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Different Types of Golf Accessories | Sports and Outdoors Tips

Different Types of Golf Accessories

Golf accessories play an integral part in the performance of a golfer. No matter whether a person is playing for fun or taking part in a professional tournament, the right type of accessories makes a clear difference in the game of a golfer. When the right choice saves a golfer from a consistent headache, anything wrong and he’ll struggle on the golf course.

Since a large number of accessories are currently available in the market, a golfer has to think carefully before choosing one for himself. As the type of material varies with price, golf Accessories comes in a handful of options.

So here are different types of golf accessories, which are used by golfers nowadays.

Different Types of Golf Accessories

Types of Golf Accessories

Golf Clubs

A tool used for playing golf, a golf club consists of three major parts namely grip, shaft and club face.

When a grip helps the golfer to control the club, the shaft is of cylindrical shape which connects the grip to the club head. And when it comes to the club head, this part is used in hitting the ball on the golf course.

As per their material of construction, each part of a golf club encompasses different materials in its construction. Since it helps the golfer to control his swing, the basic structure of a grip is based on the personal preferences of his user. It is made up of Rubber.

Shaft’s composition has changed dramatically in the past few decades. A shaft is made up of graphite to reduce the overall weight of the club. Graphite has replaced Steel from the past, which used to cast a negative impact on the load of the clubs.

Titanium is normally used in crafting club head. Apart from its weight, one thing which titanium provides to the modern clubs is its ability to hit harder without using much power. So when the golfers are looking to use a minimum of power, titanium plays a huge role.

When all golf clubs looks exactly the same to a rookie, it isn’t like that in real life. From a tee shot to fairways and finally in the greens, golfers incorporate different types of clubs under different scenarios on the course. As per their name, these are woods, irons, and putters.

Woods are normally preferred on the tee shot as well long distance shorts. Originally named as wood, this particular golf club is in the face made of different metals.

As per the Irons, these can be used for a variety of conditions. When long shafted irons are used for long distance shorts, same is the case with the medium as well as short shafted Irons.

And when it comes to Putters, they come out of a golfer’s bag when he is looking to finish the game. As a result, extreme precision is needed behind the use of putters since the margin of error is shortened at this point.

Golf Shoes

Since a golfer has to walk across the golf course, he or she has to make a pretty clever decision when it comes to the selection of golf shoes. When a comfortable pair will make his life easy, a faulty one can ruin his chances of winning in a professional tournament.

As per today, a golfer is allowed to use different types of golf shoes in a professional tournament. These includes spiked, non-spiked, sandals as well as Golf Boots. Coming towards their material of construction, leather bars the popular choice due to its excellent physical as well as Chemical Properties.

Apart from it, synthetic leather provides a cheaper option for all those who are looking to buy golf shoes on a budget. But when it comes to Professional golfers, leather is by far their first choice.

Golf Balls

An indispensable part of this sport, no golf can be played in the absence of this particular material. Since a golf ball has to suffer an extreme beating on the course, it has to be made of a material that doesn’t wear rapidly in professional tournaments. Talking about those materials, it’s none other than the combination of plastic and rubber.

As per their types, a golf ball can be classified as a brand new and one which is recycled. While brand new balls are for PGA tours, normally the amateurs rely on recycled ones.


In simple words, the tee is none other than a stand on which the ball is placed on the inaugural short. But when it comes to successive shorts, a golfer isn’t allowed to use a tee in such scenario. The construction of a tee depends on the height at which the golfer is comfortable to hit the ball for a long short.

Final Verdict

Just like any other game, this particular sport cannot be played without using golf accessories. While such materials are available in a wide range, a golfer has to be pretty smart in terms of choosing the right one for himself.

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