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Types of Golf Bags & Their Uses | Sports And Outdoors Tips

Golf Bags

As the golf bags helps a golfer to avoid the unwanted trouble, the way he organizes it can play a big part in his performance on the field. Because when the situation is getting tense on the course, the last thing which a golfer can afford is to have an ill-arranged golf bag.

As a result, manufacturers have developed different types of golf bags in the last few decades. When it helps the players to arrange the clubs in a professional manner, golfers can save them from an unwanted headache by purchasing one of these golf bags.

Golf Bags

So if a person is looking for best golf bag, with which he can travel easily on the golf course, here is a complete guide which can help him in this regard.

Staff Bags

Designed for professional golfers, Staff Bags are regarded as one of the best golf bags available in world’s market. Manufactured by different brands, these bags are considered as the luxurious items in the market of golf bags.

Since weight is not an important factor for the professional golfers, as it’s the caddy which does all the hard work on the golf course. These bags can carry a weight of around 10 pounds, thus making them heavier than the ordinary bags.

Having crafted from sophisticated materials, these bags are made up in such a way that they’ll carry a series of clubs without any trouble. Spacious from the inside, these are the bags which a golfer would love to carry in his professional tournament.

Cart Bags

As evident by their name, these bags are designed to be easily transported via golf carts. Lighter in weight, a cart bag is much smaller than staff bags so that they can easily be loaded in the backs of carts.

Designed to lift a weight of around 7 pounds, a golfer should consider this option if there is a cart available to transport his luggage on the course. Because when they are a perfect match for carts, same is not the case if the caddy is going to walk with them.

One thing which helps these bags to stick around the golf cart is their rubber base which keeps them from sliding outwards when a golfer is driving his golf cart. Having big pockets, a golfer can easily take out the club he wants even when these bags are lifted on the golf vehicle.

Stand Bags

Imagine a golfer which doesn’t have a golf cart with him or her on the golf course. While the above-mentioned bags are too heavy to be walked with, this is where stand bags enters into the scenario. Equipped with two folding legs, a golfer can easily place them on the course, a thing which is unthinkable with the likes of the cart as well as Staff bags.

Just like an ordinary bag pack, Manufacturers have introduced shoulder straps so that the caddy which helps the weight to be equally distributed on both the shoulders. Light weight, these bags have a capacity of 5 pounds.

Carry Bags

Devoid of the standing legs, a carry bag is much lighter in weight than that of the Stand bags. Having manufactured to ease the distance which a golfer needs to cover by foot, these bags are extremely lightweight. With a capacity of 2lbs and made up of lighter materials, these bags are less structured as compared to their counterparts on the golf course. Having lesser pockets, these bags are designed to house just the essentials.

However, a Carry Bag still carries enough space which can accommodate a handful of golf balls, gloves, tees, and beverages. So for a golfer without a caddy, these are the ideal species.

Travel Bags and Covers

Not a bag in a true sense, these are the covers with which a golfer can protect his bags while being on the golf course. In the case of a muddy environment, the biggest problem lying to a golfer is to keep his clubs neat and clean. And when ordinary bags can give way, travel bags and covers make sure that nothing touches the clubs beyond the hands of a golfer.

Apart from their usage on the course, these bags can be taken around in case of a long journey since they have no addition features which makes them unfit for mobility. So if you’re going by plane, bus or car, these the bags for you.

final verdict

In the end, it all depends on the golfer when it comes to select the right type of golf bags. Because when he’s to decide what kind of weight he wants to carry, it’s his game which is going to be affected after all. And if he makes a wrong decision, it can not only deteriorate his mood but can also affect his performance on the golf course.

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