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Top Best Quality Golf Shoes Reviews and Buying Guide 2017

Golf Shoes Reviews and Buying Guide

Thanks to the plethora of products available in the golfing market, it’s no less than a major task to buy an ideal pair of golf shoes for yourself. Ranging in size, MOC, and other physical properties, there has been an overabundance of developers offering best golf shoes on a daily basis. So even when the professional golfers are finding it tough, the case becomes much more difficult for the newbies in this sport. And if you’re one of them, Congratulations. You’ve just come to the right place. The below-mentioned guide will cover each and every aspect – regarding Golf Shoes Reviews and Buying Guide – in a flawless manner.

Golf Shoes Reviews and Buying Guide

Golf Shoes Reviews and Buying Guide - Golf Shoes Materials


A Premium Material of Construction in the golfing market, Leather has been a part and parcel of golf shoes since the ancient times. Even with the introduction of new materials, most of the golf shoes still incorporates some form of leather in their overall construction.

If you’re wondering why this material holds a number of advantages for its precious user. Durable and Comfortable, Leather made golf shoes are much more waterproof as compared to their synthetic counterparts. It fits as per the shape of your feet, this keeping it as natural as possible.

However, if you’re a budget oriented customer who wants to go for Golf Shoes Under $50, this won’t be a healthy purchase for your bank balance. Since it is a material of high quality, it eventually gets replicated in the price tag of Leather Made Golf Shoes.


Ideal for the players in colder climates, High top golf shoes made of Gore-Tex is famous for withstanding the toughness of weather. Robust Structure with a thick design, not any amount of moisture can pass through the surface of this material. And when it comes to its breath ability, Gore-Tex facilitates the passage of air without any disruption.

However, if you’re planning to use such kind of golf shoes in hotter climates, don’t. This MOC isn’t designed for this purpose.


Polyester provides a real deal in terms of the market of Cheap Golf Shoes. A rather inexpensive fabric, it is famous for hosting golfers living within a budget. Even though it’s a lighter, thinner material than any of the above mentioned types, shoes made of polyester are still a good purchase as far as its user is concerned.

Golf Shoes Reviews and Buying Guide - Types of Golf Shoes

Golf Shoes

Ideal for usage on the golf course, traditional golf shoes are a far cry from the recent emerging trend of crossover shoes. Providing comfort and traction of the highest quality, these products are designed by keeping in mind the needs of this sport. As a result, there’s no surprise why the majority of the golfers prefer to use such type of shoes in the professional competitions.

As per their design, developers have started to come up with various other colors apart from the traditional white. So if you want to keep your fashion sense in check without compromising on the performance, you can stick with the golf shoes.

Golf Boots

A relatively new addition to the market of golf accessories, golf boots are there to protect your feet from the harshness of nature. Strong, thick with a sturdy exterior, this type of version is similar to the one which is used in the hiking purposes. They are waterproof as well so a user can wear them in dense, soggy conditions without having any kind of trouble with his feet.

So one can anticipate that the golf boots are much heavier in weight as compared to other such products in the golfing market. And when they provide so many services, you have a spend big bucks in order to get hands on this beauty.

Golf Sandal

Ideal for summer conditions, the topless design of the Golf Sandals attracts players from all around the globe. Much like an ordinary sandal, this one facilitates the passage of air in a convenient manner thanks to the number of openings on each side of the foot. Talking about their price, Golf Sandals are one of the most inexpensive cleats used in this particular sport.

But just like anything else, there are some limitations associated with the Golf Sandals. If you’re planning to play in wintery environments or are looking to walk a good distance on the course, go for other types of shoes.

Spikes or Cleated Golf Shoes

Nothing holds onto the surface in a better way as compared to the spiked version of golf shoes. It doesn’t matter on the condition of the terrain on which the user is standing, he or she will get maximum traction thanks to the construction of this product. And when the foundation is perfect, the golfer will get to enjoy maximum conviction as far as their swing is concerned.

Back in the days, the golf cleats were considered as the heaviest version of a golf shoe. But that’s no longer the case thanks to the recent innovations in technology. So when a user is getting the perfect combination of comfort, style, and traction, he or she doesn’t have to move elsewhere in search of ideal golf shoes.

Spike-less Golf Shoes

An emerging trend among-st the professional golfers, the spike-less golf shoes incorporates a flat sole. With no spikes at all, it comes down to the material of their out-sole in terms of providing the necessary stability. And even though the crossover cleats struggled to provide this feature in the past, it has changed dramatically in the past few years. With the offering of dimples and rubber studs, golfers can now enjoy somewhat similar services – to that of a spiked version of golf shoe – in a much lesser price.

In addition to that, such type of construction helps big time when a user is wanting to get rid of foot pain. Lastly, their casual look makes them a perfect footwear to use in virtually all type of social activities.

Golf Shoes Reviews and Buying Guide – What to Consider

Price: Let’s get it straight. There is no point in looking at a particular product if you aren’t ready to splash the required amount of cash. The price of a golf shoe varies with the material of construction employed in its construction. From the expensive, high-quality leather to cheap, inexpensive synthetic, golf shoes are available in a number of categories.

Consequently, it’s up to the buyer as what kind of price is he or she can afford to pay.

The frequency of Play: Usually the customers with irregular playing routines prefer to spend as little as possible in the purchase of golf shoes. As there is no chance with them of taking this sport on a professional basis, it can be justified without any trouble.

However, if you want to develop a career in golf, go for the expensive products. Because just like any other product in today’s market, it’s the price which acts as a key factor in deciding the quality of your purchase. And talking about Golf Shoes, they do play a big role in terms of improving your performance on a consistent basis.

Take the Fitting Process Seriously: Before buying a new pair of golf cleats, it’s highly recommended to have a look at how it fits in as per the dimensions of your feet. Try to wear the same pair of socks which you will use later on.

But if you’re buying from an online marketplace, there will be no such facility available out there. In that case, one should visit his or her nearby retail store where a number of professionals can guide them in a flawless manner. Ask them about the perfect size of your feet as they can serve your golfing needs in a better manner as compared to any other person. Remember, never settle for a loose or tight pair as it can have disastrous effects on the outcome of your game.

Waterproof Warranty: For all such players who likes to play golf early in the day, it is recommended to go for waterproof shoes. Since the dew factor plays an integral role in such scenario, a cleat without having such feature will struggle dearly on the golf course. In addition to that, when it’s raining outside, waterproof shoes will come handy in terms of keeping your feet dry on a regular basis. So when a series of developers are offering a waterproof warranty with their products, interested users can also avail this opportunity.

Caring For Your Golf Shoes: If you want to use a pair of golf shoes for an extended duration of time, use them in a sensible manner. In terms of its usage, make sure that you’re using them on the similar terrains as preferred by its developer. For Example, it goes without saying that one shouldn’t even think about wearing spiked golf shoes on a hard surface.

Coming towards their off the course maintenance, wipe them with a towel at the end of each day. It will help to drain the unwanted moisture and will keep your shoes in the best of the condition.

Breath-ability: When waterproof golf shoes are necessary to cope up with winter climate, the breathable ones are considered obligatory on a warm sunny day. Imagine you’re playing in a hotter environment where the temperature is one the rise. Just like other body parts, it is essential to keep your feet devoid of moisture. So if your shoes are breathable, it will allow the air wipe out the unwanted moisture from your feet.

Golf Shoes Reviews and Buying Guide - Types of Golf Spikes

Soft Spikes: In terms of casting lesser fatigue on the feet of its user, developers have come up with spike made of plastic material. Lighter in weight with a course friendly structure, such kind of spikes offer the same traction as that of their metal counterparts. So when users will feel much more comfortable while wearing such shoes, it will help them to stay on the course without feeling any pain.

Metal Spikes: A Traditional version of spikes, metal cleats are famous for providing unmatched traction. Once a user – wearing such shoes – places his or her feet on the ground, it gets locked in with the underneath surface. But since they are heavier in weight, with a negative impact on the beauty of the course, golf shoes having metal spikes are becoming less and less conjoint in the professional circuit.

Golf Shoes Reviews and Buying Guide - Lacing Systems

Traditional: Even with the recent innovations in technology, the importance of shoes with laces hasn’t declined one bit. As they wrap around your feet in a sturdy manner, users feel much more comfortable in such type of cleats.

Velcro: Considering the crossover shoes, developers have introduced a new approach of fastening known as Velcro. As street shoes are all about ease, such type of lacing system actually facilitates the process of confiscation of the shoe.

Golf Shoes Reviews and Buying Guide - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1: Are Golf Shoes Required to Play Golf?

No, Golf doesn’t require a specific type of shoe for playing this sport. Apart from traditional golf shoes, one can wear tennis, running, and even crossover shoes without any restriction. However, if you want to play this sport in a professional manner, it is always recommended to go for the best product.

2: What are Different Types of Golf Shoes?

In sharp contrast to the 19th century, golfers of today have a wide range of options when it comes to this particular purchase. Even though the traditional golf shoes are still the most popular choice, but there are other viable options in the form of Golf Boots and Sandals.

3: What Different Sizes are of Golf Shoes?

Different types of developers are using various sizing techniques so it is impossible to provide a general guide. For Example, Cheap Nike Golf Shoes start with a minimum size of 6 cm and goes as big as 18 centimeters. And if you consider the likes of Adidas and FootJoy, they’ve their own set of dimensions in this aspect.

4: What are Different Materials of Construction in Golf Shoes?

Different types of material go into the construction of a golf shoe as leather is facing stiff competition from its competitors. Apart from it, developers are using either Gore-Tex or Polyester.

5: What are the things to consider while buying Golf Shoes?

The most important thing in this purchase is the price which a user is willing to spend. Because if a user is after Cheap Mens Golf Shoes, there isn’t anything more important than price for that particular person. In addition to that, one should look at the MOC, breath-ability and how that product can cope with the moisture on the field.

6: How to take care of your Golf Shoes?

After finishing each round, an intelligent user should clean his or her shoes by removing the dirt. They can use a towel or a newspaper as both of them works pretty well for this purpose. And if your shoes got wet on the course, dry them at a room temperature.

7: How Often Should I Change my Golf Shoes?

Are you feeling uneasy while wearing the shoes? Did Water seep into the inside of your cleats? Are you suffering from lack of traction on the course? Are you playing Golf on a consistent basis? Well, these are some scenarios in which it is recommended to replace your cleats.

8: How to Wash Golf Shoes?

Firstly, untie the laces and remove them from the main body of the shoe. Secondly, eliminate the insole and place it on a separate position. And lastly, place your shoes in the washing machine along with a set of towels. Allow the machine to run for a specific time. Afterward, take out the shoes and run them dry either by a drier or with the help of natural procedure.

9: What are the advantages of breathable golf shoes?

Breathable Golf Shoes are ideal for all such customers striving to play in a warmer outdoor. Having a nice quality fabric in its upper, such shoes allows the air to interact directly with your feet. As a result, not the slightest bit of moisture can get near to your feet as all of it gets absorbed by this particular shoe.

10: What are the advantages of Waterproof Golf Shoes?

From playing in the rain to walking on a soggy golf course, it is essential for a golfer to have this particular feature in his/her shoe in order to cope up with the above-mentioned conditions. As the waterproof golf shoes prevent water from entering inside the shoe, it allows the user to play without feeling any kind of distraction which might well arise from having a wet foot.

11: What kind of Golf Shoes are comfortable to wear in a hotter climate?

In terms of featuring on a hot, sunny day of golf, the breathable golf shoes present an ideal solution. Expediting the passage of air, there is no better product than this one to cope up with the rising temperature. So if you want to save your feet from developing blisters, go for this version.

12: What kind of Golf Shoes are comfortable to wear in Colder Climate?

Having a sturdy material of construction, waterproof golf shoes are ideal for winter play. As it will help your feet to stay warm, its thickest layer provides an extreme level of comfort on a daily basis.

13: What are different types of Golf Shoe Spikes?

There are two types of spikes being used in the golf shoes nowadays. One of them is the traditional, rough spikes made of metal. And the other one is soft, lighter spikes made of plastic.

14: How Golf Shoes Should Fit?

An ideal golf shoe should be tight enough to restrict the feet movement in its inside. And in order to provide utmost comfort to its user, there should be some space between the toe and the front end.

15: How Long Should Golf Shoes Last?

Depending on the surface of usage, a decent quality golf shoe should last for at least 1-2 seasons without any trouble.

16: How to Prevent Blisters while wearing Golf Shoes?

Buy a comfortable pair of golf shoes. Keep the moisture away from your feet. Expose them to a certain degree of air and prefer lightweight cleats.

17: Why do Golf Shoe have Spikes?

The primary purpose of spikes is to provide traction and stability on the greens. It gets stuck into the ground thus preventing your feet from slipping at just the wrong time.

18: Why Wear Spike-less golf shoes?

In order to fight against the foot pain being caused by the spiked version of a golf shoe, the spike-less shoes are of great avail. Apart from their proficiency in the field of golf, they can be used on a number of terrains with good effect.

19: What glue to glue golf shoes?

There are a number of adhesives like Shoe Goo and Gorilla Glue which can be used for this purpose. Both of them can be found at your nearest retail store or at the hardware store.

20: Golf Shoes worth it for casual beginners?

Yes, there is no doubt about that. However, there is no restriction that one should go for an expensive product as the cheap cleats work well enough for casual beginners.

21: Should I wear golf shoes to the driving range?

If you want to have a real like feeling, as to practice your game on a daily basis, there is nothing wrong in wearing the golf shoes to the driving range.

22: Can I turn regular shoes into Golf Shoes?

Users can turn their regular shoes into golf shoes with the addition of quick spikes. It is a special type of grip which one can attach on the lower side of their shoes. Afterward, it will provide almost the same traction as that of an original golf shoe.

23: What Golf Shoes do you prefer? Black or White?

It depends on the fashion sense and what type of socks is a user going to wear on the course. Because when black socks are for black shoes, white shoes looks good with the similar colored socks.

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