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How to Make Golf Mats | Sports and Outdoors Tips

How to Make Golf Mats

An excellent way to tune up one’s game, golf mats are becoming more and more popular with general public nowadays. For golf fanatics living in wintery environments, the golf mats are their first choice in order to enjoy this game on a consistent basis. While the golf course will always be unfit to use in such conditions, there are no such problems with these golf aids.

As per others, such accessories helps them to enjoy golf regardless of their busy schedules. So even when they are at home or busy doing work, nobody could stop them from taking a few shots of the golf ball.

Coming towards professional golfers, such mats comes handy in order to practice golf without even visiting the golf course. Thanks to the recent technologies being introduced, a golfer can now work on his weaknesses minus a well-paid golf coach.

Apart from their usage in indoor environments, these mats are of equal importance in outdoor conditions. Take one with yourself and you can take your shots from such mats even on a real golf course. All in all, these mats are equally effective for both amateurs as well as professional athletes.

So if you’re looking to make such mat for your own usage -- instead of buying an expensive one from the retailer -- the aforementioned guide will be of great help. Not only will it help you in saving a valuable amount of money, but the user can also sell them with good effect.

How to Make Golf Mats

How to Make Golf Mats

There are a number of things which a person should have in order to manufacture his/her own golf mats. Starting from a mat made of rubber, it includes artificial grass, scissors, adhesive spray and bungee cord etc. After buying all these things from your nearest store here is how to convert them into a useful mat.

1st Step

Take out a rubber mat and cut it down in a rectangular shape with the help of hand saw. The size should be kept in such a manner so that the player can easily stand on it while swinging his club. Even though it depends on the player, but a 3x5 works just perfect in most of the cases.

2nd Step

Place a structure of artificial grass under the rubber and cut it in the same shape as that of the rubber. However, leave some space on all four sides of the mat. Be careful while doing it as you can easily cut the floor while trying to do this act. After cutting the grass, place it on one side.

3rd Step

Take out your adhesive spray and spray it on top of the leather mat everywhere. While a number of adhesive sprays are currently available in the market, try to use one which is ideal for heavy duty applications. Since this spray will stick the mat to the grass, make sure that enough adhesive is being applied especially on the edges.

4th Step

Now when the adhesive is applied in a vigilant manner, take out the grass and place it on top of the rubber foundation. Use your hands in here in order to make a strong contract between the grass and its underneath rubber mat. Look out for all the creases and try to remove them by rubbing your hands against the grass.

5th Step

With the help of the scissor, cut out the grass which is beyond the limits of the rubber mat. Do this step with extreme precision as one wrong cut can do irreparable damage to your golf mats.

6th Step

In order to make space for the tee, a knife is used to cut a hole in the rubber mat. Try to cut no less than 4 inches which include both surfaces, grass as well as rubber. While this piece of artificial grass is no usage, the rubber mat should be kept.

7th Step

Place the tee holder in this space which is made of rubber. For golfers who wants to use these golf mats as a driving range, this should be the arrangement. However, in the case of putting nets, remove the tee holder and it will work just perfect.

8th Step

For the convenience of its users, golf mats can be transported from one place to another via a bungee cord. In order to do so via your self-made mate, roll up the mat in such a way so that it is held in its place with the help of bungee cord. However, try to keep the bag in a flat position as long as possible. Because if rolled up, it will only deteriorate the quality of it.

Final Verdict

Making your own golf mats has a number of advantages. Not only it saves you from visiting the nearby market, but a person is also sure of the quality of this product. So next time you are in need of such mats, try this technique for your own good.

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