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How to Play Golf | Sports And Outdoors Tips

How to Play Golf

Ask a new golfer and it is likely he would find it difficult to teach you how to play golf. For, unlike other sports where being athletic would make you passable to play the game, golf is different. Not only does it require precision – as the players target a mini hole hundreds of centimeters away, but the players also have to take into account factors i.e. wind speed and weather.

How to Play Golf

Finally, if you want to hit a golf ball further, power isn’t required. Rather, it’s the proper swing of the golf stick which would determine how much distance the ball would cover. Thus, as you might have deduced by know, teaching how to play golf isn’t easier.

However, thanks to the group of golfers which we have at the helm, we will teach you how to play golf in simple yet effective steps. If you follow these steps with concentration, you would be in a position of keeping your reputation intact on a golf course.

Step 1: Know the Basics of the game

If you have seen golf on the television, you will be already familiar with the stick which golfers have in their hand all the time. That stick is known as a club. Secondly, each golf course, depending on its length, can be divided into 9 or 18 holes. Finally, the golf results are checked when the last player has put the ball in the last hole.

Step 2: How to Keep Score

Unlike in every other game, the lower you have a score in golf, the more your chances of winning. Every time a golfer hits a ball – for the obvious purpose of putting it in the hole, he gets one point. Thus, the lower the number of shots a golfer takes to put the ball in, the less his score will be, and more will be his chances of winning. Below mentioned are some terms related to keeping score in golf. Have a look.

Par: Every hole is designated a number of swings in which a good golfer would put the ball into it. This number is known as par. For example, if a golfer is “on par”, that means his score is zero.

Birdie: That score which is one point below par is known as a birdie.

Eagle: If you are two points below par on a hole which has a par four, your score would be an eagle.

Hole in One: If you watch golf with enthusiasm, you must have watched those glorious shots in which the golfer put the ball in the hole in only one shot. That shot is known as a hole in one.

Bogey: If the score is one point above par, it is known as a bogey.

Step 3: Different Parts of the course

Hazard: There are some parts of the course –i.e. sand, water etc., which are designed to keep the ball out of the hole. These parts are known as hazards.

Rough: Lying on the borders, this part is less-groomed. Hence, golfers try to avoid this area.

Putting Green: The part which is the ultimate destination of every golfer – where the hole is located, is putting green.

Fairway: The part which is located between the green and the tee box is known as the fairway.

Step 4: What should be your stance

After the club swing, your stance is the most important element of hitting a golf ball with aplomb. Luckily, there’s a “one-fits-all” stance. Let’s take a look at it.

Stand on top of the golf ball. The distance between your feet should be shoulder length. Your head should be on top of the ball, and facing the direction you want to hit the ball. When you are about to hit the ball, slightly bend your knees and push the hips back.

Step 5: How to Swing the Club Properly

Before swinging the club to hit the ball, you should wind up. For this, swing the club around your body. Lastly, when you’re about to finish your windup, just twist your hip. This posture would allow you to translate maximum amount of power from your club to the ball. Also, your balance won’t be disturbed.

Afterward, when you want to hit the ball, take the club up, allow your wrists to bend, and your weight should shift to the swing side. If you follow this, your body, at the end, would be coiled up whereas the end of the club should point towards the fairway.

Step 6: Starting at the tee box

The tee box is the point at the first hole where the golfers gather and take turns hitting the balls out, and (hopefully) onto the fairway. It is called “tee box” because golfers use a small plastic-made golf stand to hold the ball. However, if you aren’t comfortable with it, you could also put the ball on the grass.

Step 7: Travel to the next hole

Once all the golfers have completed a hole, their scores are tallied. Afterward, all of them move on to the next one. In the same manner, you would complete the game until all holes are covered. Finally, if you’re concerned about the time, one round of golf takes at least three and at most six hours. Hence, if you’re planning to play golf, better take a day of.

Final Verdict

Learning how to play golf isn’t the most difficult job in the world. However, as you might testify, it isn’t the easiest. However, as long as you have the will, energy, and dedication to learn the sport, you’ll go through this stage unscathed. Lastly, while physical fitness is also necessary, it is mental toughness which separates an ordinary golf player from a World Champion.

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