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Basic Guide of Indoor Golf | Sports And Outdoors Tips

Indoor Golf Simulator

Gone were the days when bad weather could ruin your chances of playing golf. When a rainy day used to stop a person from playing golf, the introduction of Indoor Golf has solved all such problems for the Golf Fanatics.

With the recent innovations in golf technology, a person can now play golf regardless of the weather as well as time at that particular instant. Indoor Golf, a technology which became famous in the early 70s, has now been extended all the globe. While it allows a person to play any time of the day, the indoor facility is becoming more and more popular with every day passing. As a result, a series of indoor golf facilities have already been opened all around the globe targeting much appreciation.

Talking about its basics, here is a complete guide which will walk you through every single step of Indoor Golf.

Basic Guide of Indoor Golf

Picture Source : trackmangolf.com

Indoor Golf Simulator

Think of it as a golf course with smaller dimensions. Here a person stands on a place, known as a swing pad, which consists of fake grass as well a tee. After the golfer hits the ball by standing at this platform, he is provided with a projector screen placed just in front of him. The projector is equipped with such high-tech facilities which make a person think that he is actually playing on a real golf course. The modern golf simulators are equipped with 3D images of green, skies and winds. So when a golfer is swinging a shot, he’ll feel at home via an Indoor Golf Simulator.

Indoor Golf Simulator

Picture Source : trackmangolf.com

Apart from it, there are sensors attached to the mat which analyses the speed of the swing and determines how much distance is that ball going to cover. Nowadays, such high tech sensors are available which would even inform a player about the amount of spin, trajectory as well as the shot angle of their particular swing. So when a user hits the shot to the face of a projector, he’ll actually see it traveling on a real course via the images provided by the Golf Simulator.


Size : Talking about its placement, one would need no more than a garage or the living room. However, a person should make sure that his standing point is at a fair distance away from the back wall as the projector screen. So before taking a shot via the simulator, make sure that your distance with the back wall is more than at least 2 meters. Because it will help him in swinging his club without facing any difficulty. As per the height of a simulator is concerned, it won’t take more than 3’ – 4’ in an indoor setting.​

Camera: A modern addition in the golf simulator, cameras are used to determine the number of factors in an indoor facility. Since a user can install 3 - 4 cameras, these gadgets are used to track club face angle as well as the angle with which the ball is launched after getting hit. Most of these cameras run around 200 frames per second, producing instant data through this technique. The data tracked by these cameras is then fed into the computer in which it is processed using different software.

Measurement of Accuracy

Now you’ve set up your own golf simulator and is now interested in measuring its accuracy. A user can measure the accuracy of his/her indoor setting by calculating the speed of the calculations being done by the various sensor. Another method is to see what kind of image does a project's project’s on its screen once the user swings his shot. Because if the picture is crystal clear, it means that you’ve done well in setting up your very own indoor golf scheme.

Cost​: It basically depends on the person who is looking to build the golf simulator. While professional players can spend thousands of dollars just for the sake of enjoyment, that isn’t the case with recreational golfers. So as per the cost is concerned, it starts from as low as $1000 to as high as hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Final Verdict

For all those people living in the wintery environment, those who cannot afford to pay the ever rising fees of the golf courses and for some whom the nearest golf course is at a good 100 miles away, the invention of golf simulator has done a real favor. It will help them in enjoying this sport with their dear ones, without becoming a victim of a tough schedule. As even after having a rough day at the office, a person can swing a few shots thanks to the Indoor Golf Simulators.

And as per the Pros are concerned, they can surely improve their game with the modern physics being applied in a golf simulator. Since it informs them about their personnel deficiencies, a golfer should try it just for the sake of improvement.

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