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Different Types of Golf Training Aids | Sports and Outdoors Tips

Different Types of Golf Training Aids

Golf can become a nightmare sometimes. A person spends hours and hours on the golf course and still struggles to get the desired results. The weather is harsh enough to stop a player from practicing on the golf course. The nearby course management is charging hundreds of dollars for just one hour of golf practice. These along with many reasons can stop a player from reaching their full potential even in today’s world.

For all such golfers who have spent a long time in vain, golf training aids are no less than a gift. When it helps them to perform better, a golfer eventually gets to rectify his mistakes via such aids.

While some of these aids are limited to certain premises, there are others which a golfer can take with him on the golf course. Talking about their types, it depends on the golfer on which kind of aid does he want to improve his technique. From correcting alignment to perfecting swing, here are different types of golf training aids currently available in the market.

Different Types of Golf Training Aids

Golf Training Aids


One major concern for a number of golfers lies in the alignment of their club heads. Some golfers could never manage to strike the ball with the center of their club face no matter how hard they try. Lack of proper posture or incorrect handling of the club, alignment can ruin a person’s game on the golf course.

But in order to counter all such problems, golf alignment aids are getting utmost popularity even among-st professional golfers. A type of pressure sensitive device, it is basically fitted into the club-head. So when a person gets to hit the ball, he’ll know exactly where the ball strikes the club-head with the help of these alignment aids. And after hitting the ball a few times, the golfer will eventually manage to correct his mistakes via this simple aid.

Apart from it, there are other aids which aid in alignment such as Alignment Sticks. These are actually rods made of fiberglass which can be placed flat on the ground. So at the time of swing, a golfer manages to see a visual of his shot with the help of this particular aid.

Weighted Clubs

Ever wondered that your club should be burdened a bit to aid your swing. Since a lighter club can lead to a quicker swing, a heavier one will help the golfer to produce a stable hit. As a result, adding weight is becoming a popular choice amongst professional golfers. Players opt for a number of options just to add weight to their club, hence accommodating them at the time of swing.

One such example of weighted clubs is by the use of Lead tape. If applied to the club, these tapes are famous for increasing its weight by at least 1 point. Hence a golfer will feel that the weight of the club has increased by a certain limit and he will have to be careful while hitting the ball.

Apart from it, there are weighted clubs and swing weight, each of which helps a golfer in increasing the weight of their desired clubs.

Driving Aids

For a person stuck at home or work, driving mats provides a reliable option of enjoying golf in the meanest of conditions. Equipped with a turf material, a person using driving mats will feel as he is driving on a real golf course. Apart from it, golfers can use them in their training grounds. It’ll help them to improve their basics in case the course is soggy or the weather is harsh.

Then comes the practice net. Here a person can swing his shot without worrying about any potential damage being caused to the nearby things. Since the ball will remain in the net, these aids can be used for putting, swinging as well as driving the golf ball.

Swing Analyzer

Perks of living in a technology-laden world, a golfer can analyze ever single aspect of his swing thanks to this simple application. Attached on the back of a golfer’s hand, it’ll help him in recording his club speed, hip rotation along with many other useful points. As far as its working is concerned, a user needs nothing more than a simple application on his/her smartphone.

Since it connects itself to the smartphone app with the help of Bluetooth, the golfer can wear it without any hesitation. Lighter in weight, these aids cast no extra burden on the human hand which could make them uneasy while swinging the club.

And talking about remedies for such problems, there are drills mentioned in there which a golfer can do to improve his showing on the golf course. So in a very short period of time, a person gets to learn a lot about the fault in his technique.

Final Verdict

Nobody could be perfect. But in order to help a golfer to improve his tactics, golf training aids are there for the taking. With the help of them, a golfer can improve his game without even consulting a coach. So when it saves him from paying a lot of money, one should try them on the golf course.

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