The 8 Best Driver Shafts You Need to Consider

As always, we are focused and committed to helping improve your game by recommending some of the best golf products. I hope every golfer knows that the flex of shaft plays a very important role in the speed and accuracy of your swing.

Certainly, every golfer should know and make sure his driver shaft is appropriately coordinated to his desired swing speed, flexibility, and accuracy.

If you do not focus on having the right shaft for your driver, you are just creating a big gap on the ground and compromising your performance on the course.

There are numerous choices available in the market, but how do you find the right one which is suitable for your driver and game? No problem, we have done that job for you. We have identified the best driver shafts and provided our review to help you to make the right choice.

Incase you’re in a hurry – here are top 3 golf driver shafts

Top 3 golf driver shafts

  • Matrix HD Radix S – This is the top rated golf shaft that is tough and comes with a good length. Ideal for beginners.
  • Fujikura Vista Pro 60 Shaft – This is the best in class shaft that is suitable for use on all drivers. Suitable from amateurs to professionals.
  • Project X New HZRDUS –  Great golf shorts.  Made with fabrics that absorb moisture away from the skin to keep you dry and comfortable during play. Available in 26 colors, so your toughest decision is which color to buy!

Best Driver Shafts to buy in 2020

1. Matrix HD Radix S White Shaft

MATRIX NEW Radix-S IV Amateur/Senior Flex Driver/Fairway Wood Shaft


  • Breathable mesh upper helps keep your feet comfortable under pressure
  • 6-spike configuration provides improved traction and stability
  • Synthetic mesh provides great ventilation which keeps the foot dry even after long use and recommended in warm weather
  • Soft EVA sole with cushioning provides good comfort

The Matrix HD Radix S White shaft is a modest and tough shaft. If you are looking for consistency with distance, trust us this shaft will drive you astonished with the performance. The most amazing thing is the 46” shaft is customizable. Specifically, this goes well and easy to modify for any driver.

The shaft provides a great and effective response with amazing durability. This is the best shaft that makes you fly with your swing. No matter if you want to be composed or you desire to hold it and slash it, this makes it preferable shaft for your hybrids and fairway woods as well and it fits perfectly in your wallet with all mixtures.

While we were testing this, we noticed that the Shaft delivers tremendous launch and amazing spin that goes well for the golfers and this quality provides the small throughput in distance with the swing to keep the game at the finest point. Golfers who like mild flight and more control may find the spin part a little disturbing, but this goes just well with a beginner due to the more distance and exciting play off the tee box.

2. Fujikura Vista Pro 60 Shaft

Fujikura Vista Pro 60 R-Flex Shaft + TaylorMade M1/M2/M3/M4 Tip + Grip
  • Fujikura Vista Pro 60
  • Shaft Flex: Regular
  • Shaft Material: Graphite


  • This shaft best suits TaylorMade drivers to gain more distance
  • The shaft is designed with standard length
  • Best in class shaft helps in enabling more boost and spin
  • The incredible launch angle provides consistency

Fujikura is a known brand and has delivered best in class shafts that suit all drivers. However, Fujikura Vista Pro 60 Shaft is specially made to upgrade TaylorMade drivers. Fujikura Vista Pro 60 is the latest series coming from Fujikura, featuring 2020 design and the most advanced technology in this line of products.

The graphite shaft is built with the company’s patented rigid “cage” structure, building power with the thin walls that offer exceptional feel of a solid shaft without the burden of extra weight. This feature enables golfers to emphasis more on producing maximum club speed and provides exceptional distance with ease.

Fujikura provides exceptional steadiness throughout the swing, the Fujikura Vista comes with a standard length to perceive immediately to refresh our older TaylorMade model, at the same time, this shaft can be used as a combination with other driver heads as well.

By now you might have developed a doubt in mind if the Fujikura Vista Pro 60 is best fit for non-TaylorMade drivers. To answer this, the company has already put lots of information with figures to show that this shaft provides mid-to-high launch with consistent flight and lower spin that works well in with most drivers.

3. Project X New HZRDUS Smoke Black

Project X New HZRDUS Smoke Black 6.5 70g Driver/Fairway Shaft X-Stiff Flex
  • Project X Hzrdus Smoke Black


  • Attractive design that will look cool and inspire confidence
  • Intuitive engineering that will make it suitable for many swing types
  • A reputable manufacturer that you can trust
  • Perfectly weighted for most swing weights

Project X has been one of the pioneers in producing the best shafts. These shafts are exceptionally well with all drivers. As the name sounds HZRDUS (hazardous), the shaft looks attractive and plays well. This is designed to inspire confidence at address, while the overall engineering concept is spontaneous enough to suit the needs of most golfers.

Be it a high handicapper or someone with a little bit more experience, one can make the best use of this shaft. It’s also just optimally weighted at 60 grams, making it the perfect shaft for just about any swing speed.

There really isn’t much to say against the Project X shaft. This is one of the pricier options on our list today, but if you want the best that you can get, this is a strong contender.

Designed to provide higher tempo, if you are a golfer with a quicker backswing and prefers a more aggressive transition this shaft will give a faster tempo. Also, you will feel a low flight which makes it fantastic for players who like to keep the trajectory low.

Overall, HZRDUS delivers maximum distance for the stronger and more aggressive golfer without sacrificing control.

4. Accra New Tour Z 85 Driver Shaft

Accra New Tour Z 85 Counter Balanced CB Driver Shaft + Adapter & Grip (Stiff) (Ping G30, G, G400)
  • Accra Tour Z 85 CB Shaft
  • Installed with Tour Velvet 360 grip
  • Choose your flex and driver adapter
  • Customized specs available on request!


  • Enhanced low spin for steady ball speed with forgiveness to create exceptional shot shape on each swing
  • Exceptional swing speed due to the lightweight shaft and comes with advanced features if you are looking for length
  • Looks great with Sleek black and silver finish that brings confidence and stability
  • This comes with high-quality grip and not a pricy shaft

The Accra New Tour Z 85 shaft is designed for a low spin. This shaft comes with an adapter that is in advantage to plug-and-play shaft for a wide band of drivers. You might have not heard much about this company, but this shaft is made for professional golfers which is lightweight and provides extraordinary distance and steadiness.

The New Tour Z 85 shaft is designed to be sleek which elevates repeatable low range shot height for improved control with your usual driver or with any fairway wood collection. This shaft comes installed with a Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grip so you can adjust the adapter settings without worrying about the logo moving around.

The shaft is very long from the fairway, this might introduce a little drift with forgiveness and accuracy during a swing, however, this little drift will provide an exceptional increase in length your game will experience.

Professional golfers’ experiences that the shaft’s high kick point and low spin provides low rising shot shape as it breaks through wind and provides better flight with steadiness.

This shaft might not do well for golfers who like steady launch and landing. But, the New Tour Z 85 is the best shaft with good length that delivers clubhead speed with exceptional distance.

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5. UST Proforce V2 HL Golf Shaft

UST New 2018 Proforce V2 HL (HIGH Launch) Golf Shaft (Choose Weight and Flex) (50g High Launch, F3 (Regular))
  • NEWLY designed graphics! Employs Recoil Technology for optimal spring effect in the walls of the shaft for more efficient energy transfer of the ball, increasing ball velocity and providing greater…
  • Designed for players seeking a higher initial trajectory for longer carry.
  • Choose 50 or 60g weight
  • ProForce Tip Technology provides a very stable, consistent ball flight.


  • Recommended for beginners with affordable price
  • Built to provide high launch and great backspin for long carry and better distance
  • Feels amazing throughout the swing with consistency and stability
  • Shaft provides exceptional flex with the capability to hit the ball off the face with swiftness and position

The UST Proforce V2 HL is a graphite shaft that just superb and quick, this shaft is designed to enhance your game and adding more distance to your swing. This shaft is built with numerous characteristics which include a stiffer grip that enables more spin control during impact with the golf ball.

The shaft is designed to have strengthened walls that provide lightweight dynamism transmission to the golf ball for more rapidity that results in outstanding distance.

Due to the enhanced design, you will feel the quickness of getting the ball into the air with each swing. If you prefer for low intensifying flight, we don’t recommend this shaft for you. However, the UST shaft is a must upgrade for beginners and high handicappers who need increased carry with each swing.

Excellently intended, the Proforce V2 HL shaft from UST is an out-and-out champion that has made a name and one of the choices for the golfers who prefer to add launch and great distance immediately with their driver.

6. Project X Even Flow Blue Shaft

Project X New Even Flow Blue 6.0 65g Driver/Fairway Shaft Stiff Flex
  • Project X Evenflow Blue


  • Delivers unreal distance with heavy feel and response on carry
  • Designed with 46” mold, which provides good room for golfers to attain right length
  • The best driver so far with eye-catching appearance and works well with most of the drivers
  • Created maximum energy release at impact

The Project X Even Flow Blue shaft looks well on any driver, its versatility provides great distance while providing an exceptional feel and response. The shaft is built with 46” mold, enabling the golfer to tailor the standard length which suits their game.

Concentrated on speed, provided supreme energy transmission at impact efficiently, enhances more distance with amazing consistency. Designed with incredible mid-kick point that enables lots of room for your swing, more over the Even Flow adds extra yards to your shots and comes with affordable price.

If you are a lower handicapper and need higher spin, well this shaft will amazingly promote a higher spin for you. Many of the golfers expressed that the Project X shaft is inclined to recurring a magnetic pattern on most swings, well this pattern goes well if you like to play the casual fade from the box.

Incredibly fast and comes with standard length, the Project X Even Flow Blue shaft is a meaningful upgrade to start with your collection of drivers.

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7. UST Recoil Shaft

UST New Recoil 760 and 780 ES SMACWRAP Parallel (.370) Black Finish Shafts (760 Series, F3 (Regular))
  • NEW UST RECOIL 760 OR 780 ES SMACWRAP Parallel (.370) Black Shafts
  • Choose 760 or 780 series
  • Parallel .370″ tip – Black finish
  • Choose flex (F2 or F3)


  • Designed with mid-range kick point provides tremendous control, steadiness and nice response at impact
  • This shaft enables reasonable distance knocks for mid-to-high handicappers
  • Feels amazing with supporting feel throughout the swing by reducing tremor after impact for a solid.
  • Just the best driver shaft for the golfers with more flair and sleeker look

The Recoil is another IRON shaft from UST with an exceptional look and feel. This shaft is sleekly black and designed to look like graphite is one of the best options for your collection.

The UST shafts are designed and built with Recoil technology that provides each shaft with a spring effect that enables power through the walls of the shaft which results in accurate and efficient movement to the golf ball for increased distance and incredible leaving speed of the face.

One of the best features with the Recoil shaft is that it’s made with the company’s patented SMACWRAP material which reduces the vibration in the shaft. SMACWRAP is wrapped around the outer wall of the shaft and this wrap is highly concentrated to lessen the vibration. This feature provides exceptional feel on each swing.

Overall, UTS Recoil shaft is the best choice for golfers who don’t want to compromise on the outcome, this shaft undoubtedly provides terrific performance, otherwise, this shaft is a bit pricy and not budget-friendly.

8. NEW Mitsubishi Diamana White Plus 72 D+ Series X-Flex Driver/Wood Shaft

NEW Mitsubishi Diamana White Plus 72 D+ Series X-Flex Driver/Wood Shaft


  • The shaft is stiff and additional weight boosts swing speeds
  • Classy flex point for optimum intense flight
  • This shaft goes well and delivers exceptional feel for low spin
  • Extra beneficial for low handicappers and adds more yards

The NEW Mitsubishi Diamana White Plus is specifically engineered and made for lower handicappers. The stiff shaft ensures low spin, produces exceptional flight that helps in creating longer and straighter shots.

If you are a player with high swing speeds and that results in too much height on your shots. This might ultimately impact the ball launches high instead of far creating the disappointing pop-up effect. This shaft is the one you should look for that lessens the impact and creates more distance. If you are looking to improve your flight during the swing, we would recommend this shaft for you.

This shaft is built with a traditional balance point to help maximize target performance. It will add an unreal distance to your game. It’s tip-stiff for stronger players seeking a low launch and low spin from a standard-length, standard-weight driver with maximum control.

In conclusion, this is the best driver shaft for lower handicappers. It’s also the most expensive club. If you’re serious about your game, the money will be well spent. Otherwise, consider one of the more affordable picks from the list.

Best Driver Shafts – Ultimate Buying Guide

We have tried and tested the above driver shafts for you. We have also provided some of the important considerations that will help you find the best driver shafts for distance.


Generally, all shafts are made up of graphite. The reason for this is the graphite shafts are lightweight to handle and as per the requirement it can be flexible or stiff. It is also easy to design and build the shafts with precise arch points that suits diverse swing styles.

If you look back, you would see golfers those days were comfortable with steel shafts as they needed the stiff feel of the shaft. Having said that, steel shafts do work well, and one can gain the expected outcome. Earlier, there were some pioneers who used to make steel shafts, Tiger Woods is one such brand, but they have turned to graphite for both drivers and shafts.

Some golfers prefer steel shafts to add more power to their swing. However, such an option has its own pros and cons, such as it may cost some distance to your swing but comes affordable at the same time.

Shaft material makes a huge difference with anyone’s game, as most of today’s shafts are made of graphite, but steel runs for a lifetime if you position it properly and don’t curve it over your knee (even professional golfers face this problem). Comparatively, steel shafts are more durable than graphite.


There are numerous shafts in the market with a variety of flex options. We have come up with a couple of points to consider while you choose a shaft that suits your kind of game.


Stiff shafts make a huge impact if you are a golfer and got used to quick swing speed. The power and quickness you add to your swing, the more the tip of the shaft will slice through the ball at impact. The slicing of the ball generates huge speed, this also results negatively if overdone.

Basically, a stiff shaft helps you elevate the speed of your swing without damaging the whole rhythm of club.

However, if you prefer to play with the stiffer shaft and unable to add more speed to your swing, that might hurt your game a little. If you want to rotate the ball in the right direction with the estimated distance, you need to have that extra speed. If not, that will result in a push, or even lash your shots off to the right (or to the left if you’re a left-handed golfer).


Basically, most shafts are built with standard 45-inch length. The length of the shaft plays a very important role to gain an optimal balance of control and distance. There are also options available with longer or shorter shafts.

The length of shaft and adjustment is the key feature to provide you an exceptional amount of control over your shots. However, every feature comes with both benefits and drawbacks, such as if you play with a short shaft the less distance you are going to get.

So, if you are expecting to hit more fairways, we would recommend you to an unconventionally short driver shaft.


This is the most important aspect of the shaft that has a great impact on how the club plays. Having said that, most of the branded shafts built with standard weight to ensure the shafts are compatible to be played by the majority of golfers.

You need to be extra cautious while you look for ultra-lightweight clubs since this is majorly working well for senior players, or mostly for the golfers who prefer slow swing speeds.

However, this is not recommended for players who like to produce a ton of clubhead speed. Often, it’s difficult to establish a steady, repeatable tempo with underweight clubs.

Hence, with experience and golfers reviews we recommend for drivers with standard weight so that you can have a great feel and exceptional experience.


Durability is not just enough when you look for a new shaft, it should also help if you can trust it to create the shot speed and shape you ultimately desire. Consistency can come in numerous forms with a golf club, however, this is something to be earned over time. In fact, one can notice that older shafts loose consistency over the time if frequently played with the club through tens of rounds per year.

Golfers need to consider multiple aspects to judge a shaft, many golfers believe and expect how is the shafts accord with the head to create the shot shape they feel can be the most consistent and reliable. Eventually, this is the better way to judge consistency in a shaft, to see how the shot is created from the face of the club and is there any pattern golfer can trust with on the course.

Identifying a shaft that is dependable will definitely take your time. You should make sure to test and play to gain more information and to understand if the shaft is the right one for your game.


We always aim to provide the best reviews on all gold products, we have pretty must test and provided a fair review of all the above-listed shafts. I hope, if you are reading this then definitely you have read through reviews for all listed products, so let’s close the deal now.

Overall, the aforementioned shafts go well with different styles of players based on their game. But, through the series of testing and playing, we feel Matrix, Fujikura, and Project HZRDUS are the best drivers shafts one should go for.


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