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Leupold Gx-4Ia2 Rangefinder Review

A fabulous addition to the always increasing market of rangefinders, Leupold Gx-4Ia2 Rangefinder lies on top of the ladder as far as laser technique is concerned. This rangefinder incorporates a rugged aluminum body covered with a rubber material. Such an exterior provides a solid grip thus making it easy to handle while acquiring yardages. On top of it, the display showed in red color makes it viable to human eyes regardless of the outward conditions.

The Leupold Gx-4Ia2 Rangefinder -- equipped with several eye-catching features including the prism lock, slope compensated distances and club recommendation characteristics – makes it a must have for its potential buyers.

So one can safely assume that Leupold has maintained their high standards while developing a Leupold Gx-4Ia2 Rangefinder.

Leupold Gx-4Ia2 Rangefinder Review

Leupold Gx-4Ia2 Rangefinder Features

Ease of Use

One thing which strikes me the most regarding Leupold Gx-4Ia2 Rangefinder is its ease of use. This rangefinder features a couple of buttons, one of whom can be found at the top of this device. This is the power button with which yardages can be acquired later on. As per its working, press it once to turn on the device and then press it again to determine the required distances.

In case the user is interested in scanning mode, they’ll have to hold down the power button while rotating the eyepiece across different locations. Since this device is capable of calculating distances at a rapid pace, users feel much more relaxed after getting instant readings of various objects via this method.

The Mode Button -- located on the side of this device -- can be pressed to toggle between a series of settings such as the slope measurement/club recommendation and to change one system of units to other.

So when both these buttons are designed to perform different functions, users won’t feel much trouble while using them.

Yellow Faceplate

Apart from the regular chromed faceplate, a Leupold Gx-4Ia2 Rangefinder comes with a yellow faceplate which provides a large array of unique functions. One of them is the slope adjusted distance. Taking into account the incline/decline and the temperature on the golf course, this rangefinder provides corrected yardages based on the altitude thanks to this technology.

Then there is a Club Selector Feature which helps the golfer in selecting an ideal club based on the appropriate elevation. While the user is getting yardages based on height, he/she will also know the perfect club to counter that distance.

As per its legality, the yellow plate isn’t allowed for usage in professional tournaments. Because when it calculates certain aspects of the game, that doesn’t comply with the rules of USGA.

Users wanting to use this device in professional tournaments can replace the yellow faceplate with chromed one. Afterward, this device can be used in context to the rule of artificial devices in golf.

Prism Lock

In order to locate objects at a distance greater than 30 yards, the prism lock comes handy. Since a large number of golf courses mark objects with reflective devices, the prism lock measures yardages on this basis.

Once it targets a specific object, you can hear a specific beep emitting from this device. So instead of shaking the rangefinder, a Leupold Gx-4Ia2 Rangefinder provides feedback in a much more convenient manner.


With a length of 4.2 inches, a Leupold Gx-4Ia2 Rangefinder weighs under 223 grams. It holds naturally in a golfer’s hand and can easily be tucked away in his/her side pocket. Coming towards its suitability in a golfer’s bag, the Leupold Gx-4Ia2 won’t require much housing space thanks to its compact design.

This rangefinder is entirely waterproof so even if the golfer runs into harsh weather conditions, it won’t have any effect on the durability of this device. All in all, this rangefinder is bound to be used for an extended period without any trouble.

Distance & Display

Starting from 6 yards, a Leupold Gx-4Ia2 Rangefinder can cover objects at a distance of 700 yards from the user. Its magnification ability is 6x times. The digits are displayed in red color, thus increasing their visibility under all conditions. Since there is a separate fog mode, this laser device can also rival GPS under low visibility.

However, the regular blinking of its display from one type of measurement to the other can be taken as a drawback in this rangefinder. Starting from Slope-compensated yardages, this device displays slope angle and then simple distances one after the other. So for golfers who are trying to concentrate on the course, this proves to be a major distraction.


  • Sturdy Exterior with a Solid Grip makes it easy to handle
  • No Problem in locking in on a specific target thanks to Pin Hunter 2 Technology
  • Weight is not a concern here as users can easily travel with it
  • Bright Red Display is feasible to the eyes of its user
  • Two buttons makes this device easy to operate even for the newbies


  • Users can struggle to cope up with its asking price
  • Blinking Display will irritate golfers

Final Verdict

For users looking for a reliable rangefinder, one which guarantees improvement in their game, they should go for a Leupold Gx-4Ia2 Rangefinder. This developer has introduced some mesmerizing products in the past and this rangefinder is no different. Even if this product is a bit pricy, your golf will surely improve after using it for some time.

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