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Leupold Gx-3Ia2 Rangefinder

Having all the desired set of features which a golfer could ask for, Leupold Gx-3Ia2 Rangefinder lies on top of the ladder when it comes to the most sought after rangefinders of the modern era. People who’ve already purchased some rangefinders in the recent past must be familiar with the brand Leupold. But when this developer has produced some striking products in the past, this one got much better.

Fast, accurate and easy to use, Leupold Gx-3Ia2 Rangefinder consists of some features which were absent in their most recent version. As a result of this advancement, this rangefinder makes it easier than ever to calculate yardages at a consistent pace.

So when people are always looking for something better, a Leupold Gx-3Ia2 should strike them as an ideal product.

Leupold Gx-3Ia2 Rangefinder

Leupold Gx-3Ia2 Rangefinder Features


A Leupold Gx-3Ia2 Rangefinder consists of two buttons. The power button –located at the top – is used to turn on the device before acquiring yardages.

As per the other button, this one is a mode key which is used to toggle between 4 different functions being provided by this device. It can turn meters into yards, turn off or on the fog mode, can change the reticle and can also be used to adjust the beep settings of the Prism Lock Technology.

Once the user program this device according to his/her way, they won’t need to change the settings for a long time.


The most weightless rangefinder for a long time, a Leupold Gx-3Ia2 Rangefinder weighs just under 8 ounces. With a compact structure, this device fits perfectly into the palm of its user. Users can also tuck one in their side pocket just when they are going for a swing.

Moving towards the exterior, this is where Leupold did a marvelous job. Incorporating rugged aluminum, this device is further covered with a rubber material. All such arrangements have been made for just one purpose, to facilitate its user while holding the device.

Since it is weatherproof as well, even the rainy conditions won’t affect the delicate exterior of a Leupold Gx-3Ia2 Rangefinder. So all in all, this device is bound to outlast every single abuse being hurled at it for a long time.

Pin Hunter 2

Gone are the days when the human error could affect the measurement ability of rangefinders. Thanks to the Pin Hunter 2 Technology, flags are located faster than ever with a Leupold Gx-3Ia2 Rangefinder. Even when the hands are shaking, external movements won’t cast any trouble as far as this rangefinder is concerned.

After a user points it eyepiece towards the intended flag/pin, the Leupold Gx-3Ia2 Rangefinder waste no time before locking it. And once the intended target gets pinpointed, the acquired yardages are spot on.

So when other rangefinders struggle to cope up with human error, this one is having none of it.


A Leupold Gx-3Ia2 Rangefinder uses an OLED Display. In simple words, this one shows the calculated yardages in crisp red display rather than utilizing dull gray color. So when it comes to bright sunny mornings or dull, late evenings, you’ll see crystal clear readings via the eyepiece of this rangefinder.

One major drawback which Leupold needs to address in their upcoming products is blinking display. Imagine having to concentrate on the display because the yardages are blinking at all the times. Even when it is easily visible, the regular blink tends to frustrate its user on a consistent basis.


Starting from 6 yards, this device can go as long as 700 yards in search of its target. This is a rather common feature amongst other rangefinders so Leupold has introduced nothing astonishing in here.

But one thing where a Leupold Gx-3Ia2 Rangefinder does lie ahead than its competitors is its measurement speed. From the pushing of the button to the display of results, there isn’t one second which separates these two movements. All this has been made possible by the use of Digital Enhanced Accuracy as it speeds up the overall process in this rangefinder. So when it’s accurate, it’s fast.

Legal for Tournament

Since it measures distance without calculating the slope, the Leupold Gx-3Ia2 Rangefinder is deemed legal to be used in professional tournaments.


  • Pin Hunter 2 reduces the margin of error caused by trembling of hands
  • Compact, Lightweight and easy to be carried around on the golf course
  • ​Sturdy Construction helps it to remain durable for an extended period of time
  • ​Stylish Exterior speaks for itself on the golf course


  • Not the most inexpensive rangefinder to improve your game

Final Verdict

A Leupold Gx-3Ia2 Rangefinder is one of the finest fabrications of this particular brand, not to mention amongst any of its competitors in today’s market. So if you’re comfortable with the asking price, I’d highly recommend buying this product without wasting any time. Interested Users can order it here.

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