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Different Types of Golf Workouts | Sports and Outdoors Tips

Different Types of Golf Workouts

Physical limitations play a big role in increasing a player’s handicap on the golf course. When golf is all about distance, one has to work very hard in order to produce a considerable swing. Apart from using the right type of clubs and maintaining a perfect posture, a golfer can improve his game by working on his/her physical condition.

In the absence of proper fitness, how can a person expect to win against his competitors who’re in the best of the shapes while featuring in a professional tournament? So when the likes of Tiger Woods and Rory have all earned consistent success over the years, their physical condition played a big role in such heroics.

In sharp contrast to the ordinary exercises, golf workouts are designed to sharpen the muscles being utilized in this sport. As a golfer has to play different kinds of shots, a variety of body parts comes into account during a round of golf.

So if you’re looking for different types of golf workouts to improve your game and lower your handicap, you’ve just landed on the perfect place. After reading this guide and then implementing it as well, you’ll find yourself a better player than you used to be in the past. Because just like every other sport, Golf requires the best of physical conditions.

Different Types of Golf Workouts

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Different Types of Golf Workouts

Starting from back exercises, the aforementioned guide will inform you about latest golf workouts for arms, and legs.

Back Workout

When a golfer is swinging his club, back muscles are used to a greater extent. Since swing is the key part in this sport, this particular feat is repeated many times on the golf course. As a result, many players complain about back pain at the end of a round. In order to nullify it, there are different types of workouts with which the back pain will relinquish after a certain time.

  • 1st Workout

Lie on a flat Ground. By keeping the lower back intact with the surface, raise your butt. Extend both arms in a straight line over the face. Try to make an angle of 90* between the butt and the legs. Then take one leg down to the floor while keeping the other one in the same condition. Come back up with that leg and repeat the same exercise with the other leg. Apart from lowering back pain, this particular exercise will develop your abs in an influential manner.

  • 2nd Workout

Stand straight by placing both your feet a distance of shoulder width from each other. Extend your arms before joining both hands together. Turn to one side of the body. Now extend them towards the shoes before touching the top of it. Turn to the other side and repeat this workout in a similar fashion. Remember to keep your legs straight while performing this particular exercise. After doing one, you’ll find a new energy in your back as well as Hamstring muscles.

Arms Workout

Having masculine arms is of great avail in this sport. When it helps you to swing wildly, the resulting hit will produce favorable results on a consistent basis. So here are different types of gym workout focusing on the arms of the concerned golfer.

  • 1st Workout

Stand straight before holding a dumbbell in each hand. Squat halfway downward before moving upward. During this workout, start lifting the dumbbell over your head in an alternate manner. Keep a firm grip on your dumbbells as they could be of great trouble if held in a lighter manner.

  • 2nd Workout

Stand straight by placing the feet at a distance of hip width apart from each other. Hold the dumbbells in both hands and extend the arms downward in a straight line. After attaining this posture, take one step forward before lunging at the knee. Here a 90* angle is to be produced between the knee and the hip. Now retract to the starting position and repeat this workout with the same leg.

Legs Workout

In the absence of a solid foundation to stand on, a golfer will struggle to gain the desired success. So in order to facilitate you in this regard, here are different types of golf workouts focusing on the legs.

  • 1st Workout

Hold lightweight dumbbells in each hand in the downward position before sitting on a bench. Raise one leg before standing on the other. Now elevate the dumbbells to shoulder height before taking them back to the sides.

  • 2nd Workout

Stand straight by keeping the hands in a straight position with the body. Now lower the hips and form a position like you were sitting on a chair. Keep on pushing downwards until the thighs are placed parallel to the ground. Retract to the original position and repeat this exercise.

Final Verdict

Flexibility is the key concern in golf workouts as the golfer has to extract different functions from his muscles throughout the golf course. So instead of doing conventional exercises, try out the above-mentioned aerobics.

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