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How to Choose Junior Golf Clubs | Sports And Outdoors Tips

Junior Golf Clubs

For all those parents wanting to include their child in golf, the selection of junior golf clubs can be a real headache. Since this equipment differs greatly with every age, not every parent can come up with a perfect solution in this regard. When the child cannot decide what’s good for himself, it’s down to the coaches to select one on his behalf. As the grownups have to play with clubs heavier in weight, these clubs are unfit for younger ones. And if a child gets to play with such clubs, it’ll ruin his game.

Before the golf clubs were introduced for children, most of them had to play with the leftovers from their parents. As a result, they could never know how it felt to play golf with an equipment of their own size. But thanks to the recent advancements in technology, manufacturers nowadays have developed different types of golf clubs targeting their younger audience. From lighter in weight to difference in shafts, these junior golf clubs are markedly different from those of professional golfers. So if you’re looking to select one for your child, here is a complete guide depending on the age and the height of your juvenile.

Junior Golf Clubs

what to look for in Junior Golf Clubs

Right Size

Since every age group is different from others, same is the case with the different types of junior golf clubs. While companies have developed golf sets for every age group, those clubs should be used by only the people of that age group. Because when a 6-year-old cannot fit in the dress of an elder child, same is the case with golf clubs.

Before purchasing a new set of golf clubs, try to consider the physical ability of the player. While age can be an important factor, the ability of a player plays a far greater role when it comes to select ideal clubs for that individual.

As far as the club’s length is concerned, it all depends on the height of that individual. In the case of long clubs for a child who isn’t that taller, things are going to get difficult. If a child is athletic, one could go for longer clubs thus helping him in generating a powerful spin.


Most of the children aren’t very fond of heavyweight golf clubs. When it makes golf difficult for them, they eventually lose interest in this particular sport. So if you’re a parent who wants his child to develop a career in golf, this is just bad news.

For the juniors who have a rather lean physique, try to go for the lightweight clubs. While it accommodates them in their swing, they will have to put in much less effort in producing a useful short.

Coming towards stronger youth, one should try to lift heavyweight equipment’s in this regard. As it’ll prepare them for the upcoming life, they can effectively compete against the children of their own age. Because even if lightweight clubs are easier to operate, they won’t produce a mammoth swing.

​Selection of Clubs

For the youngest of players in the field of golf, coaches should select no more than 3 clubs. Starting from a wood, 5 to 7 iron and a putter will be more than enough for children in this age. These 3 types of equipment should be more than enough for his age as there is no need to put an extra burden on a 4-year-old golfer.

As the age progresses, a golfer should look to add more clubs in his golf bag. From 3-wood to 3 different types of Irons, try to place higher lofted clubs in your child’s club set. When it will help them to get the ball in the air, they’ll feel more comfortable with these golf clubs.

Don’t go for the stiff equipment in the case of junior golf clubs. While the juniors will struggle big time mastering these clubs, they’ll eventually get frustrated with their lack of proper timing. As a result, not only will it affect the performance of that player but he can also give up playing golf altogether. So that’s the reason why companies aren’t very fond of producing stiffer golf clubs for the youngsters.

In case your child has played with the clubs and is now overgrown, one can always increase the length of the shaft in a rather inexpensive manner. So instead of passing these clubs to the younger generation, children can make use of them for a long time.

Final Verdict

As far as the junior golf is concerned, it should be all about fun and enjoyment. Since children of that age are always fond of doing new things, one shouldn’t put an extra burden on them when it comes to learning golf. Try to select the right kind of golf clubs for them. And don’t expect them to become a world beater at that age. Because all these junior golf clubs are designed to help the children improve their game, not to win a professional tournament.

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