Top 3 Best Golf Bag 2022 – Reviews And Buying Guide

In regards to the best golf bag, golfers have a handful of options currently available in the market. Ranging in size, construction, and style, the selection of this particular equipment can be a real puzzle for a newbie. Since manufacturers have come up with different types of golf bags in the past few decades, a person has to do a complete research before buying one for himself. It depends on his physique and the type of work which a golfer wants to earn from his golf bag in a tournament.

As the major use of golf bags comes in handling golf clubs, golfers have to be pretty careful before taking one with them on the golf course. In the case of a wrong choice, the player will have to deal with extreme frustration every single time before picking up a new club from his golf bag. And when the situation is getting tense on the golf course, the last thing which a golfer needs is to have trouble in picking up the clubs from a faulty golf bag.

Apart from professionals, even amateur golfers have to be pretty thoughtful when it comes to this golf aid. Even though it won’t affect their golf technique, but the best golf bag will provide them with peace of mind on a consistent basis.

So if you’re looking for a guide regarding best golf bag, the below-mentioned guide will be of great help.

Best Golf Bag 2022 Reviews

Callaway 2016 Org 14 Golf Cart Bag

For a person who started playing golf in his childhood, there is no way he wouldn’t be familiar with this beauty residing on one side of their local shop. Every year, the company introduces a new bag with additional features and that exactly is the case with Callaway 2016.

As per its features, it is a large golf bag with separate spacing for every single club. The clubs are divided by lined slots, thus differentiating everyone from the other in its interior. These dividers are of full length, so a user will have no trouble in sliding the clubs in or out while being on the golf course. The opening size is 10.5 inches along with a separate way of retrieving every single club.

Coming towards its pockets, this bag is equipped with a handful of pockets which can store almost every single accessory being used by a golfer. Ranging from tees, markers, towels, you name it and this bag will provide you with a separate spacing. Even if you’re a recreational golfer, who likes to have some fruits with him, this bag will provide you with a pockets’ galore. And there’s more. These bags have additional pockets which keep six of your favorite drinks cool on the entire golf course.

One major improvement in Callaway 2016 from Callaway 2015 is their arrangement of straps. It is equipped with a shoulder strap to help the person in shifting the weight equally on both shoulders. With a weight of 5.6 lbs. it can be a handy option even in the absence of golf carts. This choice is greatly enhanced with the availability of an integrated handle so the player can easily pick it up.

It is designed to be placed on the carts, these bags have the traditional e trolley base system, thus providing them with an easy fit on this particular vehicle.

However, these bags are a bit pricier considering the fact that a user cannot use its straps for a longer duration. While it struggles to stand straight, it has to be placed against something to keep it from falling behind. So when this is a different thing to find on the golf course, it eventually results in a drawback of Callaway 2016 Cart Bags.


  • Huge Spacing
  • Easy to Fit
  • ​Full-Length Dividers
  • ​Lightweight


  • Weak Straps

Final Verdict

For a golfer looking to fit in a large number of accessories in his golf bag, this should be an ideal choice. Because even after holding so many types of equipment’s, one can still hold this bag with the help of its integrated straps.

Bag Boy Revolver LTD Cart Bag

Another premier addition in the field of cart bags, a bag boy revolver is equipped with a Clip-Lok Technology. As per its mechanism, it is a unique technology which allows this bag to have a revolving top. So the golfer can rotate it and pick out his desirable golf club in no time. Apart from it, such an arrangement helps the clubs to reside in their specified sports without any danger of getting scratched from each other.

Equipped with a total of 8 pockets, there is a pocket on the front side which is mostly used to hold the golf balls. As per holding valuables, the bag boy has been crafted with two hidden pockets, whose location will be known only to the owner of this bag. These pockets are covered by fleece linings. So while the golfer is taking shots on the golf course, he won’t have to worry about losing his valuables from this cart bag.

There is a separate holder for an umbrella, a feature which is highly uncommon in most of the other cart bags. When it comes to the weight, this bag is lighter in construction so that the golfer can easily hold it with its integrated handle.

However, one major drawback associated with the bag boy revolver is the size of its side pockets. While they are unable to store things like rain suits, jackets, and vests, this can really frustrate a golfer. The stitching is on the lower side as well so it can give way after some usage.


  • Revolving Top
  • Prevents Clubs from Scratching
  • ​Extra Pockets


  • Smaller Size Pockets

Final Verdict

For a golfer who is looking to accommodate a number of clubs, this bag is a useful option. While it keeps those clubs in place, a user won’t have to worry about the physical deterioration of his/her sticks.

RJ Sports EX-250 Cart Bag

Fabricated with Nylon, this bag can be used for a longer duration thanks to its material of construction. While Nylon is famous for being durable, same is the case with RJ Sports EX-250 Cart Bags which will serve you for an unlimited period.

Coming towards the arrangement of clubs, these bags are equipped with such a top which is divided into no less than 14 ways. Since the Golf governing bodies allow a golfer to put in a similar number of clubs in his golf bag, this bag will be of great help to pros. With the help of its 14 full-length dividers, you won’t have any trouble in picking out your desirable club at the moment of need before placing them back at their appointed position.

When golfers are looking for some sort of warranty, RJ Sports EX-250 comes with a 1-year warranty on a retail purchase. As per its warranty from the weather, this bag comes with a rain hood which will protect it from rainy conditions. As a result, your clubs will remain as safe as ever even in the harshest weather conditions.

However, these bags have a total of 7 pockets, which is much less than what is currently available in most of the other cart bags. And making the situation worse, only three of these can be used to store accessories.


  • Nylon Made
  • Attractive Exterior
  • ​Easy Arrangement of Clubs
  • ​Insulated Beverage Compartment


  • Less Space for Accessories

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a long lasting cart bag, this should be your first choice. Because even if gets tarnished, you can replace it with the help of the above-mentioned warranty.

Best Stand Golf bags

Ogio Silencer Golf Stand Bag

When it comes to standing bags, the first problem being encounter by a handful of golfers is its reluctance to hold different clubs in their position. While they can clatter against each other, it results in different marks being engraved on the clubs. But in order to solve this problem, Ogio has come up with a perfect solution.

Equipped with a series of membranes, it helps the golfer to keep his expensive clubs in place while traveling the golf course from one point to the other. Fitted at the top and locked at the bottom, the clubs won’t spin or move with the help of these rubberized membranes.

Even though it’s a stand bag, but a person can also load it into the back of a golf cart thanks to its cart strip channel. As per its pockets, these bags have a total of 7 pockets, 6 of whom are zippered. There is a separate insulation for a water bottle which keeps it cool. And when it comes to storing valuables, Ogio has introduced a Velour Pocket which protects the mobile phones from getting scratched.

Since it is equipped with legs, this bag won’t require anything to lean against in order to help it stand straight on the golf course. It is made of Nylon – a feature which will help you for a long time.

Coming towards its carrying impressions, the straps are embedded with thick pads so that the user will feel nice while putting one across his shoulders.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Stand
  • Club Divider


  • Smaller Size Ball Pocket

Final Verdict

When it comes to standing bags, there are a few better options than this one. Easy to carry, durable and affordable, what more could one ask for in terms of the best golf bag.

OGIO Golf 2017 Ozone Stand Bag

Another premium golf bag coming from OGIO, the Ozone Stand Bag comes up with a total of 8 full-length dividers. Apart from it, it is easy to fit in the clubs and then take them out thanks to the superior construction of this golf bag.

When it comes to its weight, the straps are heavily padded. They also adjust themselves automatically to the shoulders of a golfer so that he doesn’t feel much weight while carrying one of an 18-hole golf course. One can even keep his/her drink cool with the help of its insulated drink pouch.

Moving towards the valuables, such as mobile phones or another kind of jewelry, there is a special kind of arrangement for storing such accessories. Talking about it, it’s a weather resistance pocket covered with fleece coating. So apart from protecting them from unwanted scratches, your valuables will be out of the reach from harsh weather conditions.

As far as its stands are concerned, they hold up nicely before forming a rather stable shape.


  • Rain Hood
  • Large Pockets
  • ​Sturdy Stands


  • Heavy

Final Verdict

For a golfer who isn’t looking to go with the maximum number of clubs, Ozone Stand Bag comes at a pretty affordable price.

OGIO Grom Stand Bag, Carbon

Why travel with heavier stand bags when OGIO Grom Stand Bang is available on a pretty considerable price? Thanks to its SHOXX X4 full suspension, the load is equally distributed to both shoulders, no matter how many equipment’s a golfer is carrying in his backpack. So when it saves the golfer from unwanted fatigue, they can eventually replicate this energy into the useful swing.

A Grom Stand Bag contains 14 full-length dividers which separate the clubs from top to bottom. These dividers are termed of the highest quality, leaving no stone unturned in their fabrication.

Apart from it, this bag comes up with an external pocket for the putter. Because when putters are famous for extreme precision, a person cannot afford to put them in a similar space to that of woods and Irons.

While a golfer uses such kinds of bags while walking, he’ll have the urge to drink after traveling some distance. Keeping this necessity in mind, Grom Stand Bags have an insulated pocket which keeps your favorite drink cool for a longer duration of time.

The ball pouch in these bags is big enough to carry no less than 14 bags at a time.


  • Lightweight
  • Straps with Shock Absorber System
  • ​14 high-quality full-length dividers


  • Not Ideal for Cart Usage

Final Verdict

Excellent Quality with an Attractive Exterior, it might land on a bit pricier side as far as your budget is concerned.

Best Golf Traveling Bags

CaddyDaddy Constrictor 2 Golf Bag Travel Cover

Considered as one of the best golf bags when it comes to traveling, CaddyDaddy Constrictor 2 lies on top of the line when it comes to premium quality. One for the budget oriented people, you can have it on Amazon for as low as $77. And even if the price suggests otherwise, it is a world class bag when it comes to traveling.

In order to suffer wear and tear in traveling, without harming the clubs or even the accessories, a golfer should go for this particular brand. Robust in design and made up of Nylon Fabric, the bag is eve surrounded by thick padding at the top. Since the club heads lie at the top of the bags, CaddyDaddy hasn’t taken any chances with the safety of such a critical part of golf clubs.

While it is designed to travel, the bag is provided with 2 wheels at the bottom so that the golfer will have no trouble pushing it from one place to the other. While a user buys it, he’ll be provided with two extra sized pockets for shoes and other extra accessories.

When it comes to writing the address, this bag comes with two separate address label slots. And when it comes to its weight, it weights no greater than a mere 8 lbs.


  • Lightweight
  • Extra Padding at the Top
  • ​Extra Sized Pockets
  • ​Low Price


  • Low-Quality Zipper

Final Verdict

If you’re looking to shop in the budget and still trying to get a sturdy design, this is the bag for you.

Samsonite Golf Hard Sided Travel Cover Case

A household name in the field of bags, Samsonite have maintained their standard in terms of developing this premium quality golf bag. Extremely larger in height, this bag can accommodate a club as large as 48 inches in length.

Made up of Nylon, this bag is equipped with ABS shell on the sides which offer greater protection to the clubs than any other bag currently available in the market. ABS is a type of lightweight plastic which protects the bag against the improper handling on the worlds’ airports. This thin type of padding extends throughout the bag, protecting it from outside interference.

Apart from the thin padding, an extremely thick padding is covering the bag on the top side. So when clubfaces extend in that direction, this type of covering will protect them from scratching during travel.

One additional feature which makes this bag all the more special is that one can move this club in a senseless manner thanks to its spinner wheels.


  • Lightweight
  • Spinner Wheels
  • ​Protection to Clubheads


  • Prone to Crack

Final Verdict

For a person who has to travel a lot, Samsonite has come up with a perfect solution. Against the improper handling on the airports, where their staff throws the bags around, this bag won’t disappoint you.

SKB 2SKB-4814W Deluxe ATA Golf Travel Case

Made from polyethylene, this particular bag can be used for a longer duration without any trouble. This particular plastic is famous for protection and after using it in SKB 2SKB-4814W Deluxe ATA Golf Travel Case, your clubs will be in good hands on the travel. Polyethylene is a plastic of extremely high molecular weight which can resist even the toughest of conditions while being on travel.

Resistant to Dirt as well as Moisture, this bag comes with a warranty of no less than a million miles. When it comes to its ability to store golf clubs, these bags are famous for holding drivers up to 48’’ in length.

Apart from it, this bag will serve equally well if the customer is interested in turning it into a stand bag. So while you’re left waiting at the airports, this bag will stand by itself without any trouble.

Coming towards its security arrangements, these bags come with 3 locks, all of whom can be opened with a single key. And when weight is not a concern during air travel, a fully loaded SKB will cast a burden of nearly 50 pounds.

Making long statement short, this particular type of golf bags is a hard nut to crack even under the meanest of conditions.


  • Extremely Resistant
  • Moisture Proof
  • ​TSA Approved Locks


  • Low Spacing

Final Verdict

Thanks to the TSA security locks, a person will have peace of mind while boarding this bag in the air travel.

How to Choose – Buying Guide for Best Golf Bag

Long Lasting

What good does a golf bag hold if it isn’t durable for a longer duration of time. While golfers have to travel a major distance on the course, starting from the tee shot to the final hole, the golf bag is used on every single occasion. From giving up old clubs to picking up newer ones, a golf bag is used at a frequent rate by his owner. And if it isn’t long lasting, a golfer will have to replace it after every now and then. When this will cast a negative effect on their budget, nobody is feasible with a thing which isn’t there for a long period.

Stand up or Cart

As you could extract from their name, both these bags come with an extremely different set of properties. While the former is made for golfers who’ll travel by foot, the latter favors those which possess the option of golf carts. As the standup golf bags are lighter by weight but difficult to be carried via golf carts, the golf cart bag is bulkier but can be easily transported via electronic vehicles.

As a result, it depends on the golfer himself on what kind of facilities does he have on the golf course. And only then he will select a perfect one amongst these two for himself.


Apart from holding in clubs of different types, a golf bag is considered as a home for many other things on the golf course. Starting from Woods, Irons, Wedges and Putters, you’ll find golf bags, tees, gloves and even cup holders residing somewhere inside a golf bag. In order to perform so many functions, a golf bag should be versatile in its design and spacing.


While professional golfers have the option of a caddy, which transports their bags from one place to the other on the golf course, that isn’t the situation with amateur players. As they have to pick their bag by themselves, they just couldn’t afford to buy a bulky carrier. Even after carrying so many clubs, the bag needs to be made in such a way that it shouldn’t cast the huge burden on the shoulders of a golfer. Because when they already have to do enough work on the golf course, a heavier bag will only increase their problems by multiple times.

Easy to Organize

A golfer is allowed to take 14 clubs with him on the golf course. Even though no golfer carries so many clubs with him in a professional tournament, but golf bags should be capable of holding the maximum number of sticks.

In order to hold so many equipment’s, there should be some special arrangement in the bag. From residing woods on one side to placing Irons on the other, it should contain a separate place for every club. Because it helps a golfer in picking their favorite club without wasting any time searching through the bag.

Number of Pockets

There are different types of accessories which a golfer needs to have in order to deal with unforeseen circumstances on the course. While he needs a jacket to protect him from rain, sunglasses are also must to provide him with a perfect vision. Apart from it, a golfer needs golf tees, ball markers, extra balls and a handful of other options when it comes to a professional level.

To perform so many functions, a golf bag has to be equipped with a series of pockets. The number of pockets should be good enough to hold the maximum number of accessories without any trouble.


As you could imagine, a quality golf bag will have a greater effect on your budget than the one with a humble set of features. In fact, there is a direct relation between money and quality when it comes to almost everything on this planet. Because when the developers are providing you state of the art facilities, they can’t afford to charge less than a substantial amount of money for their goods.

Having said that, an experienced golfer can have the best golf bag at a considerably low price. When he is well familiar with the ins and outs of this equipment, he can find a pretty useful thing on low rate as well.

After going through the ideal properties of a golf bag, let’s look at some of them which actually holds them in today’s markets.

Budget Pick

So you’ve read all the above mentioned properties and is now looking to buy the best golf bag bag while keeping an eye on your budget. Bascially it depends on the type of golf bag in which a golfer is interested.

Talking about the best cart bag, which can easily be loaded onto the back side of golf electronic vehicles, my pick would be RJ Sports EX-250 Cart Bag.

Moving towards stand bags, an ideal pick would be OGIO Grom Stand Bag Carbon. While it comes from a trusted source, a person has nothing to worry about its skill set.

For travel oriented golfers, whose luggage is never in the safe hands, they don’t need to go anywhere apart from CaddyDaddy Constrictor 2. Even though it is manufactured by famous developers, with an extraordinary set of properties, that hasn’t done any harm to its asking price.

Final Verdict

A user has to be pretty critical in his/her thinking before selecting a best golf bag for themselves. But if you have read the above-mentioned buying guide, you’ll have absolutely no trouble in selecting the one which will suit your personal preferences. Ranging from cart to travel and finally travel bags, every singlet type of golfer can use this guide to good effect.


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