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Basic Guide To Golf Chipping | Sports and Outdoors Tips

Basic Guide To Golf Chipping

Not the most wanted short on the golf course, chipping is all about saving yourself from the potential humiliation. If a golfer is playing well, he won’t ever require playing this shot. Starting from the tee shot, everybody wants to get through the fairways before putting in the 18th hole. But just like anything else, nothing could be perfect on the golf course. In the case of a faulty shot, a golfer has to have a simple guide of golf chipping to finish the round under par. And if he lacks this crucial technique, he’ll found himself in a pretty awkward situation at the end of that round.

Often compared to a pitch shot, there is a big difference between both these shots on the golf course. While the pitch shot is used to cover a larger distance, the chip shot comes into account when the desirable distance is less than 20 yards. As a result, one just cannot apply a similar technique to these two shots and then hopes to come out as a winner.

So in order to save yourself from such situation, the aforementioned guide will be of great help.

Basic Guide To Golf Chipping

Golf Chipping

Choke Down on the Club

Since this shot requires extreme finesse, it is recommended that players should choke down on their clubs before chipping the ball. Keep the body close to the ball so that one should feel the stroke while swinging this club. However, do not fall down while choking on the club as it will be catastrophic for your technique.

In order to do so, hold the club from as low as close to the shaft. Apart from it, keep enough weight above the hands so that the club won’t flip in your hands. The basic reason behind using such a grip is that it allows the hands to do all the work instead of arms or upper body.

Follow through

Unlike the shots being played via woods or irons, one should narrow his/her follow-through when it comes to golf chipping. Because when the majority of the strokes on the golf course are all about distance, the case is exact opposite with chipping shots.

Starting from a narrow front swing, align your movements to have a tight back swing at the end.

Choice of Clubs

Instead of using a number of clubs, one should pick a specific stick in case of chipping shots. Try to practice as much as you can and perfect your chipping technique via that club. After some time, you’ll feel confident with that club and play your shots in an indigenous method.

Coming towards the type of club, the most commonly used clubs for chipping is a sand wedge. While it allows a golfer to get out of trouble, not much thought needs to be given to its execution.

However, different golfers can use different clubs for the golf pitching. As at the end, it all comes down to the personal preference.

Proper Stance

Try to keep your feet as close as possible. Don’t be too rigid in your stance but try to stay open while swinging the club. Since the hands are used in a reduced manner in this shot, one should allow his/her body to do the extra work. And if the body is rigid as well, you just couldn’t create enough power behind the shot.

When it comes to the ball placement, place it in the middle of your feet. Such a stance helps the golfer to have more control over his shot. As a result, he’ll have absolutely no trouble in crafting this short in an expert manner.

Heads Up

Instead of keeping your head too close to the chest, keep it at an elevated position just above the ball. While it allows you to control the ball movement, a user gets to have a clear vision of the ball’s direction. Don’t forget to keep your eyes on the ball instead of letting them wander naively.

Develop Consistency

In order to land the ball on a specific position, a golfer needs to develop consistency amongst his shots. Well it is easier said that done, a player tends to develop it after practicing few hours a week.

Before the actual game, pick a spot in the training session. This is the spot where you would want the ball to land. Visualize that spot in your brain and then try to achieve it with a number of shots. After repeating this act for a number of times, you’ll eventually develop consistency in your golf chipping.

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