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Laser Link Red Hot 2 Rangefinder Review | Sports And Outdoors Tips

Laser Link Red Hot 2 Rangefinder

The Laser Link Red Hot 2 Rangefinder provides a new dimension to the market of rangefinders. Featuring a shape of a pistol, it is totally different from its competitors in the golfing market.

When people would normally put their eyes behind the view piece of other such aids to obtain readings, this device does that by itself. After aiming its face towards the direction of the object, there is a red dot which users can find in the viewfinder of this device. Pointing this red dot at the intended target through the viewfinder will acquire the wanted yardages. Think of it as a laser gun where aiming it towards one point will do all the hard work.

Laser Link Red Hot 2 Rangefinder

Users don’t have to put this gadget close to their eyes as this device targets the object by itself. But when it looks lush at first sight, users should notice that this device is devoid of magnification. Since a Laser Link Red Hot 2 Rangefinder identifies the target by itself, so magnification doesn’t sit well with the functioning of this device.

So when other rangefinders are offering 4 to 6x magnification ability, Laser Link Red Hot 2 Rangefinder lacks any such feature. So if you’re looking to zoom in small objects on the course, or looking to have a broader view of the entire golf course, this device might well struggle against its competitors.

Laser Link Red Hot 2 Rangefinder Feature Review


With a weight of 6.4 ounces, a Laser Link Red Hot 2 Rangefinder is extremely lightweight and smaller in size in comparison to the previous versions of this particular brand.

Its handle is covered with an ergonomic rubber exterior to provide a rather firm grip to its users. Golfers will also feel more comfortable while holding this device.


A Laser Link Red Hot 2 Rangefinder can go up to 1000 yards when it comes to determining reflective targets. But in the case of picking up hazards, its measurement range is limited up to just 400 yards.

So for the users who are interested in picking up flags, this device works picture perfect. But if your desirable golf course is devoid of reflective targets, Laser Link Red Hot 2 Rangefinder lacks in this aspect.

Once the measurement gets acquired by this device, users will get a physical feedback in one of the two modes depending on their personal choice. Either the device vibrates in short intervals or it can also utter a small beep. But in case the golfer doesn’t want to disturb his/her fellow players, they can also turn on this feedback system in an easy manner.


A rather convenient technique to display yardages, an external LCD is provided by its developers. Instead of showing measurements in the viewfinder, it gets displayed on a screen just underneath the yardages. The measurement can be showed in two modes, Meters and Yards.

The user Link Red Hot 2 Rangefinder also keeps his/her user up to date regarding their battery status by displaying a low battery icon at the time when it is about to run dry.


Since this is a rather basic device which does nothing other than calculating yardages, a Laser Link Red Hot 2 Rangefinder is allowed for usage in professional tournaments.

How to Use

This device is equipped with just one button which does well to perform all the functions in an imperious manner. Press it to turn on the device. Then aim with the red dot provided in the center of the viewfinder. After targeting the object with the red dot, press again the power button. Bingo! Here come the determined yardages at a pretty fast pace.

All these features make this device user-friendly, one thing which amateurs look forward to in their ideal rangefinders. Because when there are no extreme steps needed, users feel at home for more often than not.


Price is what makes a Laser Link Red Hot 2 Rangefinder so special for its potential customers. Because when other such devices charge a hefty sum to their customers, this one can be bought without breaking the bank.


  • Easy to operate with a single button doing all the work
  • Lightweight, Rubber Exterior provides a firm grip while acquiring yardages
  • Ideal for picking up reflective targets at a longer distance
  • Can be used in Professional tournaments as per the Guidelines of USGA
  • Provides instant yardages without any such delay


  • Lack of Magnification ability is a big gap in its feature set
  • Not Ideal for Golfers taking this sport as a Profession

Final verdict

Available in a pretty reasonable price, a Laser Link Red Hot 2 Rangefinder is ideal for newbies who just want to seek massive improvement in their game. But when it comes to professional golfers, this device lacks in a certain aspect.

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