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We are living in an era thats all about technology. Especially with smartphones, everything has grown so much now that you can find anything you want, be it apps, games, or anything. Using the smart modern-day applications, you can improve your golf game so much that you cant even imagine! How? Well, read the full article and see for yourself.

We have assembled a list of best golf apps for iphone that can give your game a whole new direction. You can find some really cool the best swing-tracking apps, rangefinder apps, distance calculator apps and much more. Well, lets not reveal everything here. Read more to find out, lets start the list:

1. Swing by Swing Golf GPS

Price: Free (premium upgrade available $24.99/year)

It can be a bit lousy to calculate the distance of the goal point over and over. Well, not anymore! With Swing by Swing golf GPS app, you can cut out all this extra time as it helps you measure the distance fairly easy. All you have to do is just select the golf course where you are planning to play and the app shows you the satellite images of the ground with 100 percent accuracy.

For your ease, this app features a digital scorecard where you can save your records online or offline for free. It also shows your skill growth by comparing your current and previous scores both graphically and statistically.

Great things come at great cost. If you want to enjoy some features like elevation, clubs tracking or real-time wind speed, you have to bear in-app cost purchase or you can also opt for its looper version to avail monthly or annually subscription. And yes, this app is also compatible with your apple smartwatch, where you can track your shots, scorecard and distance as well. This is one of the best golf apps for iphone

Need a break? Why worry? This app has a special tie-up with a company called, teeoff that lets you book your tea time without any booking fees. Bring back your freshness in no time!

Download Swing by Swing Golf GPS app on iTunes

2. Golf Logix GPS + Putt Breaks

Price: Free (premium upgrades available $29.99)

GolfLogix is another great, and FREE golf GPS app for iPhone / iOS.  It comes with over 30,000 available golf courses worldwide, and a general yardage book for each course.  The free version also includes professional stat and score tracking (fairways hit, GIR, putts, etc.).  Your stats are automatically synced online to the GolfLogix website, so that you can track progress, and compete with other golfers worldwide.

The upgrade truly unlocks the power of the app.  It will let you find distances to front/back/center of the green, distances to hazards, layups, and more. You can see a comparison of all the Champion and free features at the GolfLogix website.

The major negative of the GolfLogix app, is that the free version displays advertisements while you play. There are also a lot of useful features that are locked, which forces you to buy the upgrade. Its one of the best golf distance app and worth a try if you’re not happy with the others.

Download Logix GPS + Putt Breaks app on iTunes

3. Hole 19 Golf GPS & Scoring App

Price: Free (premium upgrades available $29.99)

Fed up with in-app purchases and monthly subscriptions? Then, Hole 19 is a must-have app for you. It offers all the smart golfing features for free. Digitized scoreboard is a special feature that allows you to track and compare your scorecard with your rival that also helps you to enhance your gaming skills.

With rangefinder, the app lets you choose your best fit course from over 40,000 choices around the world. This helps in providing you an accurate distance and satellite view between you and golf point.

If you want to compare your stats worldwide, you just have to upload your scorecard via laptop at online clubhouse that not just store your game stats and performance online but also show your worldwide rank among the best golfers.

This app comes with a teeoff feature that allows you to book your tea break via app and also offers great discount and deals. But here’s a sad news! Right now, the tee-off break feature is only available in USA, Spain, and Portugal but who knows! Maybe the developers can bring out an update soon.

If you are unable to reach your buddies via cellular connectivity, use this app to plan your game and invite them via wifi. Hole 19 will provide you a high-resolution satellite aerial view so if you want to change the golf point just pick one from drop-down list and select the number, or simply swipe at the bottom to advance or go backward.

So, without wasting any time, download this free app for your Apple smartphone or smartwatch from App store and gather your friends to have some golf fun.

Download Hole 19 Golf GPS & Scoring app on iTunes

4. Golfshot: Golf GPS + Scorecard

Price: Free (premium upgrades available $29.99)

Golfshot is a blast in its category. Why? Because the free version of this app comes with so many advance features which we usually get in a premium app. Things like 3d view, live tracking, visualizing, everything just raises the bar.

Golfshot is your reliable Virtual caddie that will never let you down. This apps comes with high-end graphics and smooth interface which is very user-friendly to use. And of course, club suggestion feature is really cool that helps you choose the club as per your previous game stats.

Does’nt matter where you are! With Aerial 3D view, you can watch every angle of the golf course from over 40,000 choices around the globe and allows you to pick the best one. This app features virtual scorecard where you can put a record of your game scores, which later helps you to analyze your golf skills and not just that, you can even share your scorecard with your friends by sending the invitation.

Thanks to 3D visualization technology, now you can analyze the trajectory and height of your hits before you get into the actual game. You just have to watch 3D video previews that comes within app and it will show you the dynamic preview of the whole golf course. If you need a tea break, this app will let you book the tee-time at a discount of $20 and you can also save up to $200 on golf equipment, golf cart, instructions manual and many more.

Download this app now from the app store and take your golf skills to the next level.

Download Golfshot: Golf GPS + Scorecard app on iTunes

5. Golf Coach

Price: Paid ($5.99)

Afraid of some golf competition? Dont worry! Your virtual golf assistance is at your service. Golf coach app is brimmed with 38 HD golf tutorial videos that will surely help you improvise your golf techniques. All videos are available from 3 different angles views with high-speed camera that gives you incredible video quality and super slow-motion experience. Train and become the best version of yourself via this perfect virtual coach.

Golf coach has tons of golf instructions and tips like how to take shots from the rough, tee shots, full swing technique and many more.

Additionally, you can record your own video to analyze your shot and swing angle or upload it over the golfers portal to take expert advice from various players around the globe.If you are looking for a perfect golf companion that shows your own pros and cons to help you get better, then this app is for you. The thing about golf is, you think that you are doing everything right but there are certain things which you learn from your mistakes and Golf Coach does exactly that. It will assist you in every aspect, like what clubs are the best suited for you, what can you do to improve your wrist position, your overall position is right or not etc.

And dont just sit back watching videos, go out, grab a golf stick and practice your shots. It will help you learn from your faults and make you a pro in no time. This app also has an exceptional feature that is swing analyzer, that compare your shots with a 3D model player in the video side by side frame. So, you can judge your wrist movement and shot angle by yourself.

Without wasting your time, download it from the app store and become the master in golf.

Download Golf Coach app on iTunes 

6. GOLF Magazine

Price: Free (premium upgrades available $14.99)

Love to read some new things about golf? Then, you will find this app fairly interesting. Time Inc. brings you their magazine in an all-new digital form. So why carry an extra book in your case or purse, when it can give you the latest golf news, tips, and tricks on your phone on the go. Here you can read golf essays, watch your favorite players interview, reviews of golf equipment and so on. All that with just a click, cool right?

Wait! there’s more! This app can also show you the exact location and measurement of every golf course via GPS. With exclusive instruction e-guides written by top golf coaches and teachers, you can learn some professional golf techniques.

There are many other features as well like live newsfeed, reader view that allows you to read long articles in mobile-friendly view, offline reading mode, notify you whenever a new issue has been released and so much more at minimal subscription price.

Forget to re-subscribe? Do not worry, auto renew subscription feature will take care of it. This feature will renew your subscription automatically within 24 hours of the end of your previous subscription on monthly or weekly basis (depends on what subscription package you chose).

If you want to increase your golf knowledge and also want to earn cash prizes or discount vouchers then you can participate in daily golf quizzes. You just need to follow some steps: create login ID, register yourself, and last but not the least choose your subscription package.

So, download it now from App store and enjoy the latest golf news and discover the facts, and tricks just in one click.

Download Golf Magazine app on iTunes


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