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Are you looking to find the best golf cart bag to go along with your golf push cart? Did you know that cart bags are designed to fit perfectly into your golf push cart and not to be carried like stand bags. They are big in size, a lot heavier and have lot of slots and side pockets. They are made to carry all your clubs and anything else that you wish to carry (umbrella, extra apparel and drinks).

There’s one thing that I definitely want to mention is that you’re surely a serious golfer and you’re very much into the game if you’re looking to find the best golf cart bag. Way to go!

However with so many choices to choose from the marketplace it’s not an easy task finding the best golf cart bag to fit your push cart. Our intention is to simplify process for you with our unbiased, detailed and honest golf cart bag reviews out there.

Best Golf Cart Bags – If you’re in a rush

Reason To BuyNameWhere To Buy?
Long LifeSun Mountain 2017 C-130 Cart Bag, BlackView On Amazon
Awesome qualityCallaway 2016 Org 14 Cart Bag, Black/Grey/WhiteView On Amazon
Club Protection MembraneOGIO Silencer Cart Bag, CarbonView On Amazon
12 pockets for storageNike BG0364-601 M9 Cart III Golf Bag, Gym Red/Silver BlackView On Amazon
Water resistant pocketsNike Golf Performance Cart II Golf Bag, University Red/White/BlackView On Amazon

Top 5 Golf Cart Bag Reviews

1. Sun Mountain C130 Cart Bag – Top Notch Quality

  • Fourteen individual club dividers run the full length of the bag to protect and organize clubs
  • The reverse-orientation top makes accessing clubs easy
  • All pockets are forward-facing and accessible when the bag is on a cart
  • Three utility handles are integrated into the top to get your bag on and off the cart effortlessly

The leader in the cart bag industry is Sun Mountain and the C130  is known as best golf cart bag of all times. The bag is made of really very high quality which can be seen in its overall build and zippers. Comes with 9 pockets which can be used to store most of your on course accessories. One of the consumers of this product has commented that the bag looked and performed the same after 5 years of use. The 14 full-length dividers ensure that your clubs stay organized and slide in and out easily.  Also, the dividers are well padded so you don’t get any unnecessary wear on the shafts.

The 14th section is to place the putter which can easily accommodate the biggest putter grips. Finally, the top is laid out in such a way that each club is easily accessible when it’s on the cart.

The C130 gets the accessibility right in every aspect, you need to use it to experience what is being said here.

2. Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag – Awesome club organization system

  • 10.5 inch , 14-way divider club organization System with 2 integrated molded grab handles and two insulated cooler pockets
  • E-trolley base System and trolley Lip integrates with many push carts to HELP secure the bag and 14 full length club dividers
  • 12 pockets including a water-resistant, velour-line valuables pocket with key fob
  • Integrated umbrella sleeve

This cart bag has a 14-Way Club Organization System with full length club dividers for storing your clubs in an organized manner. The 2 integrated molded grabs handles makes handling the bag onto and off a cart, fairly straight forward and comfortable. The single strap at the back can be used to carry the bag on your shoulder if you wish to, although it is not designed for that. The cart bag comes with 12 pockets that are designed around the bag for easy accessibility to store your on course accessories. Callaway has left no stone unturned on the quality and design front

The bag is made with an awesome build and quality offered by Callaway, you would be surprised to know that this bag weighs like a feather! With most of the cart bags in the marketplace weighing about 10 lbs, the Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag weighs only 5 lbs which is why its generally compared to a feather.

3. Ogio Silencer Cart Bag – Superior club protection

  • Silencer club locking technology
  • Bag weighs 5.0 lbs.
  • 16 way top design

Offers a superior club protection membrane that protects your iron clubs from clanking against each other when stored in the bag which is its key feature. The 14-way top has slotted soft rubber membranes which keep clubs protected from swaying and clanking into each other.

Then there’s the heart of the operation…the Silencer Base, which utilizes a compression-fit mechanism at the very bottom of the bag to secure the grip of each individual club and lock it into place. You will actually feel the club lock down when you secure it into the system. And with every club locked into the silencer system you can actually take the bag and flip it upside down without a single club falling out.

Its known in the golf cart bag market that Ogio focuses on quality and that is top on their priority list. The chamber cart bag has been manufactured using top class fabrics, with amazing stitching giving it a luxurious and rugged feel. All the zippers and handles used across the bag are no doubt heavy duty

From a weight point of view, it definitely is heavy and weighs around 10 lbs.

You wouldn’t be surprised that when you lift this bag with your bare hands, you might wonder if there is something in it. After all its designed to ride on a cart and not be lifted around.

4. Nike M9 III Golf Cart Bag – Super stylish

  • 9.5 inch oval top
  • 14 way divider
  • Dual sided top
  • Individual 14 full length divider system

When you look at the M9 III, it is very easy to conclude that this model is stylish and highly innovative. It comes in great color combinations like Blue, White/Grey and Silver/Red. The Nike M9 II Golf cart bag comes with a side grip handle and a 14 full length divider system to hold your clubs and grips. An integrated external putter is also included to give you quick access to your putter while on course.

The Nike M9 II Golf cart bag biggest highlight is Storage. If you’re the kind of golfer who carries a lot of accessories during your game, you will definitely need more that 2 or 3 pockets. You may not believe it but the M9 II Golf cart bag comes with 12 pockets! Well, that sounded too much to me when I heard it for the first time. But yes, one thing is sure that it can hold everything that you need during your game.

Storage being the biggest plus, golfers looking to carry a lot of accessories during the game should opt for this bag. If you’re also looking for a bag that offers superb looks along with awesome design and innovation – the Nike M9 II Golf Cart Bag is one that you must have.

5. Nike 2014 Performance Golf Cart Bag – High performance cart bag

  • 9.5-inch oval top
  • New 14-way, dual-sided top with TPR injected side handles (both trolley and power cart compatible)
  • Individual, 14-full length divider system
  • Integrated putter well

The performance II series from Nike is sleek looking premium golf cart bag with 14 full length individual divider system that makes it easy to access your clubs. This bag has a lot of room space and the clubs do slide easily in/out of the well-designed top and the “legs” at the bottom make it stand up on its own easily.

This golf cart bag definitely lives up to its name and you can easily expect a high performing cart bag to support your clubs and other accessories throughout the game. The bag is available in a variety of colors like Black, Blue and Red.

A signature feature of this cart bag is the Nike flip & grip water-resistant pocket, that flips up so you can strap the bag without the pocket interfering and a convenient additional pocket for valuables

In addition to the flip & grip, this bag houses an easily accessible exterior range finder pocket.

Other features of the bag include a large insulated cooler pocket for beverages which can easily fit in around 5 cans. In addition it comes with apparel pockets with additional internal pouches to prevent smaller items from dropping from the bottom of the bag.

6. Nike 2014 Performance Golf Cart Bag – High performance cart bag

Good to have features of the best golf cart bag?

This is what you may expect from most of the golf cart bags in the market

  • Design – Most of the golf cart bags have a universal design to fit all the golf push carts perfectly available in the market. They bags have sturdy bases that allow the bag to be stored upright and they do not have shoulder straps and cannot be carried on your shoulder or back.
  • Full Length Dividers – How many dividers are there to hold on to your clubs
  • On Cart Functionality –  You need to see how well the bag would fit on both riding and push carts. Is the functionality of the bag (pockets, glove strips, towel loops, etc.) impeded in any way by cart straps?
  • Top Grab Handle – Is it easily graspable, or has the manufacturer placed form ahead of function? You need to consider the handle while purchasing one as you will have to lift it from your car boot and place it onto your push cart
  • Weight – These bags are designed to placed on your cart and not carried on your shoulder unlike the stand bags. Hence, they are definitely heavy. . On the upside a bigger and heavier bag means that they can have more features such as extra space and pockets
  • Price – They generally range from $125 – $350

So there you have reviews of the best golf cart bag and their reviews. We seriously hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as we did creating this in depth review for you. Happy Golfing!


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