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Must Read: Top 5 Golf Books | Sports and Outdoors Tips

Top 5 Golf Books

In order to play golf flawlessly, every golfer should have a deep knowledge of this sport. Right from the inaugural tee shot, every player comes across different scenarios throughout the golf course. And In order to handle them, he/she should possess an insight about the steeping scenarios of golf.

While some turn towards the coaches to have a thorough understanding of this delicate game, I usually recommend reading Golf Books. Just like with any other subject, these piece of writing plays an influential role in improving your performance on the course. But it is essential that a reader should select these books with utmost care as some of them can cause havoc on the game of their readers.

Si if you’re looking to read some of the most famous Golf Books on the recent era, the below-mentioned guide is of great avail. Written by experts, these Golf Books will reduce your weaknesses and make you a better player. Prepared after a great research, it will inform you about the books which one should read in order to improve his basics. So here are top 5 Golf Books every golfer should read.

Top 5 Golf Books

Top 5 Golf Books

1: Ben Hogans Five Lesson

Often regarded as the benchmark in the field of Golf Books, this book explains everything which a player needs to understand in this sport. While the author tries his best to describe even the minutest of details, it’ll leave the readers in awe after finishing it.

As per the author, Ben Hogan is undoubtedly one of the greatest players this world has ever seen. While he was so good with a club in his hand, that exactly is the case with a book being written by him. Having earned valuable success in his sporting career, the writer wasted no time in putting his secrets in the form of a book. So when it is highly helpful for amateurs, even professionals can take heed from this particular piece of writing.

So if you want to improve your technique after reading just one book, this manuscript is perfect by all means.

2: Golf My Way

Written by 18 times Major Champion, Jack Nicklaus’ name is enough to persuade new readers to buy this book. While he was a great player, Nicklaus didn’t waste any time in passing his secrets onto the next generations. And for that, many players of today are highly thankful to this Sporting Legend.

Jack has explained each and every part of his game in this book so that users could understand why he earned so much success in his career.

3: How I Play Golf

Do you know a certain guy named as Tiger Woods? I bet you do. And yes, this particular book is written by none other than the great golfer himself. Having served as 5 long years on the number 1 spot in the golf rankings, everyone wanted to know his secrets behind such an illustrious career. And in order to help the golfing community, Tiger came up with this beauty.

Starting from the basics, this book breaks golf into different pieces and then explain them in a delicate manner. Apart from the mechanics of the swing, Tiger walks you through his routine and diet which golfers should take to develop a healthy golfing career.

So if you’re having any trouble with this sport, Tiger Woods’ How I Play Golf is there to help you.

4: Extraordinary Putting: Transforming the Whole Game

Undoubtedly the most difficult shot on the golf course, a putting shot is all about getting your basics right on the golf course. But when it’s easier said than done, players are always in search of something reliable with which they can improve their putting technique.

Solving all such problems in no instance, Fred Shoemaker came up with this masterpiece. While it simplifies the putting technique, there are some invaluable tips for the concerned golfers. One thing which makes this book all the more worthwhile is the way Fred simplifies such a crucial aspect of golf. Apart from the Pros, even the amateurs can improve their game thanks to Extraordinary Putting.

So if you want to reduce your handicap and improve your score, this book should be placed in your golfing library.

5: Golf is Not a Game of Perfect

No matter how good your basics are, but it is of no avail as long as you aren’t capable of controlling your emotions. When the emotions are running high in a professional tournament, only the golfers possessing a strong mentality can rose to the highest.

So apart from discussing the mechanics of golf, a book was needed to discuss the mental state of golfers in a professional tournament. Listening to this demand, a known Psychologist came forward and introduced this book.

Discussing the mental problems being encountered by problems and how to fix them in an expert manner, Golf I Not a Game of Perfect lies on number 5 of this list.

Final Verdict

One should always read Golf Books to add new texture to his game. Because no matter how good the coaches are, books are always one step ahead in correcting your problems.

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