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Types of Golf Gloves & Their Uses | Sports And Outdoors Tips

Types of Golf Gloves & Their Uses | Sports And Outdoors Tips

In order to improve their handling of clubs, golfers use golf gloves. While they wear them to improve their swing, gloves come handy when the player is aiming for a long short. Since they are stickier than hands, it reduces the chances of a club slipping through the hands of a golfer.

Apart from it, golf gloves are also used by the players to save themselves from the harshness of weather and to keep their hands in their best physical position. Because if there is anything wrong with a golfer’s hand, he or she will struggle dearly in hitting a perfect shot. Same is the case if a golfer is playing in damp conditions, he’ll struggle to keep moisture off his hands in the absence of gloves. Because when the human hands struggle to grip in such conditions, that will not be the case with best golf gloves.

So keeping in mind all such requirements, manufacturers have introduced a series of golf gloves in the past few years. Depending on the personal preference, gloves comes in different size and structure so that they perfectly suits the needs of a person who is spending valuable money to purchase them.

When it comes to wearing them, golfers often wear these gloves on their non-leading hands. That is if a golfer is right-handed, he’ll wear the gloves on his left hand. As a result, the gloved hand is then used to handle the club in a tight manner.

So here are different types of golf gloves which are used by professional players nowadays.

Types of Golf Gloves & Their Uses | Sports And Outdoors Tips

Leather Gloves

One of the most flexible gloves available in the market, this kind of gloves provides their user a comfortable feeling. Since they are comfy to wear, most golfers prefer these gloves when it comes to protecting their hands going into a professional tournament.

As per their features, these gloves are stretchable and pliable. However, one major drawback which is associated with this glove is their tendency to wear out. So if you buy one of them, you’ll need to replace it earlier than most of its counterparts. Apart from it, these gloves won’t allow the passage of water and heat so a person can use them in the harshest of surroundings.

Synthetic Gloves

Since they are structured by man-made ways, a synthetic glove can be used for a longer duration of time than any of its counterparts. Much more flexible than leather, these are in fact made from artificial leather.

Talking about its breathing, a synthetic glove does allow the passage of heat when a golfer is playing on the course. So if a user is interested in buying them, he’ll have the synthetic gloves for a much lower price than that of leather.

Hybrid Gloves

As evident by its name, the hybrid gloves are manufactured by keeping in mind the physical properties of both leather and synthetic gloves. Ideal for gripping, these ornaments provide a real like experience when a user puts his hybrid covered hand on the golf club.

As per their material of construction, it also is a mixture of nature and man-made leather. Most of the companies combine the fur of a kangaroo to the synthetic leather in order to manufacture hybrids. These are lightweight materials which help a golfer to keep their hands free of moisture. And finally, when it comes to their price, it varies depending on the caliber of the player using them.

Selection of Golf Gloves

So now you’re in the market in search of new gloves. Remember there is no hard and fast rule which associates a specific type of gloves to a particular class of humans.

Basically, it depends on one’s personal preferences when it comes to the selection of gloves as every human being has its own kind of skin. If you’re an amateur, you should go for the most inexpensive piece at first and then try out the expensive ones later in your career. Not only will it help you to save money but a human being learns a lot from different experiments.

But if you’re a professional player, one should go for leather gloves without any trouble. Since durability is not a concern, there is no glove which enhances the feeling of hands the way leather does in the game of golf. And when golfers have to feel the club in order to strike the ball in an influential manner, leather can prove to be his best friend in this aspect.

Final Verdict

After going through all these types of gloves, you should come to a conclusion for choosing one for your one hands. Remember no matter which kind of gloves are available, a person should keep this thing in mind that he should enjoy the game while wearing these gloves. Because what’s there to play for if a person doesn’t feel anything while holding the club in his hands.

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