10 Best Chipping Nets

A “chip shot” in golf is a shot played from close to the green, usually within a few yards of the putting surface, that results in the ball popping briefly into the air, then hitting the ground and rolling forward toward the hole. Chip shots played in golf are known as “the short game.”

Becoming great at chipping can really help you save numerous strokes, which is something that directly can affect your game. However, another reason you should practice this shot is the fact you can improve at chipping relatively faster than other full swing shots. Sure, practicing swinging shots can be advantageous in the long run, but these types of shots take a bit of time to full develop.

A superior short game does not come naturally, but can be achieved by anyone through hours of practice. For this, you need to find the best golf chipping net to help practice sessions turn into stroke-saving opportunities.

Chipping nets come in different shapes, sizes and colors. That means many factors must be weighed against each other in order to get the best fit for you. If you are looking for an indoor chipping net, then you may be interested in going for something smaller. For outdoor practice, you will need something more stable with to hold it in place in case of rough weather. To help you in your choice of the best chipping net, we’ve reviewed a few to help you find the best one based on your needs.

Our top 10 picks for the best chipping nets:

1. Jeff World of Golf Collapsible Chipping Net

JEF World of Golf Collapsible Chipping Net Black, 23 inch
  • Sharpen your skills with the ultimate folding chipping basket
  • Converts from a 23-inch diameter frame into a 7-inch diameter frame
  • Features 3 chipping baskets for the ultimate challenge
  • Great for left or right handed golfers

The Jeff chipping net is known for its durability and is created with excellent nylon materials which is known to last for long time. The net is made to handle different weather conditions which means it can easily be used outside. This net is collapsible and easily assembled. This is a versatile chipping net as there is an inner white circle which is a challenge even to the seasoned players. To this effect, this is the most challenging ring. The second ring is the middle yellow circle followed by the outer black frame. This net is ideal for people who are looking to push themselves further to get better scores.

This chipping net is apt for players who would want to see their landing areas with chip shots as they play. Point values can also come into play and this will be ideal for competitors. This chipping net is definitely worth the money if you like to enjoy the experience while challenging yourself fully.

2. Rukket Pop Up Golf Chipping Net

Rukket Pop Up Golf Chipping Net | Outdoor / Indoor Golfing Target Accessories and Backyard Practice Swing Game | Includes 12 Foam Practice Balls
  • BECOME A SHORT GAME GURU: Sharpen your skills with the ultimate folding golf chipping net! This bundle includes (1) Rukket Pop Up Golf Chipping Net, (12) Rukket Sports Foam Practice Balls and (1)…
  • USER-FRIENDLY: Easy pop-up design with simple storage instruction for ideal indoor or outdoors use.
  • PUTT LESS, CHIP IN MORE: Features three targets to improve your accuracy for the ultimate challenge.
  • READY-TO-GO PRACTICE: 20 in. x 25 in. x 20 in. to fit right in the corner of your office (Great gift for a golfing boss)! Nylon carrying bag included for easy portability from home to office to…

The Rukket Golf Chipping net has a pop-up design that is easily folded up for storage and portability. This net offers you multiple golfing options as the reverse side of the chipping net has range marker targets of fifty, one hundred and one hundred and fifty yards.

The net allows for height control practice owing to the different slots on the face of the net. There are specifically three different slots available. The practicing can be done on chipping and pitching. The balls will be caught by the tiny pocket located at the face of the slots. At the end, players will be able to tally up their balls. It does not matter what skill level player you are because the levels can be adjusted accordingly.

The product is made from light and durable fiberglass and nylon. It comes with three ground stakes for anchoring it when outdoors. You will be able to use this net indoor and outdoor

3. Izzo Golf Mini Mouth Chipping Net

IZZO Mini Mouth Chipping Net
  • Diameter 24″ net with “bullseye” target
  • Patented pop up design for quick assembly
  • Collapses to 12.5″ diameter for easier storage; fits in most golf bags
  • All weather material

This chipping net from Izzo is twenty-four inches wide and includes a bulls-eye. The net comes with two ground stakes for anchoring it when you use it outside. It is made from all-weather materials so you don’t have to worry about it getting wet. The netting is black and white while the center ring is red. This color combination provides the right contrast with the surrounding elements. The red inner ring is held by a main outer ring and has about four quadrants around it. Set up like a dart board, the red “bullseye” target ring challenges the player to aim for accuracy when chipping or pitching.

As a bonus, the net retains the balls so you can collect them together in one spot if your chipping is way off target. When collapsed, the net is only 12.5 inches in diameter which makes it very easy to store and it fits into most golf bags. It is light and durable to carry around. As a bonus, the net retains the balls so you can collect them together in one spot if your chipping is way off target.

4. SKLZ Quickster Chipping Golf Net

SKLZ Quickster Chipping Golf Net, Black
  • Three different sized target holes for great accuracy practice
  • Great addition to your home practice range
  • Can be used with regular and practice golf balls
  • Sets up and breaks down in 30 seconds

This net from SKLZ is the largest of the portable, easy to assemble golfing nets, and it surely covers all of your practice needs. It sports an adjustable height feature along with full swing and chipping option that can help you to develop your game whilst improving your hand-to-eye coordination. The frame expands to 2.25 feet/0.7m and compacts to a small enough bag to be carried around anywhere. The net is light weighted and can used indoors outdoors.

There are three target holes in the black faced target. The holes are well numbered one to three. The size will increase from one to three and this is meant to challenge the player to focus on the different target numbers. Slots at the bottom will also prevent missed shots from wildly spreading around the practice area by swallowing the balls that failed to hit the circle targets within the face is is the largest of the portable, easy to assemble golfing nets, and it aims to cover all your practice needs.

5. Izzo Golf Triple Chip Net

Izzo Golf #20032 Triple Chip Net
  • 20″ diameter chipping net
  • Three different target options for practicing multiple short shots
  • Collapses/folds to 11.5″ diameter flat for easy storage
  • Quick pop-up assembly

This chipping net has three different sides to practice to and doesn’t require any more size than the rest because it can be easily folded up into an almost paper-flat object. This net can be used indoors and outdoors.

The net comes with two ground stakes for a strong target in outdoor practice when the wind can play a factor.  The three different interchangeable faces include a large bucket-shaped net that will catch every ball hit into it, a medium-sized ring and a small-sized ring for balls to go through.  The various sizes allow a golfer to continually increase the difficulty after having mastered the larger-sized targets and graduate to a smaller one.

6. Callaway Chip-Shot Chipping Net

Callaway Golf Chip-Shot Chipping Net, Black
  • Net Size: 25″ x 25″ – Ultra light and durable
  • Includes 3 targets
  • Easy set-up / take-down
  • Compact storage (collapses to 12″ diameter)

The Callaway Chip shot net is for serious golfers who are looking to improve their short game in the quickest manner possible. The target net is 26 X 26 inches and has includes 3 separate targets to aim your shot at.

As you can imagine with anything Callaway made, the material is of the highest quality and can withstand both indoor and outdoor conditions. It folds down into a portable size within seconds and can be stored in a very compact manner when not in use.

If you’re looking for a good brand, this is the one to go for in the world of chipping nets.

Check Price on Amazon

7. GoSports Chipster Golf Chipping Pop Up Practice Net

GoSports Chipster Golf Chipping Pop Up Practice Net - Indoor Outdoor Short Game Training
  • IMPROVE YOUR SHORT GAME: Whether you or a friend is looking to improve their golf game, the Chipster is a great place to start
  • USE ANYWHERE: Compact pop-up net can be used in backyards, parks, on the course and more
  • DYNAMIC TARGETS: Pyramid design allows players to refine their aim with most errant shots being caught by the side net
  • INSTANT SETUP: Setup and Takedown the Chipster in Seconds

The GoSports chipping net is perfect for indoor and outdoor short game training. Set the net up anywhere; backyards, parks, driving ranges and more. This net is compact and versatile, constructed with a 3-pocket pyramid design.

To help refine your skills, included is their “Dynamic Target System”. The Pyramid design allows players to refine their aim with most errant shots being caught by the side net. The net can easily assist you with lob shots, chip and run shots. Any missed shots are caught by the side net. Setup and takedown is in seconds, complete with a travel bag including handle.

GoSports is located in the USA and offers a lifetime warranty with the “Chipster”.

8. wosofe Golf Hitting Net Practice Target Chipping Training Aids

  • This golf practice net can practice your chipping skills at home. You can practice different chips according to the height of the bullseye and different distances to practice different parabolic…
  • [Designed carefully] – the golf practice net can be folded. Easy to carry and store, installation speed, and simplicity. There are two sets target of goals that can be exchanged for training. and the…
  • [Applicable occasions] – golf practice net can be used at home , backyard golf practice net or outdoors. You can improve your golf skills with this training equipment in a safe environment.
  • [Quality materials] – The exterior of the golf hitting net is waterproof poncho, which is smooth and durable. The mesh material is nylon, which is strong and wear resistant. The support rod is made of…

This chipping net from wosofe is very unique when compared to the traditional available solutions. This golf equipment contains a full range of practice tools, including practice nets, two sets of targets, a lawn , two golf balls, six rainbow balls, a return net, a fixed bracket and some golf tee.

The product has a height of 45 inches and has 4 different pockets for lob shot, chip shot, pitch shot and running shot. The lawn is a small golf mat the can be used during practice to give you an actual feel of the course. Comes with a ball return to help you save a ton of time during your practice.

It would be preferable to setup this unit wherever you have a large amount of space available. This golf net can be folded. Easy to carry and store, installation speed and simplicity. The exterior of the golf practice net is waterproof poncho, which is smooth and durable. The mesh material is nylon, which is strong and wear resistant. The support rod is made of fiberglass, which is light, does not rust and is not easily deformed and with good elasticity.

It is priced a bit higher when compared to its competitors, but it is a great buy if you’re looking for a complete solution to improve your short game.

9. TrueBirdie HealPT Golf Chipping Net

This chipping net is really very convenient to use indoor and outdoor. The golf chipping net is 30 inch wide target to shave strokes from your score by improving your accuracy. The net can accept both real golf balls and foam golf balls easily and comes with a convenient ball collecting pocket to catch all balls that hit the net

This net can be quickly assembled and taken down. The net is also very sturdy and won’t blow over from the wind or crumble from the impact of a real golf ball. One of the biggest advantages of this net is that it can easily be placed in the corner of your living room without being to obstructive.

Makes for a nice little gift for someone who is looking to improve his short game.

10. Himal Pop Up Golf Chipping Net

  • 【HUMANIZATION DESIGN】 Easy Pop-Up design ideal for indoor and outdoors use. Unique nail design to help you solve the issue which blows over in windy conditions. Three targets design help you…
  • 【EXCELLENT QUALITY】 Durable/sturdy spring steel frame which can be folded for more than 1000 times with 300D canvas and wonderful net. Lightable, Durable, easy to fold back up and storage.
  • 【BEGIN IN SECONDS】 Assemble in seconds! Set up a game with your families, friends or partners instantly. More interesting than traditional golf net. Brilliant golf gifts for men.
  • 【ENJOY GOLF PRACTICE EVERYWHERE】 25 in. x 25 in. x 20 in. to fit right office, home, lawn and everywhere.Nylon carrying bag included for easy portability from home to anywhere! Super convenient…

The most reasonable chipping net available in the market. If you’re not looking to spend a lot of money on getting yourself a chipping net, you should opt for this one. Comes with a durable/sturdy spring steel frame which can be folded for more than 1000 times with 300D canvas and wonderful net. The frame itself is very easy to fold back up and store along with the net. Nylon carrying bag included for easy portability from home to anywhere.

The size of the chipping net is 25 in. x 25 in. x 20 in and can fit into your office, home, lawn and everywhere else you can think off.

Great option if you’re not looking to spend a lot of money on a chipping net

How to select the Best Chipping Net

Since you’re on this page, there is no doubt that you are definitely aware that these chipping nets play a pivotal role in helping players practice and sharpen their skill. The short game is designed for people who are ready to practice and see their effort yielding fruit in the real game.

To achieve all this, it is vital to choose a chipping net that will work for you. The following parameters must be evaluated to before opting to purchase your best chipping net.


The basic material used in golf nets are nylon. It is important that you know how many strands of nylon you need in your house. The larger the amounts of nylon your golf net has, the better it will last. In golfing, if you hit one part of the net at least 100 times a day, this will lead to the wearying of the golf net. Because of the impact panel, make sure that the golf nets you purchase contains a heavy lead weighted line to keep the impact spot in its place.

The space where your golf ball enters is called the grommet. Make sure to check if the whole grommet is connected to the cage tightly. It is advisable to purchase uncleated grommets to ensure durability and prevent early sagging.

Target and Accuracy

Because this sport is about precise targeting of the golf balls into holes, you should learn about the golf net before purchasing one. There are a number of golf nets available that provides you with ball control and accuracy features.


Because no two people are the same, each person needs different measurements, styles, and accuracy of golf nets. Identify your preferences before buying one.

– Dimensions

– Framed or frameless?

– Light or heavy duty?

– Custom or standard?

Many professional golfers have less stress when it comes to their swings as mostly because they have perfected their short game. That means if a serious golfer misses a green, his chipping will definitely save par or even get out of a very challenging situation and may save the game for him as well.


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