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Take a Shot Like A Pro | Sports and Outdoors Tips

Take a Shot Like A Pro
Take a Shot Like A Pro

It isn’t easy for a first timer to play golf. The problems manifolds if his friends or relatives insist on having a few shots on the golf course but he is yet to hold a golf club in his hand.

So if you want to save yourself from such scenario, look no further. From the basic tips of swinging a golf club to putting the ball in the 18th hole, the following guide will fine tune your golf skills in an imperious manner.

Unlike Other Sports, Player with the lowest score gets to win in golf. Each course has a fixed number of strokes to get the ball in the hole. And accordingly, scores are characterized as over par or under par.

Swing Steps

1: Stand in such a way that your feet are placed a litter wider than the shoulder’s length. Arrange your body in line to the upcoming short by keeping the right foot perpendicular to it. Slightly turn the knees and shift the weight onto the balls of your feet.

2: For the back-swing, use your shoulders by generating force from the back side. Arms and hands should rotate in a simultaneous manner along with the backward movement of the club. Try to avoid the unwanted movements of your right knee. Then straighten the wrist at the time when the club has completed half of its journey during the back-swing.

3: Your head needs to be still during the back-swing. Rotate the spine to hit the ball with enough power. Hips aren’t to be rotated. As per the left hand, keep it straight while bending the elbow of your right hand towards the ribs.

4: Once the club has reached its maximum position during the back-swing, rotate the shoulders in order to start the forward swing. Once again use the hands, arms, and club in a simultaneous manner. Straighten your right arm just before hitting the ball.

5: Rotate your forearms in a gradual manner. Avoid the snapping of the wrists at the moment of impact. Now turn your hips towards the intended target. Hips should move before the impact, not after it.

6: Coming towards the swing, try to hit the ball in a rather controlled manner. Your body movements should be measured. Once the contact has been made, keep your eyes focused on the tee.

7: As per the Follow through, keep it natural and allow the club to travel the distance. As you finish the shot, you will notice that your right foot has spun on the toe.

  • Drivers or Woods

Used on the tee shot, these are the clubs which creates the maximum distance on the golf course. But if you’re an amateur, try using a high lofted iron in place of this particular club.

  • Irons

Used for mid distance shots, Irons or Wedges comes into account when a golfer is on the fairway.

  • Putter

Most widely used the club in a golfer’s bag, putters are used on the green to guide the ball into the hole.

  • Getting a Grip

Use your fingers rather than the palm to hold the club in a firm manner. The left hand should be placed above the right hand on the club. Remember to place the pinky finger of your right hand in between the index and middle finger of your left as such type of grip is easy to form.

  • Turf Talk

Due to the thickness of the grass or the presence of sand, each part of a golf course is different from the other. Here is a brief explanation of all such parts.

  • Bunker

One place where no golfer wants to go, the bunker is filled with sand. If their previous shot landed right in the middle of it, golfers can choose whether to play in it or to pay a penalty for playing outside.

  • The Rough

This surface is equipped with thicker grass than any other portion of the golf course.

  • The Fairway

Midway between the start and finish, fairway consists of relatively trimmed grass.

  • The Green

Prepared with extreme finesse, the grass is scythed prudently on this particular surface. As per its convention, it consists of a hole and is used for putting.

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