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Basic Description of Golf Rules | Sports And Outdoors Tips

golf rules

Nobody can fare well in a game without having a proper knowledge of its rules and regulations. And when it comes to golf, there is no exception to it either. Golf Rules are pretty simple to understand for anyone remotely interested in this game. Since they are prepared to keep the players in check, a violation will lead to a severe penalty by the Governing Authorities.

So if you’re looking for a basic know-how regarding golf rules, here is your complete guide.

golf rules

Golf Rules

Game Rules

When it comes to playing golf in a professional tournament, a player is required to start from a tee shot. Apart from any unintentional bloopers, the golfer should try to hit every ball with the golf stick, aiming towards the final shot.

After he has played his shot, a player should refrain from touching the ball while it’s still moving. As per the conditions on the golf course, same goes towards them as no player can distort any part of the golf course with the intention of affecting the play. Cheating is not allowed under any scenario.

And if the regulations fail to decide a particular scenario, a decision should be made without any prejudice.

Match Rules

As with any other sport, every man is for himself in the case of an individual golf tournament. When it comes to team competition, a player should play as a team member rather than going for personal glory. Since a player has to play towards the hole at all times, he cannot distract from the above-mentioned situation.

If two golfers are tied on the score sheet at the end of a round, a term halved hole is used to describe such scenario. If two golfers are tied on the score sheet at the end of a round, a term halved hole is used to describe such scenario. As far as the winner is concerned, the number of potted holes decides it.

If a player finds himself in an irrecoverable position, he can concede at any time. So there are no restrictions on when a player can call it a day in a professional golf tournament.

In case a player thinks that his opponent is performing dubious activities, he should immediately report him to the concerned authorities without wasting any time.

Coming towards the violation of golf rules, a player has to suffer a loss of hole. But if the violation is of minor concern, the referee can penalize him in such a way that he wouldn’t play his next shot. This is what they call as a 1 shot penalty on the golf course.

Stroke Play Rules

While the Golf score is kept in a rather unconventional manner, a person with the lowest score on the scoreboard is described as the winner. Since each player competes against every other player in this competition, a stroke play is one in which every person is required to finish that competition in the lowest possible shots.

A person cannot surrender in case of stroke play. Every player should finish his round before moving on to the next one in this format.

If a person is affecting the rights of another player, he can be disqualified depending on the severity of the violation. So try staying away from others as this means only one thing, trouble.

As per the penalty, each player can be barred from his next two shots if found guilty in a stroke play.

Club Rules

Each club must consist of at least 2 parts namely shaft and club head. A player cannot rub any kind of external material to his club to make conditions favorable for himself while hitting the ball. During a round, no player is allowed to change their clubs before hitting the ball.

In the case of any damage to the clubs, a player is allowed to change them or even fix them if they are fixable.

As far as the number of clubs is concerned, a golfer is entitled to take no more than 14 clubs in their golf bags. In the case of having more than the allowed time, the player should be penalized.

And when it comes to team play, a member is allowed to share clubs with his teammates without any concern. But in the case of 1 vs 1, sharing is not allowed.

Ball Rules

Golf ball’s physical condition must strictly comply with the rules and regulations. While no external material can be applied on the ball, a damaged one should be replaced at the earnest.

Before changing the ball, a golfer should inform his opponent so that the other player can inspect the ball for his own expediency.

Final Verdict

There is no rocket science behind golf rules. When it comes to their purpose of creation, these are only developed to make golf a more structured game. A golfer should follow them at all cost as it will only help him in improving his game on the golf course.

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