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Types of Golf Clubs & Their Uses | Sports And Outdoors Tips

Golf Clubs

When it comes to playing golf on the golf course, the first thing which comes to mind is the use of golf clubs. A device which is used to hit the ball in this particular sport, not many people are fully aware of the mechanism of golf clubs. When there is a large number of them currently available in the market, users often get frustrated about the type of club they could use while playing golf. So if you are a newbie who is looking to make his mark in the field of Golf, here is your guide to all the basics of a golf club.

Golf Clubs

When it comes to their structure, it consists of three major components. First one is a head which is used to strike the ball on the golf course. They can be made of aluminum or titanium alloys, while professional golfers rely on heads made of titanium.

The 2nd component is a shaft which can be made either of steel or graphite depending on the type of player using that particular piece. And then comes the grip. Often regarded as the most important tool in playing golf, it’s the grip which differentiates a professional golfer from a rookie.

Coming towards the type of golf clubs, A golfer has various types in his bag which vary from Woods, Iron, Putters, Wedges, and Hybrids.


Longest clubs which a golfer can have in his bag, Woods are used to achieving humongous distance with just one swing. A golfer can generate a distance of more than 200 yards while using the wood. Characterized by a large head, woods of various types can be used by the golfer.

Commonly known as the driver, 1 wood is the first type of club being used by any golfer. When it helps the ball to achieve a greater distance, these clubs also generate lower loft than their counterpart. Other types of woods are 3 kinds of wood and 5 kinds of wood in which greater the number becomes, lesser is the distance which can be achieved by that particular golf club. However, if a golfer wants to produce a greater loft with his wood, he/she should go for a higher number woods.

As far as their material of construction is concerned, you will be amazed to know that a wood isn’t actually made of wood but that of metal. Even though they were initially made of woods until the 1980s, it was metal which took place of woods thanks to its lighter weight and ability to generate considerable distance.


A relatively new tool in the field of golf clubs, the properties of a Hybrid lies in between that of Woods and Irons. Initially crafted to overcome the difficulties of long Irons, Hybrids presents a more useful option when it comes to generating a medium distance shot by the golfer. Easier to use, these type of clubs can be used on a fairway, on a rough or even a tree. One major factor which made hybrids a fan favorite among-st professional golfers in recent years is the amount of consistency which they generate on a golf course.


Irons are used by the golfers when the woods becomes too much for that particular shot. Originally used for shots lower than 200 yards, Irons are characterized into various types depending on the type of loft generated by that particular club. As of today, Irons of number 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 are available in the market. When it comes to the distance, irons of higher numbers should be used when a golfer is nearing green. Because the greater the number gets, the higher becomes the loft which can be achieved by that particular club. And with a higher loft, the distance is cut short.


A special type of irons, wedges are used when the distance is too short for an iron and too long for Putters. Characterized by their ability to generate considerable loft, wedges are crafted to use in special situations such as that of a sand bunker.


Here comes the last part. You have done all the hard work, from the tee shot to the fairway and now comes the last shot. While a professional golfer just couldn’t afford any mistake in this particular scenario, Putters are carefully designed to provide their user with extreme precision. And in order to produce such a shot, the material is used in a scarce manner while creating a putter. A putter is available in many types ranging from short, belly, mallet, toe and so on.

So after going through all these basics, one thing which is important for a successful player is that he/she should play golf with a relaxed mind. Because if you are a nervous wreck, no club could help you to achieve your destination on the golf course.

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