the face to promote faster ball speed.
  • Adjustable Perimeter Weighting gives golfers the power to easily promote draws, fades or a straighter flight.

With artificial intelligence making the cool face and faster. The big story of this driver is that its going to produce more ball speed. The Epic Flash Driver employs a new Flash Face Technology, created by Artificial Intelligence, to help golfers get more ball speed for more distance.


  • Flash Face Technology for low spin and high MOI
  • Distance and accuracy
  • Jailbreak Technology for faster ball speeds results in great distance
  • Highly forgiving
  • Adjustable Perimeter Weighting allows for control and versatility


  • Some find the crown design distracting
  • The sound is not to all golfers liking

Designed with artificial intelligence. Ultimate combination of low-spin and high MOI in a driver, led by new Flash Face Technology. The designers have spent time with improvising AI with 15 thousand prototypes extensively tested before release of the final version. Internal Jailbreak bars stiffen and stabilize the crown and sole, placing more impact load on the face to promote faster ball speed.

A new lighter triaxial carbon fabric called T2C has a tighter weave; the weight it saves is redistributed within the head to raise MOI for exceptional forgiveness on off-center hits. Repositioning the 12-gram sliding weight gives golfers the power to easily promote draws, fades or a straighter flight. The first time for APW in a Sub Zero driver.

The consistency and forgiveness lowers handicap and increases distance with 15 to 25 yards

The increase in ball speed necessitates a stronger face. Epic Flash Face is tempered for strength before being welded onto the head to create the 595C Super Aged Forged Titanium clubhead. The Epic Flash Sub Zero driver is more suitable for better players wanting to shape the ball flight than the Epic Flash.

Generally, there is great audible and sensory feedback through the hands that will speed up the adjustment process when playing with the new driver. Shafts come standard with a Golf Pride Align grip helping alignment through a raised ridge on the back to help with hand alignment.

Callaway’s adapter is the only one that leaves the shaft (grip) in the same orientation regardless of the setting utilized.


DriverBall SpeedLaunchBackspinHeightCarry
Epic Flash163.6 MPH10.32930 RPM34 Yards273 Yards
Epic Flash Sub Zero164.8 MPH10.72447 RPM32 Yards282 Yards

2. Ping G400 Max Driver

Ping G400 Max Driver, Men's, Right Hand, 10.5°, ALTA CB Graphite Shaft, Regular Flex
  • Ping G400 Max
  • Keeping the forged face thin creates more discretionary weight. This allows for considerable tungsten weighting and a higher-density back weight to achieve a combined MOI over 9,900 and the deepest CG…
  • The thin T9S+ forged face flexes more to ramp up ball speed for generating consistently long, straight drives. Also, the face is textured to increase friction for reducing spin, and a new face pattern…

With the added weight towards back of the head, dragon fly technology and forged face on the driver claiming to increase ball speed. Golfers rate this as most forgiving and the best-looking driver from Ping.


  • Added weight in back of the head helps in greater distance
  • Great Looks
  • Shoots like a rocket in down wind


  • Not good with a up wind
  • Too much spin on long shots

This driver comes with a 460 CC head, more weight towards the back, Turbulators, Dragon Fly technology and Forged face on the driver claiming to increase ball speed and forgiveness.

The 460cc head featuring Dragonfly Technology to thin the crown and position the CG low for maximizing MOI. The textured crown and infinity edge form a pleasing address view.

Keeping the forged face thin creates more discretionary weight. This allows for considerable tungsten weighting and a higher-density back weight to achieve a combined MOI over 9,900 and the deepest CG ever, producing the tightest dispersion in golf.

The thin T9S+ forged face flexes more to ramp up ball speed for generating consistently long, straight drives. Also, the face is textured to increase friction for reducing spin, and a new face pattern forms a captured look with the ball.

The G400 Max sports a sleek, highly aerodynamic speed-inducing shape. The domed crown combines with bolder turbulators to reduce drag and generate significant club head speed and ball velocity for ensuring distance with stability.

Keeping the forged face thin creates more discretionary weight. This allows for considerable tungsten weighting and a higher-density back weight to achieve a combined MOI over 9,900 and the deepest CG ever, producing the tightest dispersion in golf.

The thin T9S+ forged face flexes more to ramp up ball speed for generating consistently long, straight drives. Also, the face is textured to increase friction for reducing spin, and a new face pattern forms a captured look with the ball.

This driver performance goes well especially on mishits and helps in long shots. This driver sets up nice and square behind the ball, so long as the alignment is good just its good to point and shoot.= Discretionary weight adds 10-20 yards with much better ball flight and control.

Each newer technology improves upon forgiveness, that is a larger sweet spot. An off center hit on the MAX is a very good shot.

Head weight helps in maintaining lower spin and increasing the ball height at the same time. Golfers rate this as most forgiving and the best looking driver from Ping.


DriverBall SpeedLaunchBackspinHeightCarry
G400 Max157 MPH152140 RPM40 Yards279 Yards

3. TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver

TaylorMade Men's RBZ Black Driver, Black, Right Hand, Regular Flex, 10.5 Degrees
  • A large, 460cc titanium head with an adjustable loft sleeve allows for optimized launch and trajectory
  • Ultralite titanium core strategically positions mass for higher launch and trajectory control
  • Premium matrix white tie 55 shaft for maximum distance and smooth feel
  • Legendary speed pocket performance for high launch and low spin, resulting in more distance

The loft can be adjusted up or down on this club, just know the loft is the only thing that can be altered and yes, it comes with the adjustment tool/wrench.

Most forgiving with great distance, come with high quality shaft. If you’re a casual player looking for a good driver, this is the club for you. You cannot beat the price point, and the performance is on point. In fact, this club gave up maybe 7 – 10 yards compared to the latest TaylorMade drivers in tests with club pros.

To carry the RBZ name, they created a club that delivers incredible performance through the Tour-proven technologies like Speed Pocket and Loft Sleeve. The club also features a new satin black finishing, creating a fresh platform for the next generation of RBZ.

Easy to hit driver. It doesn’t have a ton of adjustments like some others, so this is not the club for the golfers that wants to tweak every little adjustment. It does have a loft sleeve adjustment for trajectory. It also has a large face so is very forgiving with plenty of pop to really launch the ball. It’s an easy club to hit.

This club is designed to equip golfers with a combination of aggressive styling and powerful performance


  • Speed Pocket technology really helps with generating club-head speed for more distance.
  • Ball spin rate off the driver is low which is great as shot shape is very consistent.
  • Simple adjustable loft system to add or subtract 1.5 degrees from all standard lofts.
  • Great sound at impact.


  • Due to light weight it’s difficult to feel where the club head is during the swing.
  • Smaller sweet spot


DriverBall SpeedLaunchBackspinHeightCarry
TaylorMade155MPH16.22679 RPM39 Yards267 Yards

4. Cobra King F9 Speedback Driver

The cobra is a premium driver in recent release, among the top drivers this driver is less expensive.

Enhanced colors and looks which is really attractive.


  • Aerodynamic head
  • Low deep CG
  • Good speed and distance
  • CNC milling allows for consistency across the face
  • Good adjustability options


  • Not a great feedback from some golfers and muted sound
  • Colors and looks are distracting to some

A revolutionary advancement, the Cobra king F9 Speed-back Driver is the King of Speed. Cobra’s longest, fastest driver ever utilizes Speedback Technology, which combines aerodynamic club head design with a low weight structure to elevate speed and distance. An industry-first CNC Milled Face equipped with E9 Speed Tuned and Dual Roll Technologies creates precise performance. Cobra’s first-ever Carbon Wrap Crown wraps around the body to save 10g of weight for enhanced stability.


DriverBall SpeedLaunchBackspinHeightCarry
Cobra King F9154 MPH12.72358 RPM33 Yards262 Yards

5. Adams XTD Ti Driver

It’s a good choice for handicapper. The driver comes with 460cc titanium head, which is big. This clubs have a cut-thru slot technology which is designed to create a very high Moment of Inertia, as a result higher ball speeds across the entire face.


  • 460cc titanium club head is solid and looks huge at address.
  • Ball speeds off the club face are impressive and distance achieved was comparable with the other drivers we tested.
  • Very consistent ball shape and lots of forgiveness for low or high strikes.


  • Golfers do not have very good feedback.

The XTD line from Adams is essentially just that, as XTD to them stands for “eXtra Time and Dollars”.

XTD driver is the only driver to feature cut-through slot technology. These create an fantastic effect and expands the sweet spot to promote maximum ball speed on off-center and off-center shots.

This new design has Velocity Slots in the crown and sole of the club, and also features a channel that is literally cut through the head of the club from the top slot to the bottom allowing for even more face deflection.

With the XTD they are introducing the only driver on the market with cut-through slots, seeking to provide a more spring like effect and maximum production and retention of ball speeds.

Along with the impressive ball speeds the launch angles seen off of the head were slightly higher (mid) than initially anticipated when taking into consideration the overall spin profile of the design.

The XTD driver also features progressive face thickness to provide more of a “trampoline” effect at impact. The center of the face is the thickest portion and progressively gets thinner as you move to the edges.

Progressive thickness is part of what is often known as a “cup face” design.

As expected, the driver and woods are adjustable too. Loft and lie can be altered up and down via the hosel by up to 1.5° either way.


DriverBall SpeedLaunchBackspinHeightCarry
Adams XTD158 MPH152900 RPM35 Yards255 Yards

6. Titleist TS3 Driver

The driver comes with 460cc head and offer an adjustable sweet spot for speed-tuned performance for the player who wants tuned distance, adjustable CG and dynamic forgiveness


  • Low drag
  • High clubhead speeds and good distance
  • Highly forgiving


  • Control differs with longer shaft

The new Titleist TS3 driver has a pear shape, clean looks, simple colors and is mostly black. The TS3 model has an adjustable weight for moving the CG and changing some flight characteristics.

The biggest changes are lighter titanium crown, a speed chassis, a new aerodynamic shape and a hotter face.  All in all, the new T3 was built to be faster than previous Titleist drivers and it is. The TS3 is definitely for golfers who prefer to optimize performance and shape shots.

The weight chamber at the back of the sole allows for an increase or decrease of the head’s weight. This assists in choosing the shaft as a result of the changes in MOI and swing weight.

To assist in the effectiveness of the thinner features the Titleist designers streamlined head shape of the TS3 drivers by raising the top of the club just behind the leading edge.

The Speed Chassis lowered and deepened CG more than any previous Titleist drivers. New lighter and longer stock shaft add to the increase in speed gains.


DriverBall SpeedLaunchBackspinHeightCarry
Titliest TS3157.1 MPH12.62178 RPM34 Yards277 Yards

Essentials to understand while buying the best golf driver

1. Golf Club Head

Titanium: Titanium is the most expensive material used in building golf clubs heads and combines light weight and excellent strength. The light weight of titanium allow building large oversized driver heads featuring perimeter weight distribution, low Center of Gravity location and high M.O.I. (Moment of Inertia) to increase forgiveness on off-center hits.

Ti-Alloy: Ti-Alloy products are Aluminum products with trace elements of Titanium. Ti-Alloy products are among the least expensive and are meant for beginners and junior golfers. Most box sets sold in discount stores feature a Ti-Alloy (aka Matrix) driver..

Stainless steel: 17-4 stainless steel is usually used in professional quality metal wood heads. 431 is usually used in professional quality iron heads because this material is a bit softer and offers more bending options.

Nowadays, driver club heads are generally rounded at the back, but a more square driver can help in balancing the weight and therefore increasing the MOI (resistance to twist). If you find a square driver then give it a go, it might be the right fit for your game.

2. Golf Club Shafts

The shaft is not “the engine of the golf club” (you are the engine) but it acts more like the drive train. The shaft is as important as the head of a golf club. The shaft is the chief controller of total club weight. The way the shaft bends forward just before impact influences the ball’s launch angle. In graphite shafts there is a matter of twisting of the shaft effecting the shot accuracy.

Pros on the PGA Tour change shafts in the clubs more often than grips and secondly never use the stock shafts that comes with the club standard off the rack.

Graphite or Steel Shafts? Graphite shafts are lighter than steel shafts and allow longer clubs. Graphite shafts reduce the shock at impact. We suggest you to use graphite shafts if

. You are a women

. You are a senior golfer

. You have joint problem

. You want to use a longer driver

. You are a player with average or below average swing speed seeking to add distance.

3. Golf Club Grips

The grip is the golfer’s only contact with the club. The grips need to allow you to control the club without excessively tightening your hands. When you excessively tighten your hands, you develop “alligator arms” and your swing becomes short and cramped.

Grips tend to oxidize, harden, get slick, and lose their tackiness and traction over time. We suggest you to replace your golf grips often, about every 6 months.

4. Golf Club Length

The club length is measured from the butt end of the grip down the back side of the club down to where the club meets the ground.

A longer golf club will hit further if you can consistently hit the sweet spot of your club – so length can be a good thing. However, since the swing arc is longer, it often is also harder to keep under control – so length can be a bad thing. For every quarter inch by which you miss the sweet spot on your club, you lose about 5 yards in distance. Average golfers will hit closer to the sweet spot more often by using a shorter shaft. The average driver length on the PGA Tour is 44.5″, this means 0.5″ – 1″ shorter than most manufacturers. However most golfers will opt for longer length to the sacrifice of greater control.

5. Shaft Flex

Shaft flex is defined as the shaft’s overall resistance to bending in the longitudinal plane The shaft flex is categorized by the basic designations of L (Lady), A (Men’s Senior), R (Men’s Regular), S (Stiff) and X (Extra-Stiff). The contribution of the flex to the ball flight comes from the shaft bending forward just before the clubhead hits the ball. The stronger the golfer, the later the golfer’s release of the wrist-cock; the faster the golfer’s swing speed, and more flexible the shaft, the more the shaft will bend forward before the clubhead hits the ball. The stiffer the flex, the less this forward bending of shaft will happen before impact. Conclusion: Stiffer shafts are better for stronger hitting golfers.

The shaft bend point is the distribution of stiffness over the length of the shaft. Golfers with average and below average swing speed generally benefit from lower kick-point shafts, which help get the ball up in the air. Players with higher swing speed prefer higher kick points.


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