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How To Climb A Rope | Sports And Outdoors Tips

How to Climb a Rope

Whether you want to remain fit or get back in shape, you need to learn how to climb a rope like a pro. By forcing your back, core, biceps, and grip at the same time, rope climbing injects tons of force in your upper body.

How to Climb a Rope

Also, if you’ve been impressed by the likes of survivalists – people who teach others how to survive in dangerous conditions, rope climbing is the go-to sport for you.

For, by giving your hands the extra grip and your upper body the extreme strength, it makes sure that you know how to get yourself out of life-threatening situations. Finally, if you need an example for convincing yourself, there are people whose lives were saved by rope climbing.

Getting convinced? Here’s how to climb a rope like a pro.

Step # 1: Get Yourself a Rope

Fairly obvious. Still, there are factors hidden beneath which aren’t so. Firstly, when you’ll go to the shopkeeper, he’d ask about the type of rope you want. There are many ropes which could be used. However, for those people who want to learn how to climb a rope like a pro, I usually recommend the aforementioned.

  • Manila Rope: These ropes have typically a diameter ranging from 0.5’’ to 2’’. As for the length, you should go for a rope which is at least 30ft long. You can order one at Amazon as well. Finally, if you’re looking for the method of attachment, cut one end off and create an eye splice. This method would allow you to climb in a park or a tree.
  • These ropes have a shortcoming. Although they will be brilliant at the start, they might wear down on repeated usage.

  • Fast Rope: Although it requires more effort, I would recommend that you make your own fast rope. Not only will this method save you money but it would also make a rope that would last longer.

Lastly, if you’re willing to take a chance, eBay sometimes have military fast ropes. The only downside is that they are typically used. Hence, it’s difficult to predict by looking at the picture how much/less they are worn out.

Step # 2: Climbing Techniques

There’s no universal method to climb a rope. Hence, we have decided to list the three methods mostly used by climbers. For, as all roads lead to Rome, all these techniques would allow you to climb a rope. Hang on.

  • Gym Style: This is the most basic rope climbing technique. Thus, if you’ve seen rope climbers in real life or on the YouTube, it is likely that you’d have seen it. However, even if you hadn’t, relax as it’s easy.

Technique: The first part of this technique involves you pinching the rope amid your feet. Next, stretch your hands and use them to go up on the rope. Finally, repeat.

As you might guess from its working mechanism, this technique is for those people who want their upper body strength at the maximum. That is if you want your legs to do the working, move on to the next technique.

  • Marine Style: If you have a friend or a relative who has experienced the life a Marine Boot Camp, he would surely have crossed ways with this method. For, if there are people who know how to climb a rope like a pro, Marines would to the category.

Technique: Firstly, you jump with your hands catching the rope. At the same time, its lower part should come between your thighs. At this stage, you give the rope a single wrap around any one of your legs. As for the unwrapped leg, its boot should clamp down on the other boot. In this way, you’d trap the rope. At this point, you should be able to support your body weight via your hands and arms.

As you might have judged with a bit of hindsight, this technique has a shortcoming. Once you lose the wrap, you’d have to come down to get it once again. Hence, that means extra work.

  • Squat and Break style: If you are looking for a technique that makes rope climbing easy as a cinch – well, sort of, this technique is a must-learn. Since it’s easy to execute, this technique will make sure that you climb the rope in record time. Thus, if you’re taking part in a rope climbing contest, this technique might come in handy.

Technique: Jump high and while grabbing the rope with your hands, make sure that it falls on the outside of your leg. Now, the leg on which the rope has fallen, step on it with the other foot. This combination will make sure that you’ve locked the rope in its place.

Feeling confused? Well, in simple words, after climbing up and getting the rope in your hands, all you’ve to do is to squat your feet close to your chest. Do it again and again and you’d cover the entire distance of the rope in minutes.


For beginners, it is likely that none of these tips might come easy. If you belong to the same category, do “towel pull-ups”. To do this, throw the towel on a bar, wrap it around, and try to climb it. This will develop your upper body strength. Consequently, your body will be in a better shape to execute this method.

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