20 Best Golf Bags to buy: Ultimate Guide

The best golf bag in the market is very crucial to your golf game. A golf bag with more space and lighter materials will help you prepare for any events that may happen on the golf course. They play an important part in organizing your golfing equipment so it is readily at your side. An ideal golf bag protects expensive golf clubs, accessories and personal items.

Generally, there are two types of bags to choose from in the market. That first one is the stand bag which is light and has two foldable legs that pop out when the bottom of the bag comes into contact with the ground. The next option is the cart bag. These bags are more prominent, bulkier and can store more of your balls, rain gear and even, an umbrella. Cart bags are meant to ride in a golf push cart; therefore they have no foldable legs attached or attachments that can make walking more comfortable.

The next level of the cart bag is the tour bag, which is specially made for professional golfers. These bags are built for maximum storage and are incredibly expensive and cumbersome.

While looking for your best golf bag, you will realize that there a different brands, models and types available – so you will need to filter one or two based on your requirement and then opt for one that matches your taste.

Best Golf Stand Bags to buy in 2022

1. Callaway Golf 2020 Fairway 14 Stand Bag

Callaway Golf 2020 Fairway 14 Stand Bag
  • All-new 14 Way top with individual full-length dividers padded OptiFit Comfort Strap design provides increased carry comfort
  • Improved pocket design for increased storage water-resistant valuables pocket, hidden rain hood pocket behind the hip pad
  • Individual cell phone sleeve and insulated water bottle pocket
  • Updated Self-balancing X-Act Fit Strap System; carabiner-style towel hook with glove attachment

The Callaway 2020 golf stand bag comes with an all new 14 way top with individual full length dividers to place all your clubs. The dual backpack strap is made of aerospace padded grade foam which is made to provide increased comfort during carry.

The bag comes with a water proof valuables pocket to store any of the valuables that you may carry during your game. In addition to the waterproof pocket, it comes with a cell phone sleeve and insulated water bottle pocket. The bag is available in a variety of colors to choose from depending on your taste.

What we like in this Callaway stand bag is how much care went into planning and designing this bag. It can easily carry all your golf clubs along with your personal belongings.

2. Titleist Players 4 Golf Bag

  • High-grade aluminum legs and advanced hinged bottom for best-in-class stability and durability
  • Self-balancing, convertible strap system
  • Dual-density foam for long lasting comfort
  • Full-length apparel pocket

The Titliest players 4 golf bag is made from waterproof material and seam-sealed zippers that helps keep your gear umbrella-dry. Being a stand bag, the legs are made from high-grade aluminum and advanced hinged bottom that offers best-in-class stability and durability.

The dual-density foam offers smart comfort throughout during carry and is very lightweight as well. You can easily walk 36 holes with this bag, without really feeling tired at the end of the day. The bag includes an easy access range finder pocket.

This stand bag comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from. Overall, a very good buy for the price

3. Sun Mountain 2020 H2NO Superlite Golf Stand Bag – Best lightweight carry golf bag

  • Top: 9.0″
  • 14-way
  • Pockets: 6
  • Strap: X-Strap Dual Strap System

This bag from Sun Mountain is made of the same waterproof material as used for rainwear. The 14 way organization system ensures that you have a designated place for each club. The E-Z Lite dual straps are easy to get on and off, are made with high-density foam, sculpted to better fit your shoulders, and have grab loops for added carry comfort.

The bag comes with 6 pockets including a hydration sleeve, a velour-lined valuables pocket, and a full-length clothing pocket. The hydration sleeve is easily accessible while you are carrying the bag on your shoulder.

The H2NO line from Sun Mountain is perfect for the golfer who doesn’t let a little bit of rain spoil a round of golf.

4. Taylor Made Flextech Stand Golf Bags

The Taylor Made Flextech series of golf bags is an interesting line of stand bags introduced by the company in 2019. The entire line put emphasis on comfort and convenience, so you can focus more on your game.

The flex tech stand system is proprietary to the company which offers a smooth release, collapsible base system allows you to prop your bag with ease, grab your club without sticking. The seam-sealed valuables pocket with micro-suede lining protects your belongings from whatever conditions come your way

The self-adjusting bag straps, designed for an easy and comfortable carry. Below, we have listed down the features of different flextech stand golf bags. You may want to decide on one of them based on your requirement.

I. TaylorMade 2019 LiteTech Stand Golf Bag

  • Ultra-lightweight design
  • 5-way top, 6 pockets
  • Full-length club dividers
  • Full-size side pockets

As the name speaks the LiteTech 3.0 Golf stand bag from TaylorMade is ultra lightweight and durable. It weighs just around 3 pounds. The bag is made of a high-strength composite material and comes with a four way top to keep your clubs organized. This bag has six total pockets that can hold all the accessories you need for your entire day out on the course. It comes in a variety of 5 colors to choose from.

Ideal for those who are on the lookout for a light Sunday golf stand bag.

II. TaylorMade 2019 Flextech Stand Golf Bag

  • 4-way organizational top, 8 Pockets
  • Seam-sealed valuables pocket w/ micro-suede lining
  • Anti-split stand system
  • Full-length dividers to eliminate club crowding

This version of the Flextech is heavier than the LiteTech model and weight approximately 4.5 pounds. It has a 5 way top for further club organization. This bag has a total of 11 pockets and is available in a variety of 12 colors to choose from.

Ideal for those golfers who are looking for a bag with limited club organization and storage.

III. TaylorMade 2019 Flextech Lite Stand Golf

  • 4-way organizational top, 8 Pockets
  • New no-zip rangefinder capsule
  • Micro-suede lined valuables pocket
  • Anti-split stand system

This version of the flextech lite stand golf bag weighs 4.1 pounds. This version comes with a anti-split stand system that also provides a stable stand on all types of golf course terrain. It comes with a 5 way top for good club organization and comes with 8 pockets. An interesting feature with the pockets is that it comes with a secure, no-zip rangefinder capsule is easily accessible while walking. The Seam-sealed valuables pocket has a micro-suede lining to protect your valuables.

IV. TaylorMade 2019 Flextech Crossover Stand Golf Bag

  • 4-way organizational top, 8 Pockets
  • New no-zip rangefinder capsule
  • Micro-suede lined valuables pocket
  • Anti-split stand system

This is the top of the line golf stand bag in the Flextech series. It weighs only 4.5 pounds and has a 14 way club organization to avoid club crowding and to store all the clubs that you may want during a game. It comes with 10 pockets for storing all the items that you may need during a game. The large insulated cooler pocket is very easily accessible.

Apt for someone looking for a bag with a lot of club organization and storage.

5. Callaway Golf 2019 Chev Stand Bag

  • Functionality and bold design with 5-way top with full length dividers
  • Insulated water bottle pocket
  • Glove attachment, built in tee holder and easy grab handle
  • Velour lined valuables pocket and full length apparel pocket

The Callaway Chev golf stand bag has a refreshing look and we must say that it is a extremely good looking bag. It has a 5 way organization system and can easily hold upto 14 clubs inside with toppling over, which is helpful when storing the bag as well.

The design of the bag is such that it makes lifting and lowering much easier with the integrated grab handle on the top of the bag.

The bag comes with a multi pockets that includes a full-length apparel pocket, a lined valuables pocket, and a seamless tee pocket. Although, the bag lacks an umbrella holder and lacks some protection as the divider isn’t well padded, that shouldn’t detract from the bag’s overall look and functionality.

Overall, the Chev is a nice and dependable golf bag that will provide a solid experience from the range to the final hole of your golfing day

6. Mizuno 2020 BR-D4 Stand Golf Bag

  • 6-Way top cuff: 6-way top cuff
  • Zip off Embroidery panel: front Ball Pocket Zips off for easy Embroidery.
  • Insulated cooler pocket: Made with drainage holes to keep beverages cool on even the hottest days.
  • Insulated drink pouch: Keep drinks or a towel cool all game long.

A six-way organization system makes getting clubs in and out of the bag a breeze. This bag has full length dividers to provide adequate protection to your clubs. The bag comes with two carry straps with four points of adjustment for an ideal fit.

The bag is lightweight and weighs only 4.1 lbs. It has a high quality stand, a really nice magnetic pocket for a rangefinder, and a cooler drink pocket. During our review, we realized that there is a pocket for everything that you can think off.

Available in a variety of colors that you can choose from. We personally think the orange/blue is the best combination and makes this bag look beautiful.

7. TaylorMade Golf TM Stand Golf Bag 5.0

TaylorMade 2017 TM 5.0 Stand Golf Bag, White/Black
  • 4 way organizational top
  • Anti split stand system
  • Garment pocket

The Taylormade golf stand bag is one of the most popular golf stand bags in the market. The bag comes with a four-way top that keeps the clubs organized and secure to pull when the time comes for your shot.

For a small bag, the TaylorMade 5.0 comes with a lot of storage. The bag has 6 pockets that give storage for valuables, balls and tees. The garment pocket helps you carry your rain gear in case your predicting a gloomy day.

Also, the 5.0 has terrific storage for a smaller bag, with six specific pockets that give the golfer plenty of room for balls and tees. It also allows the golfer to take his rain gear to the course without adding considerable weight to his carry through a special “garment” pocket.

The automatic, anti-slit stand system with non-slip foot pads ensure that the bag hold itself safely when on ground. This golf bag dual shoulder strap system ensures you will be able to easily carry this bag throughout 18 holes without really getting tired.

Its a very affordable stand bag that comes with a lot of features.

8. Izzo Golf Versa Riding/Walking Hybrid

  • Perfect for the golfer who enjoys walking and riding; Combines storage and club dividers of a cart bag with the lightweight compact design of a stand bag
  • (11) club dividers keep your clubs separated and organized; (2) easy open/close magnetic pockets
  • FREE PERSONALIZATION (ball pocket) when you buy “The World’s Finest Golf Bag”
  • Material Type: Nylon;Plastic

The Izzo Versa is one of the top notch bags in the stand bag category. The bag has everything that a consumer may be looking for in terms of performance and storage.

The 11 way divider top can easily manage all clubs that you would like to carry for your game. The most interesting feature is on the go Power Pocket, that helps you charge your electronic devices like GPS devices, cell phones and tablets. In addition, you have a water resistant velour lined valuables pocket, a metal towel loop with built in bottle opener and deep insulated cooler pocket.

The exterior of the bag is made from a very durable nylon and the dividers are soft and easy on your clubs. The bag has been very well constructed and even though it comes with a single strap, it does not feel uncomfortable during carry.

The Versa is a hybrid bag because it can be used for walking and cart use. The IZZO Versa Stand Golf Bag comes in green, blue, black or red and comes with two magnetic pockets for extra security of your valuables during play. Overall, this bag makes a great buy

9. PowerBilt TPS Dunes 14-Way Stand Bag

  • 14-Way top for club organization
  • Padded dual carry straps
  • 5 zippered pockets

The price point of this bag really stands out. It really is in the affordable category, but does manage to give features of some of the good bags we have reviewed above.

The bag has a 14 way club organization system and a breathable fabric that makes it comfortable to use. It has 5 zippered pockets for your accessories like cell phones, towels and anything that you may need during the course of your game.

One of the cons of this bag is that it the quality of the straps may not be upto the mark and feel somewhat cheap. Few golfers have complained of this as well and it may cause issues in the long run when you end up using this bag regularly.

If you’re looking for a bag to fulfill all your storage requirements within a reasonable budget, you may want to give this one a shot

10. Sun Mountain 2020 4.5 Ls 14-Way Golf Stand Bag

Sun Mountain 2020 4.5 Ls 14-Way Golf Stand Bag Black/Blue
  • Top Diameter: 10.5″
  • Top Dividers: 14-way
  • 14 individual dividers run the full length of the bag to prevent tangling
  • Highly durable carbon fiber legs are ultra-lightweight and strong for a sturdy stand on all terrain

When compared to the Sun Mountain 2020 H2NO that we reviewed above, this version comes with a 14 way cuob top organization system, so you would have ideal room to place all your clubs. Nine pockets all over the bag would mean that you would easily find place for all your golf balls, cell phone, garments etc.

The bag is also also extremely durable, stylish, and flexible.  The bag is available in many different color options, which means you should be able to find a design that compliments your sense of style. The E-Z Fit Dual Strap System is comfortable to carry and easy to adjust for custom fit

Although this bag will not turn the heads of your friends, the workmanship of this bag is awesome and provides ample space along with a durability. The bag is considerably heavy, so it may be an issue for senior golfers to carry this bag throughout the 18 holes. The bag will easily last a few solid years.

For the price, it definitely is a great purchase if the price is really not an issue.

11. Cobra Golf 2020 Ultralight Stand Bag

Cobra Golf 2020 Ultralight Stand Bag (Black) (909402)
  • 5-way top with designated full length club dividers and top grab handle
  • Oversize apparel pocket with key clip, Fleece lined valubables pockets, Insulated Beverage pocket fits large water bottle.
  • Quick release shoulder straps and hip pad with Coolflow foam.
  • Easyflex base for maximum ground contact.

The Cobra golf 2020 bag is a new release in the world of stand bags. This bag has a small organization way top with designated full length club dividers. The bag features 8 pockets with an oversized pocket apprarel pocket to store any of the clothes you may want to carry during your game.

Along with a top grab handle, the straps are quick release shoulder straps that provide extreme comfort during carry. The bag is made from 100% polyester, which may not make it ideal to use during the rainy season.

The bag has an easy flex base which makes greater ground contact when the legs are used for advanced stability.

We think that this bag can be ideal for use for 9 hole games as you may not be able to carry all the golf clubs that you may need for a 18 hole game.

12. Jef world of Golf JR1256 Pitch & Putt Sunday Bag


JEF WORLD OF GOLF JR1256 Pitch & Putt Sunday Bag with Stand & Handle, Black
  • Great for travel, walking par 3 courses, and the driving range
  • Weighs only 2 pounds, 4.25 inch oval top
  • Adjustable carry sling, comfortable
  • Stand makes club selection easy

This is another popular well-priced bag if you want something super light to carry a few clubs. It will hold up to 8 clubs but more realistically holds around 6-7.

If you cram them in you probably can get 8 of them together. It is very light at only 2 pounds but still has an opening of 4.25 inches. The stand and strap work well and make using the bag fast and convenient.

The bag has a stand, strap, and pockets and comes with a velcro glove strip and bottle holder

13. Orlimar Pitch and Putt Lightweight Stand

Orlimar Pitch & Putt Golf Lightweight Stand Carry Bag, Brick Red
  • Ultra-lightweight stand carry bag – weighs a mere 1.95 pounds
  • Two compartment top and enough room for as many as 6 or 7 clubs comfortably
  • One accessory pocket enough for balls, tees, pencil and ball marker
  • Durable carry handle plus shoulder strap to tote your clubs

You can comfortably carry up to 7 clubs and comes with a 2 way club organization system. At less than 2 pounds it will not add much to your load while still keeping everything protected and convenient. It has a tough yet comfortable carry handle as well as a durable single shoulder strap.

The bag comes with a single accessory pocket to keep your markers, tees, pencils, and balls. The retractable legs are strong and effective.

This bag is not light in weight and classified as one of the light-weighted golf bag in the market.

This bag is very popular among beginners as well as those advanced players who just wish to practice or play a short game on course

Best Golf Cart Bags to buy in 2022

1. Founders Club Premium Cart Bag

  • Club Management Design Top- Molded 14 Way Top Organizer protects irons from damage as well as keeping clubs from rattling/clanging and making noise. Each iron, wood, and putter has it’s own…
  • High Quality lightweight construction – This cart bag comes with a large, reinforced and sturdy base and several handles to make lifting your clubs out of the trunk and onto your cart a breeze. The…
  • Equipped with 9 zippered pockets and 2 mesh pockets for ample storage for all your gear and accessories- Includes an insulated cooler pocket with drains to keep your favorite on course beverage cool,…
  • Plenty of add on features to make your time on the course more enjoyable and easy to manage- The bag includes an external tee holder, an umbrella holder, a D clip to clip on golf towels and range…

Made by a US based golf company, this cart bag from founders is definitely a premium product. The 14- way top that has anti-rattle technology that locks in your irons so they won’t move when you do. This is  a very good feature to have as you do not face metal rattling noises during the course of your game.

The 14 way top can accommodate your clubs like an iron, wood, and putter. Each club will have its own its own dedicated spot so you will always find the club you need quickly and notice when a club is missing. The putter spot accepts larger grips up to 1 ¾” in diameter

Along with a sturdy base and several handles, it makes lifting your clubs out of your trunk onto any cart a total breeze. The bag comes with 2 integrated side grab handles and a bottom handle built into the cooler pocket. It also has a rear grab handle and a tuck away padded carry strap. The Cart Bag also includes a strap channel to secure your bag and clubs to your cart

Being an all in one cart bag, the founders club premium cart bag includes an external tee holder, an umbrella holder, a D clip to clip on golf towels and range finders, a glove holder, and snap on rain hood.

2. Sun Mountain C130 Cart Bag – Top Notch Quality

Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag Golf Black/Navy/Cobalt 2020 New
  • Top Diameter: 10″
  • Top Dividers: 14-way
  • Full Length Dividers: 14
  • Pockets: 10

The leader in the cart bag industry is Sun Mountain and the C130  is known as best golf cart bag of all times. The bag is made of really very high quality which can be seen in its overall build and zippers. All pockets are forward-facing and accessible when the bag is on a cart. The bag has 9 pockets which can be used to store most of your on course accessories. One of the consumers of this product has commented that the bag looked and performed the same after years of use. The 14 full-length dividers ensure that your clubs stay organized and slide in and out easily.  Also, the dividers are well padded so you don’t get any unnecessary wear on the shafts.

The 14th section is to place the putter which can easily accommodate the biggest putter grips. Finally, the top is laid out in such a way that each club is easily accessible when it’s on the cart.

The C130 gets the accessibility right in every aspect, you need to use it to experience what is being said here.

3. Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag 

  • New, Non stadium top that allows wedges to sit flush, eliminating hang
  • 14 Way top with individual full length dividers, separate putter well with TPE insert for shaft protection
  • Front facing molded magnetic range finder pocket
  • New construction lines for larger pocket volume

This cart bag has a 14-Way Club Organization System with full length club dividers for storing your clubs in an organized manner. The 2 integrated molded grabs handles makes handling the bag onto and off a cart, fairly straight forward and comfortable. The single strap at the back can be used to carry the bag on your shoulder if you wish to, although it is not designed for that. The cart bag comes with 12 pockets that are designed around the bag for easy accessibility to store your on course accessories. Callaway has left no stone unturned on the quality and design front

The bag is made with an awesome build and quality offered by Callaway, you would be surprised to know that this bag weighs like a feather! With most of the cart bags in the marketplace weighing about 10 lbs, the Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag weighs only 5 lbs which is why its generally compared to a feather.

4. OGIO 2020 Convoy SE Cart Bag

  • Included Components: Golf Bag

Offers a superior club protection membrane that protects your iron clubs from clanking against each other when stored in the bag which is its key feature. This 14 way slot golf bag top has slotted soft rubber membranes which keep clubs protected from swaying and clanking into each other.

Comes with 13 pockets, out of which 9 of them are zippered which can be used to store your valuables and other clothing that may be useful to you during the course of your game. Soft-lined valuables pocket with water resistant lining

Its known in the golf cart bag market that Ogio focuses on quality and that is top on their priority list. The chamber cart bag has been manufactured using top class fabrics, with amazing stitching giving it a luxurious and rugged feel. All the zippers and handles used across the bag are no doubt heavy duty. From a weight point of view, it definitely is light and weighs under 6 lbs.

The bag makes a great buy for the price point

5. Hot-Z Golf 4.5 Cart Bag

  • 9.5 inch 14-way graphite friendly separator top w/ putter pit and handles
  • 14 Full length club/shaft dividers
  • 8 zippered pockets including a velour lined valuables pocket & bottle compartment
  • Padded rear position single carry strap w/ elastic band to secure strap

The Hot-Z golf bag has been made with a lightweight dobby nylon material which makes it really very lightweight. The strongest characteristic of this bag is the club organization system. The bag comes with  an awesome 14 way full length club way organization system with full length shaft dividers. The Hot-Z has eight zipper pockets that provide sufficient amount of storage. 

Some of the pockets include a velour lined valuables pocket and bottle compartment. The bag includes a pan sleeve, towel ring w/ velcro glove attachment, umbrella and tee holder and a rain hood cover to continue play in the rainy season. 

The carrying strap is adequate to carry the golf bag from your trunk to your golf cart. You will need to remember that these are golf cart bags and not carry bags.

The Hot-Z bag isn’t the sharpest looking cart bag on the market, but if you are looking for a bag that is a level above entry and does a stellar job at protecting your clubs, then the Hot-Z bag is a solid choice

6. TaylorMade Golf TM Cart Golf Bag 5.0

  • Cart Optimized
  • Velour Lined Valuables Pocket
  • 2 garment pockets

This cart bag from Taylor Made is a decent cart bag for the money. Like most cart bags, it has a 14 way organization with long shaft dividers for protecting every inch of your iron and woods.

The bag weighs less than 5 lbs and comes with 7 pockets that includes ball and tee pockets. The two oversized apparel pockets can be used to store any garments that you may need during the course of your game.

A single strap anchors the bag and does an admirable job at keeping the shoulder from hurting and the weight level on the bag. Comes with a matching rain hood and umbrella holder that can be used for your play during the rainy season. 

A straightforward cart bag with plenty of storage and reliable design, the TaylorMade is an excellent option for your loved one who is just catching the golfing bug.

7. EG EAGOLE Eagole Super Light Golf Cart Bag

Eagole Super Light Golf Cart Bag,14 way Top and Full Length Divider ,10 Pockets (Black)
  • 9 pockets(refer to images) including 2 full length for Apparel (each side), 2 for valuables with velour-lined, and Insulated Cooler Pocket: 9 inches wide, 12 inches tall, 5 inches deep, it can hold 8…
  • 3 integrated molded grab handles for easy lifting, which makes it easy to get in and out of the car and cart. E-Trolley base system designed to fit push/pull carts as well as riding carts
  • 9.5 11 inch 14 way top with individual full length club dividers offers a space for every club and the front slot for oversized grip putter , example, superstroke 3.0 grip or mallet putter (oversized…
  • 5 years manufacture Limited, Fabric : Nylon (super light),

Another inexpensive, entry-level cart bag that golfers have taken a liking to is the EA EAGOLE Super light golf cart bag. The bag is made from Nylon fabric which is a super light material. The bag comes with a 14-way divider top that is padded to keep your clubs safe, the EA EAGOLE is a solid cart bag that offers a lot of storage.

Features on the EA EAGOLE are 9 pockets including 2 full length for Apparel (each side), 2 for valuables with velour-lined, and Insulated Cooler Pocket: 9 inches wide, 12 inches tall, 5 inches deep, it can hold 8 bottles of 12 oz cans plus 4 thin ice packs.

The Eagole cart bag is a simple bag made with less durable materials to keep the price lower. That doesn’t mean that the bag doesn’t have its highlights. 

Most of the typical cart bag features will be found here with the EA EAGOLE as well. It comes with a comfortable transport with strap on back and a rain hood.

Best Golf Bag: Buying Guide

  • Durability – Every golf bag must be long-lasting and withstand the punishment that a trip to the course can place upon a bag.
  • Design – Most of the golf cart bags have a universal design to fit all the golf push carts perfectly available in the market. They bags have sturdy bases that allow the bag to be stored upright and they do not have shoulder straps and cannot be carried on your shoulder or back.
  • Club Organization System – Depending on the purchase of cart or carry bag, does the bag have a 5 way or 14 way club organization system.
  • Full Length Club Dividers – Does the bag have full length dividers to protect your clubs from clanking against each other.
  • Top Grab Handle – Is it easily graspable, or has the manufacturer placed form ahead of function? You need to consider the handle while purchasing one as you will have to lift it from your car boot and place it onto your push cart
  • Weight and Storage – Weight and storage are two characteristics that go hand-in-hand when searching for the right bag for you. The more room a bag has, the heavier it will be on the course if you fill those pockets with items. Finding out the weight of a bag before purchase is crucial if you plan on using the bag for walking the course.

What’s a golf bag ideal size & weight?

When picking out the perfect bag for your game, the weight and size of the bag is always a big factor. If you are looking for a stand bag, you will obviously care more than someone who is looking out for a cart bag

Cart bags, when loaded down with clubs, balls, and other accessories, can weigh around 30-40 pounds. That’s not exactly something conducive to walking the course, which is why it is called a cart bag.

For walking, you’ll want a stand bag, and those models are built with a weight reduction in mind from the beginning. Without anything in the bag, a stand bag can weigh less than two pounds. This small weight figure is why stand bags are also so attractive to golfers who will never walk the course because the lack of weight makes the stand bag easy to carry from car to cart.

What are the different types of golf bag and which one should I go for?

There are three types of bags available for golfers, but only two bags stand out as viable options for most amateurs.

Sunday bag: A small bag with only room for a handful of clubs and even less storage. This bag is known as a Sunday bag because decades ago golf clubs were closed on Sundays; therefore there were no caddies, so players had to carry their own bag.

So, a small bag made for easy carrying was invented for those Sundays. The problem with Sunday bags is that they can’t carry all your clubs and hardly any of your necessities.

Stand bag: The stand bag is light and has two foldable legs that pop out when the bottom of the bag comes into contact with the ground. Your clubs are easily accessible, which makes the stand bag ideal for walking golfers.

Cart bag:  These bags are more prominent, bulkier and can store more of your balls, rain gear and even, an umbrella. Cart bags are meant to ride in a golf push cart; therefore they have no foldable legs attached or attachments that can make walking more comfortable.

Should I opt for a stand or a cart bag?

When choosing between a stand or cart bag, there are several areas of difference to consider.

For stand bags, finding one that is durable with high-quality legs is a must. Most stand bag legs crafted from carbon fiber are light and have terrific strength.

Also, realize that stand bags will be lighter and less rigid than cart bags; therefore they can potentially break down easier. Keeping the stand bag clean and properly stored will assure that your bag lasts for many years.

Cart bags are unique in that they need a place to stand when storing. If you want to keep your cart bag healthy for the long run, then find a safe place in your garage or club for the bag to stand tall naturally.

The main difference between a cart and stand bags is the weight. Cart bags are noticeably heavier than their stand bag counterparts.

Another benefit of having a cart bag is the extra padding around the bag. When you are searching for cart bags, ask yourself how does the padding line the opening for the clubs? After a time, that padding will wear down as your clubs rub against it during play. This area is most likely where your bag shows wear and tear, so pay attention to that section when buying a cart bag.

What are the known brands that make golf bags?

There are two divisions of golf bag manufacturers. The first comes from the most popular golf brands that all golfers know and love. Companies such as Ping, TaylorMade, and Callaway all make high-quality bags that are resourceful and durable.

Other companies that only make golf bags but rival the construction of the name brands include Ogio, Sun Mountain, Datrek and Izzo. These companies make terrific golf bags worth a look.

Small vs. Big golf bags: what’s better?

In this battle, the primary deciding factor is if you want to walk the course regularly or not. Small bags such as Sunday or stand models are ideal for walking the links. They are lightweight and keep your extra accessories to a minimum.

Bigger bags such as cart and tour bags will give the golfer maximum storage and therefore, more weight to transport. If you typically play with a cart and only lift your clubs from your trunk to the cart without carrying them, then a bigger bag certainly has its advantages.

Do certain golf courses have specific restrictions on what type of golf bags I can bring?

Each club is different with their specifications and rules for golfers, but almost all of them require golfers to have some bag to carry their clubs in during their round. The best rule of thumb is to call the pro shop ahead of your round and ask what the rules are if you are bringing a unique bag, such as a Sunday bag to the course.

You should feel safe that if you own a cart or stand bag, that the club will have no problem with this option.

How do I clean my golf bag?

Most bags are made from nylon, so they are easy to clean with a little dish soap and warm water. Just take a soft rag and wash dirty areas of the bag, then wipe away the excess soap with a wet towel. Do not use chemicals or cleaners on your bag as they will break down the fabric, causing your bag to accelerate with age.

If you own an expensive tour stand bag made from leather, you should also be very careful with your cleaning and maintenance of your bag.

Are golf bags waterproof?

Most golf bags are not waterproof, so you have the option of using a waterproofing spray on the exterior. It is always wise to have a rain hood for your bag, in case the weather turns terrible but for the outside lining, you can find sprays that limit the moisture exposure to your clubs.

Another area that may be waterproof is your valuables pouch in the bag. Not all bags have lined pouches that keep the water away from your electronics, but if this feature is essential, there are plenty of bags that have this protection. Waterproof bags go very well with waterproof golf shoes.

Is it feasible to repair a golf bag on my own or should I buy a new one?

It depends on the severity of the injury to your bag if you should repair or buy a new model. If you are talking about a rip or tear in the exterior, then there are plenty of patching options to choose from to help you repair your bag.

If your bag is older and is showing severe signs of wear and tear along the padding that protects the clubs, then you should start saving for a new bag that won’t hurt your irons and woods.

Regardless, if you are unsure, ask for the help of a club pro or equipment profession in determining what step you should take next in repairing or replacing your bag.

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