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Golf Putting Tips and Instruction | Sports and Outdoors Tips

Golf Putting Tips

One thing which separates great golfers from the ordinary ones is their golf putting technique. While it’s relatively easier to hit the tee shot and then from the fairways, the use of Putter requires extreme finesse. Unlike other shots on the golf course, distance is not a concern here. Here the margin of error is narrowed, leaving no room for misjudgment on the part of the concerned golfers.

A golfer who is equipped with a unique blend of power and control gets to come out as a winner in this scenario, leaving others in absolute misery. Often described as the Mystery of Golf, both amateurs as well as professionals are fond of having some genuine golf putting tips. Because in the absence of it, they’ll dread even at the sight of putting.

However, don’t be too concerned about the complexity of this shot so that it affects your overall performance. With practice and skill, a golfer can take his putting to new heights, achieving momentous success in golf. Because even if it’s the trickiest shot on the course, you still can master it with a few rounds of practice.

As per the golf putting tips, the below-mentioned guide will help you in this regard.

Golf Putting Tips

Golf Putting Tips

  • Spend more time on Practice

Just like getting rid of bad habits, developing expertise in putting requires extreme practice. While this particular shot affects the overall score, it isn’t easy to putt on a consistent basis. While golfers are fond of spending hours at the driving range, the case is altogether different with the practice green. However, if you want to turn yourself into a winner, this routine needs to be changed.

Before the start of an actual game, a golfer should spend a valuable amount of time to develop his golf putting technique. In the case of some wrongdoings on the course, one can practice this shot on the golf mats. But remember, this particular shot has the tendency to make or break your career in Golf. So the sooner you realize it, the better it is for your golfing career.

  • Read the Surface

In sharp contrast to the video games, a real green can be equipped with different types of materials. Here the surface might be lush green, but its real characteristics differ from a smooth looking exterior.

Ranging from the moisture to the geography, all these factors play a big role in your putting technique. These little tidbits will affect the ball’s pace as well as its direction. And when the ball will roll across the surface, it’ll have to overcome such difficulties before ending in the hole.

So before arranging your stance for a putting shot, carefully examine the surface on which you are playing. In the case of an uphill shot, spend more power behind the ball. And if your previous shot landed right across the hole, you’re putting downhill.

  • Be Yourself

There is no rule of thumb on how a golfer’s stance should be while putting the ball. While Tiger Woods earned great success with his posture, trust me it won’t work for you. Same is the case with any other golfer as each of them adjusted their stances according to their techniques.

So try to find a posture which comes naturally to you and then sticks with it. Even though some basics needs to be followed, but a golfer playing otherwise can still earn success.

  • Roll the Ball

Since a putter is used to craft a low distance shot, the ball needs to follow the same criteria. How can you expect the ball to travel in a vicious manner and still manage to land itself right in the hole?

So instead of using your upper body, it’s the hands and wrists which gain utmost importance in this scenario. Stroke the ball gently so that it slithers across the surface.

  • Gripping Technique

Rather than holding the club too tightly, or letting it roll in your fingers, one should have a firm grip on his putter. A golfer should also maintain a consistent grip on this club which shouldn’t waver while hitting the ball.

As per the grip, you can hold it any way you want. There is no limitation to a certain type of grip as long as you’re holding it in a firm manner.

  • Pay Attention

Just when a golfer is lining up for the putting shot, the crowd goes crazy. Since this could be the last shot of that round, everyone is aware of its importance. But when the player is looking for devotion, it’s easier said than done in a course full of spectators.

But no matter how noisy the crowd is or how pressurized the situation becomes, a golfer should keep himself cool before playing this particular shot. He should analyze the distance which the ball needs to travel and then modify his shot accordingly.

Final Verdict

No matter what anyone tells you, but the success behind playing a successful putting shot lies in keeping it natural. Instead of going for the extra work, keep it simple and just try to roll the ball in a straight line. Even if it won’t develop you into professional golfers or such, but it will surely improve your game in a practical manner.

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